The "Other" Family

Boots, little T’s cat came to say “hi” this morning.  This is the third time she’s done it in the couple of weeks.  The first time she came by, she meowed by the window like she used to, as if she hasn’t been gone for months.  Little T and my husband excitedly let her in.  She meowed, but wouldn’t settle and demanded to be let out again, no amount of cajoling would let her stay.  In spite protests from T, we had to let her out again.

The second time, she didn’t even bother to come in.  Turned her little nose at the bowl of milk we left for her by our front door, as if to say “I’m just dropping by, not really staying”.

This morning, she walked in, strutted around and meowed and left again.

I’m hoping one of these days she’ll decide to stay again.  I think to her we are now the “other” family, or her other home, but definitely not her “primary” home.  I’m fine with that, it’s nice that she drops by once in a while and I know now that cats are like that.  Who knows, she might suddenly decide to stay for good one of these days?

If you are familiar with cats, do you think she’ll decided to come home once and for all?

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  1. Stella Lee @purfylle

    Maybe she doesn’t want to burn any bridges in case the old lady has to go away. It’s nice she has come to say hi. She certainly remembers you all.

    • Dean B

      Yes, I’m sure she does. It’s lovely when she comes for a visit 😉 It would be even nicer if she stayed longer.

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Dean, I know nothing about cats, although we were adopted by a feral cat that we managed to turn into a not-so-feral-anymore-cat, that has now not been seen for weeks. It seems to me as if cats certainly pick their humans, which is sad as we tend to become attached to them whether they are feral or not.

    I hope Boots comes home to your for good one day, but until then enjoy her company!


  3. Coombe Mill

    This sounds so very cat like. Our cat came to us about 10 years ago and is still here, we have no idea who she left. #AnimalTales

    • Dean B

      Yes, I’m learning that about cats now. I’m more of a dog person 😉 But I’m very fond of Boots.

  4. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    I think Stella may have hit the feline nail on the head. Cats are insanely selfish and she may just be making sure she will be well cared for no matter what happens in the future.
    Thank you for adding the continuation of Boot’s Tale to #AnimalTales

    • Dean B

      You are so right. I guess she just wants to remind us that hey, in case it doesn’t work out between me and that “other woman”, I can always come back home here!

  5. kidGLloves (@kidGLloves)

    The Mother says – I know nothing about Cats but I do know they choose how they live their life, who they go to and when. I hope Boots comes and visits you again soon xx #animaltales

    • Dean B

      Thanks! She visited us again this morning. This time though she ate a bit of our offering before buggering off again. Cats!

  6. lisaslife1970

    She’s a fickle one! At least she remembers where ‘home’ is and will maybe stay a little longer next time she visits 🙂

    • Dean B

      She came again this morning. This time she ate a bit of our offering 😉

  7. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I just think it’s the weirdest thing! LOL. Either stay or go – none of this back and forth nonsense!

    • Dean B

      I know. I guess like I mentioned, she just wants to make sure that we’ll take her back just in case it doesn’t work out with the other woman. Bootsy sounds like a bad relationship! 😉

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