Afternoon Light

It’s mid November.  Surprisingly, the temperature is still mild, although if the weather forecast is correct, it will turn cold next week.

We’ve been having lovely weather lately.  Everywhere you turn is beautiful especially in the afternoon autumn light.  I’m currently loving autumn leaves.  When the light is lovely, I rush outside with my camera in hand and click on whatever catches my eye.

Let me share some photos with you.

My husband hang a bird-feeder outside our bathroom window.  It’s lovely to see the birds feed from it.  But I’m never able to capture it.  I think the birds know when I’m holding my camera or my phone as soon as they see it, they fly away.

The autumn afternoon sun amazes me.  Sometimes I just sit on the floor and watch it form shadows on the wall, or watch the way it beams from the window and explodes inside a room.  If I’m lucky it stays that way for more than a couple of hours before it darkens and everywhere you look it is gloomy.  Then without warning, the temperature drops and I feel the cold in my bones.  Thank goodness for warm, fluffy socks!  Days like these, I hold unto the small joys.

What about you? How’s your autumn going?


    • My husband only recently put up the birdfeeder and it’s lovely to watch them feed. If only I could capture one photo and I’d be a happy bunny!

  1. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    As I’ve got older I have more of an appreciation for Autumn and I love this time of year. Especially on a sunny Autumn day.

    • Yes, but if the weather forecast is correct, it’s supposed to be colder this week. x

  2. I love looking up, you can often forget to look up but it can be so pretty. Those last little leaves holding on to the tree!

    • That is so true. In the garden, I do look up. The trees and changing of the colours of the leaves fascinate me. So beautiful!

  3. Tracey Kifford

    I love bright autumn days when the sky is clear and that lovely blue colour. I walked through a woodland today when the leaves were ankle deep in every autumnal colour imagineable. I wish I had my camera with me …

    • Love chunky knits too. Sounds like you’ve been having so much fun with your little ones 🙂

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