You know You’re a Pet Owner When …

I’ve been seeing a lot of “you know you’re a mum” posts lately whether on a blog, a photo on  Instagram or Facebook that I’ve decided to make one for pet owners/parents.

You know You’re a Pet Owner when …

…  your front-door is dirty, especially when it’s been raining outside.  Our door is filthy almost all the time.  I hope our postie doesn’t think we’re slobs.  Our regular one will know, because he’s met Doc.  But not the others, especially couriers.  For the record, we are not slobs, we just have a Doc who likes to clamber all over our front door and kitchen window when he wants to come in and no one is there to let him right away.

You know you’re a pet owner when …

You find patches of black fur on your white throw.  I know what you’re thinking, why have a white throw when you have a young kid and pets right?  And I say right back at you, why on earth not?  And yes, I’ll whinge all I want.  If you’ve been reading my little blog for some time now, you might have read somewhere that I like white furniture/furnishings and I refuse to give them up just because I have a small child and pets.  Not to mention finding fur on your clothes!

You know you’re a pet owner when…

Your car is disgustingly dirty and we’re not just talking about the food T and her friends sometimes leave behind especially when we’ve just done a road trip.  I’m talking again of muddy paws all over, especially since the beach is less than a ten-minute drive away, yes, the inside of the car is always covered in sand, mud, muck and all that.  I really ought to give up trying to clean our car.  But at least, I try right?

You know you’re a pet owner when …

The kitchen floor slate floor is always dirty, no matter how you clean it everyday.  Don’t even let me mention the carpet in the rooms or else I’ll never stop.

You know you’re a pet owner when …

You find doggie pooh bags or stale treats in your coat pockets along with your daughter’s small toys.  How long has it been there?  How long have we had Doc or T?

You know you’re a pet owner when …

You talk to your pets.  I know people do talk to their pets, but I’m talking about actual conversations.  You say something, pet answers, and yes, it doesn’t matter that you don’t really understand what they’re saying.  Actually you do, with Doc and my husband, they actually have actual conversations with their eyes and eyebrows only.  No words used.  As for Boots and I, you’ll actually hear lots of words, especially from me.  She answers either with her meows or her purring.

But I just fed you!

That was five minutes ago, feed me again now!

You know you’re a pet owner when ….

You have lots of photos of your dog and cat almost as much as your daughter’s.  And your pets and daughter gives you the same exasperated look every time they see you pick up your phone or camera.  Well except Doc.  He gets all excited especially when he sees me pick up my big camera, he knows we’re headed outside to take photos.  He loves that.

You know you’re a pet owner when …

You can’t bring yourself to move even though you’ve just decided to get up from the couch, only because your fat cat has decided that she needs your belly for a nap.  That’s it human, stop moving!  I need my beauty sleep.

You know you’re a pet owner when …

You have a love-hate relationship with them.  One moment you can’t imagine life without them, the next you’re screaming your head off and threatening to leave them in the middle of nowhere, strangle them, or swap them for a new puppy/kitten.

Life with pets eh?

Anyone looking for a cat or dog?

Email me.

Just kidding.

Am I?

What’s the one thing your pet does that makes you want to throttle them?


  1. Linda Hobbis

    I loved this. I really miss having a cat. The kids would love one but they are a big commitment. Plus I had to have my last two cats put down and I’m not sure I could go through that again!

    • Indeed. Not to mention expensive! We went abroad for about two months years ago and spent almost as much in the kennels for our pets. It took us awhile again to get another dog after our last one also had to be put down. Pets are a big part of the family, aren’t they? Hopefully you’ll have them again soon 🙂

  2. That picture of the door really brought back memories for me. We had a golden retriever that literally scratched the paint off our bedroom doors whenever he was ready to go out in the yard.
    Jessie recently posted…The 5 Best Breast Pumps For TwinsMy Profile

    • We had labs too growing up and my brother has two! Yes, I remember now, they do, do that too 🙂

  3. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Oh yes. So very true. The back window of my car has those tell tale end of nose swipes, like someone has been practising drawing wonky smiles. Non-dog owners must wonder, when they are stuck behind me in a traffic jam, with no dogs on board. Random holes in lawn, ready made trip hazards, disappearing food. But would we be without them? Nah. #AnimalTales
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…Throwing away the pegMy Profile

  4. Ah, wouldn’t be without them though, even with all the mess and the crazy. We seem to take cat hair with us wherever we go, and the chances of ever having a clean, cat litter-free bathroom seem slim at best. Ah well. (Your kitty is gorgeous by the way.)

    • Thank you. Boots our cat has been gaining so much weight lately! We just bought her a new collar, I think we might be needing a new one again 😉

  5. chickenruby

    i have mor photos of my dog and cat, foster dog and other people’s dogs than I do of anything else. I had a lovely long chat with the cat the other evening while I was in the shower to discover I’d been talking to a pile of clothes.

    • Boots likes to ignore me too when I start chatting to her. But of course, it’s different when she’s the one who’s whinging and wants to be fed. Then she’ll “answer” back 😉

  6. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    Oh yes, I totally agree with this and our door is RUINED by all the dogs and cats that have scratched at it over the years. Saari is in full moult now so there are hairs everywhere …. even in the loft room and she doesn’t go upstairs, let alone up to the loft!

    Apologies for the late reply to #AnimalTales – I seem to have missed a week out in my life somehow and thought I had another week to comment before the next one … which I didn’t #oops I would like to feature this post so are you able to send me a picture I can use which I will link back to. Thanks!
    Rosie (@greenrosielife) recently posted…Weekly Green Tips #48 – 10 Green rules to live byMy Profile

    • Our door is filthy again, in spite cleaning it yesterday. I really ought to give up really. x

  7. Sara @ BestPetReviews

    These are all so true! Lol! I thought: you know your a pet owner when you found sand in your bed (we have sand in our backyard). Having dogs are gross, yet I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂

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