Handy Box to Have: My Buddy Box Review

How often do you go to the supermarket?

As for us, we do a monthly big shop and then of course, little top-up shops for milk, fruit and vegetables probably every other week.  But as much as possible, we try to buy loads of stuff to avoid having to go back to the shops.  That said, yes we use loads of plastic bags which we do re-use of course and we’ve been using the old plastic bags we got when we shopped at Intermarche, from our holiday in France last year.

Anyway, one of my pet peeves is loading up the car.  We try to load it up as neatly as we can, but of course once the car starts, you’ll hear bags falling off, bottles clinking.    No matter how much you try to wedge them together, the bags always manage to fall atop each other.

If you are like me and find that really annoying, you’ll be glad to know that there is a solution to that.

My-Buddy-Box is a handy reusable, stackable box which is my current BFF when it comes to food-shopping now.

It’s very easy to use and store because it comes folded:

All you need to do is unfold it:

Viola!  It becomes a box:

Don’t forget to put the slider in place though, to make the box sturdier and easier to carry.

When out shopping, just put it in your trolley and load as you go. ( Yes, we do eat a lot of rice in our little household).  Just make sure that the stuff you put in the box are the heavy ones, like canned goods and other stuff that won’t get crushed (especially fruit and vegetables), when something heavy is on top of it.

If you have two of these boxes, you can stack them up together.  When we ran out of space, we just stacked our shopping bags over the box.

As you can see, it’s easy to just pick-up and load into your car.

And lastly, one thing I really liked about My Buddy Box is that it leaves our boot neat and tidy(ish).  No more bags falling or and bottles rattling in the car, thank goodness for that!

Can’t wait to use this in the summer!  This will be really handy to put all your beach paraphernalia in it.  In our case, portable grill, beach tent, not to mention bucket and spades.  Usually my husband and I are like Christmas trees with stuff dangling from every free hand and arm, now all we need to do is stuff everything in this box and go! :).

The real test will be its durability:  how many multiple visits to the shop and beach will My-Buddy-Box be able to withstand?

So if you’re tired of using plastic carriers/bags, I suggest you try My-Buddy-Box out and it’s always good to support small businesses or start-up, companies, don’t you think?  What are you waiting for?  Come and try it!  And if you order now, and input the discount code which is DEAN :), you will get a free P&P off any orders.  Click here to order.  They also have a FB page and of course, you can follow them over at twitter too.

What’s your main pet peeve when out shopping?

Disclaimer:  We were sent the My-Buddy-Box for the purpose of this review, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly, oh and my husband 😉


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Love things like that! Anything that makes life easier is a big plus!

    • Thanks Kate & this is one of those surprisingly good-things-to have around. We are keeping this little box in our boot! 😉

  2. How do you get the companies to send you stuff to review? It looks like so much FUN! You get to try all of these cool things and then write about it! I wanna do it!

    • I actually only get a few, compared to the other bloggers 😉 … Lately most of the referrals came from Tots100. See badge at the bottom page of my blog. It’s a UK bloggers network. Try joining Bloggy Moms. I’m a member but I don’t get any referrals from them, maybe because it’s a US based one? There are others as well, like SITS… Click on the badges on the bottom and they’ll take you there. Hope that helps 🙂 Like I said, I don’t really do much. There are months when I hardly do a review, then bang, it’s like one offer after another. All for fun 😉 x

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