Family Members Only: No Strangers Allowed

Imagine if there were websites designed especially and ONLY for families?


When little T was born, I made a private blog where I could post our family photos, videos and other updates about little T’s progress as a baby.  You could only view it if I invited you.  It was a bit tricky for other family members, especially of the older generation who weren’t so internet savvy like the younger ones.  They’d email me and complain, “I can’t view it in spite clicking on the link!” After so many incidents like that, I gave up on that blog.  It just seemed too complicated and too much hard work for everyone.

Imagine if there was such a platform where you could have a private blog set up and viewing your content would be easy for everyone?


A close friend of mine “invited” me to join Facebook sometime in 2007.   She said it was different from Friendster, MySpace and all the other social-networking websites.  I halfheartedly joined and then got tired of it sometime after T was born and deleted my account.

Then I started taking blogging seriously.  Ahem, I feel a bit embarrassed to use that word because as much as I would like to take this whole blogging business earnestly, there are days when I feel as if I’m falling badly at it and ready to throw in the towel.  But I’ll save that for another post.

Going back to Facebook, I knew if I wanted to take my blog on to the next level, I had to make a Page for my blog.  I ignorantly thought that I could make one without having to join Facebook again.  Yep.  As you all know, you must have a profile to make a page. I reluctantly re-joined the heavily noise polluted world of Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy FB, but only to see updates from family members whom I don’t really have regular contact with, especially the extended ones.  It’s nice to know once in a while, how they are all getting on, without having to actually get in touch with them.  But I worry a lot about privacy and there’s always a rumour going around that they will eventually charge you for using it and if it’s true, that will really annoy me.  I don’t mind paying for the use of a website, but it would be nice to be upfront about it at the very beginning and not cheekily offer it down the line, I hate it when business, especially websites do that.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a social-media website, dedicated to family members only?

 And what if there was a family website that catered to families?  And had a string of services like a blogging platform, social-media dedicated to families only and a string of other services.  Absolutely no strangers allowed.  Would that appeal to you?  It does to me, especially if they can guarantee the privacy of my content, where only family members are allowed to view them.  Then  I’m sold.

What do you think?

Yay or nay?

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, however all words and opinions are by yours truly.


  1. I love the idea! But I also think it’s just yet another social media platform to sign up for/waste time on/etc…Lord knows I don’t need another one of those!

    That said, I think it’s pretty great but how do they ensure you only get family members ‘requesting’ to be your friend on there? Or is it up to you to decide who is allowed to be “friends” or whatever?

    • I know. I had the same trepidation (still have it actually). But yes, with the family-only website, you can control everything. Some may argue that you can do that on FB too, but they’ve been having really bad press lately (not that I believe everything I read either). I don’t know, I just don’t trust FB. This coming from someone who actually has a profile with them. Sigh.

  2. Maybe you could make your blog public and your posts private or public depending on the topic and the audience? I think most of the stuff about fb in the press is just rumours with no basis in fact. I have my personal page locked down and don’t publish anything I wouldn’t say in public so it can’t come back to bite me in the future x

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