Naughty Doc

My word of the week is EXASPERATION.

Yep and I’m sure you know why and yes, he really did demolish his brand new bed to pieces!  And we’re definitely not getting him another bed, till at least, he’s settled down a bit more.

He has actually improved a lot and has stopped chewing our furniture. Before going to bed, we usually give him his favourite stuff to chew on, a kong filled with treats, hoping that would keep him at least busy and happy till he hopefully falls asleep.  We thought that he had outgrown being destructive, but obviously not.  So for now, he’s just going to have to make do with old towels and rags to sleep on, which he actually loves and likes to shred little by little.  In the morning, I spend the first ten-minutes of the day, sweeping off his debris.

Isn’t he supposed to be “better” since he is after all more than a year old and is considered a teenager in doggy years.  Let me tell you a secret.  Doc only has one ball.  Shh.  Please don’t pass on the gossip, especially to the other dogs who walk up in the headland.  While I’m exasperated with him, I don’t really want the other dogs to talk about him or worse laugh or call him “One-ball Doc”.  At first the vet was hoping the missing ball will eventually show up.  it hasn’t.  When he’s about 18 months old, his one other ball will be taken out.  The vet says this will make him calm down a bit.  I can’t wait for this to happen.

What’s the most annoying thing your dog has ever done in your home?

Have a lovely weekend folks!

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. elainecanham

    Ohh. That’s my dog! I mean, my dog who died nearly 20 years ago, and who I still miss. Best damn dog in the whole world. Breath bad enough to strip paint, enough drool to fill a swimming pool, and more character than a Mike Leigh film. She loved driving in cars, with her paw anchored to the passenger rest, and she would adopt all small helpless things, including day-old chicks which didn’t really appreciate being washed. Ah. Thanks for the pictures.

    • That made me a little bit sad 🙁 I’m sure she was a loved-dog. Our previous one before Doc died of bone cancer. It took us awhile to get another dog. But when our daughter asked for one, we knew it was time.

      • elainecanham

        I’ve had others since. Including the reprobate I use for my gravatar. We have two now, mother and daughter, and the mother is either trying to savage the postman or be the soppiest thing alive. She is, frankly, nuts. But Jazz was my first, and the best, and she looked just like your Doc.

        • Nice to know that you still have dogs. If we had a bigger house, would probably want another one… although hang on a minute, what am I saying?! No, Doc is enough 😉 Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Our adoptee tore up our couches – long one and the love seat – so we are not buying any new ones. She already tore up two wooden dining chairs (one is crippled now and noncommission), lots of pairs of Paul’s old shoes, pairs of slippers, socks, lots of papers, and anything else she can get her fangs on. Aaarrrggghhhh…she’s a nuisance lots of times, but we have come to love her. She is the sweetest bedmate and very protective of us.

    • Oh my goodness! Doc hasn’t chewed our couch and I doubt if he will. But we have teeth marks on the legs of our coffee table and all over our chairs in the kitchen! Oh well.

  3. Raisie Bay (@okesanne)

    eeek, we’ve been looking at adopting a dog…I think I may wait a bit longer

    • Oh don’t let this put-you off from adopting a dog. All dogs are different, especially if you adopt an older one. Doc is only a year old, that’s why he is a bit naught. But he is very affectionate! 🙂

  4. When our Border Collie Bilbo was 9 months old, I was admitted to hospital for 7 weeks and the kids went off to my parents’ place while my husband worked through so he could look after me when I was discharged. Every night after work he did a circuit from work to see the kids and then see me and then home to feed the dog which would have involved at least 2 hours of driving. One night when he arrived home from work, he found the dog had chewed through all the computer cabling under the house. Turned out on closer inspection that the dog had not only chewed through the computer cabling but had also started on an electric wire and we assume he got a small warning shock and stopped. The dog’s actions were the last straw for my husband, as you could imagine. However, this sad tale of doggy mischief has now become one of our party jokes. With a bit of humour, you can turn almost any disaster into a funny story down the track.

    • Oh my goodness! Now that is definitely over-the-top naughty 😉 You would think that he’d stop after he got a bit of an electric shock 😉

      • My husband barricaded him from returning back under the house. This was probably just as well because our dogs have dug extensively under the house and one day the whole place could fall down into one of their tunnels. It gets rather hot here in summer and the dogs like going there to cool off.

        • We shut our dog in our kitchen at night. Maybe when he’s older and a little bit calmer, he can go in the living room at night. At the moment, he stays in the kitchen sans a bed!

  5. After dobbing in my own dog, my husband just reminded me about his mate’s dog who tried eating their motorbike. They logged a claim with their insurance company to replace their motorbike. Cause? Eaten by dog. The insurance company was initially skeptical about their claim and came out to do an inspection. Turned out that the dog, a doberman, had chewed through the seat, all plastic covers, handlebar grips. Once they saw the dog, they paid up. Apparently, the dog resented them going off for rides on the motorbike and being left alone at home. That was one unhappy mutt!

    • Oh dear, oh dear. This one really made me laugh and made me appreciate Doc even more. Thank you for that 😉

    • Oh my goodness, just read your post. Your dog Shorty looks a lot like my Malibu. She’s my dog and companion who used to live with me when I was single and living alone back home. Sadly, I had to leave her behind. She was adopted by my younger sister and her family.

  6. The Vanilla Housewife

    Well thank God he is cute! LOl We had a dog like that before, so destructive but it was all play to him. Admit it, you thought what he did was cute! 😀

  7. thereadingresidence

    Oh no. Our dog stopped chewing things at around 18 months old. He wasn’t too bad, though wallpaper and carpet definitely frustrated me! I can understand your exasperation – good job he’s so cute! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • Doc isn’t 18 months yet. I do hope he stops. He is driving me up the wall with all the chewing!

  8. Oh how frustrating for you. He looks very cute in the photos though. Hope the chewing up everything phase will disappear soon x

    • Hope so too! Really want to buy him another new bed, but don’t want to waste money again.

  9. We have a bit of an odd dog, in that he doesn’t do the whole chewing, playing fetch parts of a dog’s life. But. It is ability to run around and around in circles which exhausts and frustrates in equal measure.
    I hope things improve for you both.

  10. thenthefunbegan

    We don’t have a dog… or any pets of any kind. They are funny little things aren’t they? And they say goats will eat anything! 🙂 #wotw

  11. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    Oh dear, I’ve had cats which can take or leave you which is v frustrating and they went through a phase of climbing Christmas trees and scratching furniture but a water pistol soon had them under control. Not sure this’d work for dogs though so not sure I’m much use at all. He is adorable though (but perhaps not when he’s chewing everything!)

    • Thanks! We have a cat too. The problem with her is that she disappears for days and then shows up one day, feeds, sleeps before going out again. This happens all the time. I have a feeling she’s been adopted by someone else. Oh well.

  12. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    I remember saving money to buy this shoe cuz its expensive. Months and months of saving before finally I got to buy one and .. yes our dog in Manila named Juanito ate it.. shred it.. and my heart broke. But what can I do? I think I shouted at him like I never shouted my life. He got sad and I think (hopefully) sorry. We wallow in one corner together. #wotw

    • Aww, I know the feeling. One of our dogs back home also chewed on my brand new trainers! I cried. Hahaha 😉

  13. Doc is sooo cute. I’m sure you soon forgive him with those lovely eyes :-)My dog was a little perisher until she turned 2 then it’s like someone flicked a switch and she just sleeps. eats, sleeps and so on. #wotw

    • I can’t wait till that switch is off! We actually just bought him a brand new bed … again. It’s plastic this time and also sprayed it with an anti-chew spray. Fingers crossed, hope this new bed lasts 😉

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