A Country Kids Post: The Graveyard Seekers

Little T loves skeletons, Monster High Dolls, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and the Corpse’s Bride and her current favourite book is Goth Girl.  She also happens to love graveyards. She likes visiting them and walking around and trying to read their names.  When I tell her that it’s time to walk hDoc, she will always say “Can we go through the graveyard mum?”  I always sigh and give in.  This time though to make it somehow a little bit more fun, I told her to look for the oldest gravestone she could find.

First, she spied the tulips and wanted to smell the flowers.

The she found this lovely stone sculpture on one of the graves.

She looked around.

And around.

Then we found this 1786 headstone.  I actually know that there are older graves than this one, inside Forrarbury church which some parts of it dates back to the Norman times.  But I didn’t want to mention this to T.  I wanted to walk the dog and go home. so mum stayed mum.

To be fair though, I do like graveyards too, especially here in England, they are so interesting, just don’t ask me to explore it at night.

What about you?

Do you like them too, or do you find them too grim?

Do share.


  1. Kim Carberry

    What a beautiful graveyard….They are so interesting aren’t they. They do tend to make me a little sad though.

    • Same here. We went to visit Bronte’s house many years ago and we also visited the church and nearby graveyard and I almost burst into tears when I saw so many graves of children, I think it was in the 17th or 18th century. My husband said that this was around the time of the cholera outbreak, that’s why so many children died 🙁

  2. I use to as a child. I use to like looking at the different headstones.

  3. Gemma Nuttall

    She’s right you know. Graveyards are interesting and peaceful places.
    Nope, I wouldn’t go at night either but a spring day like when you went, sure.
    It’s nice to read the dates, to wonder what these people were like, to speak their names so they aren’t forgotten, I think it’s lovely actually.
    A curious little one you have there, but I love that. I think she’s fab

  4. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I used to love graveyards as a child – we would look for the graves of children, or of husbands and wives buried next to each other, and imagine their stories. A bit morbid looking back on it now actually! I’m not sure my fascination has carried through into adulthood!

    • You’re like my daughter. She also likes to look at husbands and wives buried together 🙂 x

  5. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    I like them now, especially old historical ones – but I was so afraid of them as a kid! My dad’s idea of a good day out was going to look at old churches, so I wouldn’t want to go in because you’d have to walk on the graves on the church floor, and I didn’t want to stay outside in case a skeletal hand reached up from the ground and grabbed my ankle… Lol. x

    • I hope the day out included more than just visiting old churches 😉 I don’t blame him though, I love old churches. I’m just glad my daughter likes them too 🙂 x

  6. charlotte

    I love a good graveyard (not at night!) they have so much history and I love what they represent! I don’t consider them sad places like other people too so I am definitely with your daughter on this one 🙂

    • I especially love visiting graveyards where famous people are buried.

  7. Emma White

    Yes mine are the same they love the graveyard for some reason and when we go to lay flowers at my grandparents grave sites they love reading the really old headstones

  8. Someone's Mum (Danielle)

    I was quite like this as a child. We had a church that dated back to Norman times very close and I would often go there and do similar – look for the oldest stone and interesting things. It was amazing to me to try to imagine what those people’s lives must have been like, so long ago. I think it’s great that your daughter has the interest and curiosity 🙂

  9. Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life

    My daughter used to be Monster high crazy too, although she was terrified of graveyards for some reason. I am not a fan although I find them really peaceful I tend to avoid them as I find them so sad, I don’t even visit my mums grave which is quiet bad xx

    • I do like that it is peaceful, while I do find it sad too, especially when you see graves of children or ones who have died so young.x

  10. Ana De- Jesus

    When I was younger around 11-12 they used to fascinate me and I did the same as little T but now it scares me. I think because I have a massive phobia of death it creeps me out now.

    • I’m also hoping T would get over this fascination with death. I think she got it first from Frozen when Anna and Elsa dies. Sigh.

  11. We enjoy exploring graveyards too and looking at all the old headstones. Isaac thinks the statues are weeping angels now though

  12. Where I grew up there was a small cemetery with graves about as old as the one you pictured. I loved to read the stones (the ones that were still legible) and also try to find the oldest one I could.

  13. I actually love graveyards, there is something so peaceful about them and I love stone too. I think the history in graveyards is so fascinating, I like to read the inscriptions and imagine the family and what they were like.

    • Same here. It’s a very tranquil place to visit and to be alone with your thoughts. In my case, with my daughter who loves them.

  14. Hannah Budding Smiles

    I find graveyards really interesting and somehow peaceful too. I’ll admit to also looking for baby name inspiration on the stones!xx

    • Really? Oh you are brave. I’m too superstitious… unless of course I see a really interesting and unique name 😉 x

  15. I think it’s great that you indulge and encourage your little one to explore, graveyards at night do you seem a bit creepy! I have utter respect when walking through the graveyard, back when I could see, I would really take my time and read a lot of them as a way of respect, but also I think it gives you a snapshot into history. Life, generation, century before you were born, it’s pretty cool Xxx

    • You are so right! Love reading their names, and the times they were born and when they died. Also the kind of gravestones they have 🙂 x

  16. A Moment with Franca

    Maybe I would be the only one to answer this but I’m not really keen on graveyards. I know that there are some old ones that are very interesting with lots of history but in general it is not a place that I will choose to go and visit. It makes me sad. And at night I feel they are very scary!! Probably living in London we don’t have as much of this around us. Although, I have the feeling that my daughter could be the same than your daughter but we haven’t explore it as much yet. Lovely photos, xx

    • There’s this one Victorian cemetery in London I would love to visit the next time we’re in the city. But yes, I do also understand your fear, or maybe hesitance when it comes to visiting graveyards. I like exploring them, but would never do it at night 😉 Not that brave. x

  17. Kat EatLoveLive

    Wow, 1786. So much history in one little grave yard. I’m a bit a a wimp and steer clear of graveyards! Kat x

  18. Stephanie

    I really don’t like them. I refuse to walk over them, and even then it gives me the shivers walking around them! However I do find it so interesting to read them. Found one the other day who was born in 1804 and they lived 101 years, that is amazing for that time.

    • I can understand why people find it spooky. It kinda is, but like you said interesting too 🙂 x

  19. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    I find they make you reflect and appreciate life. I think it’s a good thing little T likes to visit and explore and doesn’t see them as spooky. It looks a lovely churchyard that is much loved and visited. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  20. tracey at Mummyshire

    It’s an interesting place to go and explore, and I agree it’s fascinating to see the dates and names of people and imagine what they were like. I think it’s great that T wants to visit places like this and explore; it’s something I hadn’t done with my children but you’ve prompted me to.

    • I can imagine there must be loads of lovely old-historic graveyards around Oxfordshire too 🙂 x

  21. Michelle Murray

    We went to a Priory that is local to us and my eldest was fascinated by the graves. I found it spooky but he was intrigued

  22. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Graveyards are interesting places to explore – I always love to try and find the oldest headstone I can too. The stone angel sculptures though always give me the creeps now – Doctor Who has a lot to answer for! Glad Little T had fun exploring 🙂

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