No longer the Disgruntled Doc-Walker

After about a couple of weeks off my Doc-walking duties, we are back in our old routine.  Doc and I and I’m also happy to announce that I do so with pleasure, no complaints at all anymore. Well so far…

I walk him now, not the other way around.  He used to “walk” me, no, let edit that, he used to “drag” me around with him.  It became so bad that my right arm started hurting and I actually had to see a doctor.

No.  He hasn’t changed.  He is still the same annoying and over-excitable Doc that he is.  But thanks to some lovely friends who’ve advised me about getting a Halti when I complained about his excessive pulling, all’s well that ends well.  We didn’t purchase a Halti though, what we got instead was a P.P.E Handy Halter lead and when told that it was locally made in Cornwall, we were sold.  It’s great to support locally made products, isn’t it?

The lovely woman at the pet-shop fitted the halter on Doc and told us to walk around the area first, just to make sure that the halter will work on him.  It’s advisable to bring your dog when buying this kind of product, since its known not to work on some other dogs, according to the woman at the shop, it all depends on your dog.

Doc struggled too at first and did all he could to try to take it off.  But once we were walking, he was like a different dog and just gave up struggling and just gladly walked beside us.

Doc sporting his new Handy Halter Lead.

A miracle!  That’s what it is, folks. If you’ve met our dog, you’ll know why I’m being so dramatic about this.

So yes, I’m now a happy Doc-walker.

And here we are on our walk this morning.  Doc walking beside me and NOT IN FRONT and dragging me behind as he used to do when out for walks.

He runs like the wind as soon as he is off his leash.

Can you spot the tourists on the hill?  It’s lovely to see our little village come alive again, especially when the weather is good.

The drab greyness is gone too and all is green and abloom with wild flowers.

And as you can see, as long as he has his stick, he is one very happy dog indeed.

On our way back though, we met the bully cat of our neighbourhood.  He knew that Doc was on his lead so didn’t even bother to budge, but of course he gave Doc his “You wouldn’t dare come near me look”.  Let’s just say little T’s dog took the hint very well.

The bully cat maimed the tail of our neighbour’s cat named Benjie once, he had to have several stitches to save his tail.  But he’s alright now.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Have you tried a halter lead too or any similar product on your dog?

How was it?

Disclaimer:  Not a sponsored post, but would gladly and freely endorse it to dog-owners who like to pull when out for a walk.


  1. fourcalders

    Gosh your little village is just beautiful. We had a dog like Doc once. I gave up on walking him. Glad it all worked out and you can walk happily around such a gorgeous place. 🙂

    • Yes, I’m glad too that we finally found a solution. Walking him was really stressful for me, but not anymore! 😉

  2. Stella Lee @purfylle

    We had the same problem but used a different solution, I can’t remember if I’d mentioned it before. It’s a halter that is worn similar to a harness and has 2 straps that go from a collar type piece and under the armpits and up to the centre of the back. If the dog pulls it tightens under the pits and they don’t like it so they stop pulling. The dog gets to choose how hard they pull. It changed our walks dramatically and the dogs love them! No problems getting them on at all. I’m glad you found a solution for your Doc.

    • Oh yes, I’ve heard of that halter/harness type. Yes, it’s such a dramatic change! He’s almost like a different dog 😉

  3. Coombe Mill

    Sounds like a result and a great lead, can’t blame him for wanting to run ahead on those beautiful cliff tops. I’m heading there myself soon for surf club with the kids #AnimalTales

    • Can’t wait till T and her friends are old enough for surf club! 🙂

  4. chickenruby

    this is the 3rd time I’ve heard about this and i will look into it now as Bob is a pain in the butt

    • Oh you must! He’ll be like a changed dog and will be less stressful for you and your furry friend 🙂

  5. lisaslife1970

    I tried a harness with Stella back in the day as she was such a nervous walker but she really didn’t like it. She has one now that attaches to a seatbelt in the car 🙂 So glad you and Doc found success!

    • I’ve learned that there are so many kinds out there. I guess, like the woman at the pet shop said to us, it all depends on the dog, just like what you aid about Stella 🙂 Thanks!

  6. kidGLloves (@kidGLloves)

    The Mother says – We’ve never had to use a Halti on Ash but we always used one of Ollie (a black Lab) when he was alive. They are brilliant and would also recommend them. Love the photo of Doc running xx #animaltales

    • That’s because Ash is a good boy 😉 As for Doc, when he’s wearing his handy halter, he’s like an all together changed-dog! xx

  7. Mama Herself

    I’ve always thought that the main plus point of dogs over cats is the whole getting to take them for really satisfying walks thing, so eeeek, for you not being able to enjoy that. Great that you have found a solution though!

    • Dean B

      I know and now Doc and I are both happy in our walks. Thanks! 🙂

  8. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Dean, we used a Halti lead on our German shepherd and it was a God send! She hated it at first and would do all she could to try and get it off. Now she can walk nicely without it (unless she spies a cat!).

    It’s a beautiful part of the world that you live in and it’s amazing where tourists pop up! Bet the view they have is stunning though!

    • Dean B

      Like you said, this halter is also a God send to me, especially since I’m the main-dog walker in our family. No more pulling! 🙂

  9. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    I have heard great things about various dog halters but in fairness Harry doesn’t pull much when on the lead – he just has a bad habit of still chasing things (imaginary or real) when OFF the lead. Would you like me to send him over to chase the Bully cat?

    Many thanks for adding Doc’s walking tale to #AnimalTales and Happy Walking from now on!

    • Dean B

      Oh yes please! Do send Harry over to chase that naughty bully-cat. We promise to send him back home 😉

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