What Happened Next: A Story About a Cat (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1, click here to read it first.

The next day, after dropping Little T off at play-school, my husband and I decided to go back to the woods to see if we could find Boots, our cat who sometimes thinks she’s a dog.  We also decided to bring our cat carrier in case we, by some small miracle manage to find her.

As we drove to the church, my husband told me not to put my hopes up that chances are, she wouldn’t be there, that she probably found a house nearby and found refuge there, or decided to roam the woods and have an adventure.  He reiterated, she is a cat after all.

I wasn’t so sure about that actually.  She wasn’t just a cat, she was Boots – little T’s cat, she is no ordinary cat at all.

So off we drove to Minster.  It looked strangely empty and the place emitted an ominous feeling.  I was ready to be disappointed.

Minster church, if it could speak, what would it have said?  “Silly woman, do you really think you would find your cat again?”

I would reply, “She’s not mine.   She’s Little T’s and you don’t understand, she’s not just a cat – she’s Boots!”

Down we went into the woods, re-tracing our steps yesterday.

Past the bench where we met the first family of dog-walkers…

through the bridge where little T and her dad played Pooh sticks…

Walked along the Valency river where Doc had his impromptu bath to try to take away the cow dung matted on his coat.

“Good morning ducks, have you seen Bootsy our cat?”

Quack, quack, quack!

“A cat in the woods?”

They quacked.

We’ve only seen dogs and their humans”

Quack, quack, quack.

“No cats!”

This is the place where we last heard her meowing.

What are the chances, we’ll find her here?”

I asked my husband as I clicked the photo above.

He replied, “Fifty-fifty”

In spite of his answer I called aloud, “Bootsy!  Bootsy!”

And then it happened, we didn’t even have to wait long.

She meowed!

And then I saw her emerging from the woods.

She actually waited on the very place where we last saw her, as if she knew that we would come back for her.

She kept meowing as if to say “What took you guys so long?!”

“Bootsy!  You waited for us!”


It took awhile though before we managed to get her in the cat carrier, as you can tell from her photo, she wasn’t pleased about it AT ALL and kept meowing all the way back home.

Meow, meow, meow!

“Did you really have to put me in that thing?!  She complained.

Then stormed off to eat her food…

groom herself …

Then fell into a deep, deep, deep long sleep.

Yes folks, we got our happy ending!

Little T was over the moon to get her Bootsy back.

As for the cat, she’s grounded.

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Have a lovely week!


  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    My sister the cat lover loved the first part! Will send this again to her so that she can see the happy ending! #whatsthestory =)

  2. hurrahforgin

    Dean i am so glad that i didn’t read the first part of the story and then have to wait for the second as not sure i would have been able to sleep! This is the benefit on having a few days worth of posts t catch up on 😉
    So glad bootsy was found safe and well. She is definitely a dog in cats clothing though right?! x

    • Your comments never fail to make me laugh Katie! 🙂 Yes, she’s definitely a dog not a cat! 😉

  3. pottymouthedmummy

    Oh yay, I had been worried about her waiting for this installment!!!

    • Yes, she’s home. Back to her old routine, only she’s not allowed to follow us anymore! 🙂

  4. Anne Russell

    What a relief!! Hope she’s learnt a lesson but how sensible to stay where she’d last seen you rather than trying to find the way home. x

    • Anne! Great to hear from you. We’ve just had Tim over about two weeks ago, then Sarah over the weekend. Look forward to seeing you and John soon! x

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Okay, I don’t know how I missed the first part of this – but I’m really glad I did because I wouldn’t have been able to stand the suspense!!! I’m so glad you found Bootsy! Man, my heart was in my throat!!!

    • Yes, Bootsy is safe and sound. But was she grateful? Not one single bit! 😉 … Seriously though, I was really worried about her, that’s why I insisted that we look for her the very next day. I’m not even a cat person! But I’m very fond of our little Bootsy!

  6. Charly Dove

    Part one has just had me in stitches, what an awesome cat Bootsy is! So glad part two has a happy ending, I love the suspense build up though! Both great posts, thank you so much for sharing and I’m glad she’s home #whatsthestory

    • Yes, she is indeed a hilarious cat. But now she’s back to her boring routine of sleep, eat, sleep, eat 🙂

  7. over40andamumtoone

    Cats certainly can put us through the ringer can’t they! Glad you had a happy ending #whatsthestory

  8. fourcalders

    I’m glad you found her. I had my doubts after Part 1. I bet Little T was super happy. 🙂

    • I know, my husband too had his doubts! So glad it ended well. Thank you 🙂

  9. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    So glad you found her, and love that you’ve grounded her!

  10. krissottoh

    Yeah, yeah, Boots is back. Actually really interesting how she decided to stay put where you last saw her until you came back. SOOO happy this story had a happy ending.

    • I know, it’s like she was actually really waiting for us and as if she also knew that we would come back for her. She is a bit of a little madam 😉

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