Photos from our Back Garden Today

Woke up with sunshine pouring out of our windows. I’m wondering, has spring arrived? Or is spring really on the way? My husband says the days seem longer now.  That thought makes us happy.

 Have you been outside?  I have and saw this.

Beautiful blues skies, a bit cloudy against the winter trees.  Lovely isn’t it?

If we move from here, I’m certainly going to miss this view outside my kitchen window.

Finally!  A photo of our Camellia in the sunlight, if you’ve been following me over on Instagram, I’ve been posting photos of it in the mist.

And the sunlight was making delightful shadows on the wall too.

Even our winter plants seemed to cheer up in the sun.

…. or maybe not.

Could it be true?

Is Spring really on its way?


  1. I am absolutely, definitely convinced that the days are getting longer plus I’ve seen some daffodils peeping out of the ground. I think Spring is on its way…YAY! #HappyDiaries

    • Yay for longer days! As for the daffs, they came early this year. We actually saw them around Christmas time down here in Cornwall, because of the mild winter 😉


    Such beautiful photos – where is this? Looks like it’s well worth a visit! Currently considering whether to arrange a babymoon before our little one arrives…#happydiaries

  3. RelentlesslyPurple

    Wow such a gorgeous view! Absolutely love your photo’s! xx #happydiaries

  4. Lovely photos huni and what a stunning view. I saw your comment on my post nad yes, we will be down in Devon this weekend. We will be in Bideford area, not far from you. 😉 xx

    • Thanks! Oh that’s lovely. I know Bidedord, a bit of a drive from us but definitely doable! Excited for you and Olivia. Xxx

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog

    Okay, you’ve shifted your blog over a bit, and it is much better, the subscribe now button isn’t blocking my view! And speaking of view, man, look at that sunshine!! I’m so ready for Spring!! We’ve had a relatively mild winter, but I don’t care, I’m so cold!!

    • Oh I didn’t do anything recently … I wonder why? …. Anyway, I’m so ready for spring too! Bring it on NOW! It started out as a mild winter, but here in England, it usually gets colder during the Jan-Feb months, that’s why we are so ready for spring! x

  6. Gemma Nuttall

    Lovely post and smashing pics!! Cheered me up this Friday that’s for sure!

    The daffodils are out in force here (surrey) but the frost the last couple of mornings has taken its toll on them. I think spring could look a bit funny this year as our weather has been so mild again…

    Happy sunny Friday to you!

    • The daffs were also out early this year, down here in North Cornwall. We actually first really noticed them on Christmas day! I guess it was because of the mild winter 🙂 Happy Friday to you too! The sun isn’t out actually. Oh well.

  7. Leah Miller

    Such beautiful photos, I especially love the one of the Camellia, stunning!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that spring is coming soon, I need some sunshine!!

    Leah xx

  8. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Gorgeous photos! It really does feel like spring is on it’s way this week, doesn’t it? Your camellia is stunning – mine doesn’t bloom until much later, makes me think I need to get an earlier blooming one to brighten up the garden a bit more!

    • I do hope it is. Yes, this seems to bloom a lot and all through out the year too, which is kinda good, especially during winter 🙂

  9. Cathy ( MummyTravels )

    What gorgeous photos. I love that shot of the pegs, how something so ordinary can be so striking, as well as the silhouettes. It’s been such odd weather, spring seems to be here then another storm and frost. I’m just glad the days are getting longer.

    • Same here. We can almost see the light at the end of this very long wintery tunnel 😉

  10. Laura's Lovely Blog

    What stunning photos, our garden looks such at the moment, I can’t wait for a glimmer of hope of spring and we can go out there tidy it up and enjoy playing outside again 🙂

    • Same here, especially since I do love spring. Then again, who doesn’t? Thank you!

  11. I really really hope so, I really need Spring right now and your photos certainly make me feel like it might be so! Lovely photos! x

  12. BloggerMummyLauren

    Some beautiful photos here, you have a gorgeous view! I love the photo of the pegs agains that lovely blue sky. I like the winter sun, there’s something so fresh about it!

  13. Amazing photos, you’ve inspired me to start taking my camera out more. Lovely post.

    • You’re most welcome! I actually also forget to take photos. I miss it 🙂 This has sort of prodded me to do it again.

  14. bec from views from my garden bench

    yes Spring is definitely on it’s way – lovely photos – and your camellia looks stunning. Mine is just budding at the moment up here in Manchester – though my neighbour’s which gets full sun is flowering away just like yours. Look forward to seeing some more of your garden 🙂 love bec xx

  15. Where To Next Kids?

    These are just gorgeous photos. Your garden and where you live look amazing. I do think that Spring is peeping through, but winter hasn’t quite let go yet. We had snow today

    • We haven’t been lucky enough to get snow down here in Cornwall. Had to drive to Dartmoor for my daughter to be able to play in the snow. She absolutely loved it!

  16. Tracey Abrahams

    Spring is trying really hard to burst through at the moment, just a few more weeks and it will have the upper hand. Your camillia is simply stunning.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries

    • It is lovely isn’t it? I’m afraid our Camillia is the only colour we have in our garden at the moment 🙂 x


    More beautiful photos on yet another lovely day! Some great use of the light and shadows too.

  18. Alina Ghost

    What a beautiful sight. I definitely think the days are getting longer too and I’m loving the sunny, crisp mornings – it’s still very chilly though!

    Lovely photos!

    Alina from interiors and lifestyle blog – The Fairytale Pretty Picture

    • Hi Alina, lovely to see you here. Sad to say the sun isn’t out on our part of England today. Hope all is well. X

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