Is Your Dog an Itchy Dog? Plus a Giveaway for you and your Pet – Come and Join!

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Doc like all dogs like to scratch, sniff and lick.  That’s the way they were made.  When they’re not sleeping, eating, running around like loonies or following you around the house like a love-sick-puppy, they’re doing just that – scratch, sniff and lick.

But unfortunately some dogs are more prone to itch.  Us humans are not just the only ones who have allergies, dogs have them too, especially if your dog is like ours who likes to explore on his own and root around for goodness knows what.

For those who are wondering if they have an itchy dog.  Here are some common signs that might just help you tell whether your dog has allergies too:

  • Itching and scratching.  And this isn’t just the usual scratch here and there, but non-stop scratching, especially behind the ears.
  • Licking their paws.
  • Rubbing their face on furniture as if trying to get rid of something.
  • They may also have hot spots on their bodies.
  • Excessive grooming.
  • Red eyes.
  • Dry, flaky skin.
  • Excessive moulting.

Does all this sound familiar?  Then perhaps, your dog is indeed an itchy dog.  No need to panic, you can of course take your dog to the vet and they’ll tell you what to do.  Or perhaps you can also try YuMEGA Itchy Dog for dogs with sensitive or itchy skin.  “YuMEGA is a premium quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy”

How does it work?

YuMEGA Itchy Dog works in three ways:

  1. It Calms the Itch with extra GL from Borage (Starflower), provides Omega 6 (GLA), which helps to soothe the urge to itch.  YuMEGA Itchy Dog contains higher levels of Omega 3 – 70% more powerful than ever before.
  2. Improves Coat Condition:  High levels of essential Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax seed helps to improve coat condition.  A healthy coat is your dog’s first line of defence against itchy triggers like pollen and grass.
  3. Supports Natural Defences: Added natural vitamin E and Omega 6 (LA), supports the skin’s natural defences, helping your dog maintain a barrier against the allergens that cause itching.

It’s easy to use too.  All you need to do is mix it with your dog’s food daily.  The amount of course, depends on the size of your dog.

It’s the perfect time to use YuMEGA Itchy dog, especially since summer months are known to flare up allergies, and as pet-owners, we must ensure that our dogs are armed against all sorts of allergies.

And as mentioned, the summer months are here, (fingers crossed the forecast will deliver good weather), which means if you’re like us, who love to go on lots of different adventures and picnic with our over-excitable always  sometimes annoying bundle of fur, called Doc, you will need this lovely picnic basket for you and yours.

This very-handy little picnic basket is all yours for free.  All you need to do is comment below and tell us where you plan to take your dog for a picnic.  The best answer will win!  You will also need to like Lintbells on Facebook, Instagram or follow them on twitter and the hamper is yours.  This give-away is open till the 26th of June, midnight.  UK Residents only.

The Pupnic Basket has the following goodies:

– Wicker pupnic hamper
– A pack of snacks for your pooch
– Remember to stay hydrated with a water bowl for them and water bottle for you.
– Have fun with a toy
– Be responsible, wherever your adventure takes you, with biodegradable poop scoop bags
– Prepare for irritations and itches with a microfiber cloth for a furry wipe down and give YuMEGA Itchy Dog all summer long.

What are you waiting for?

Join and comment below!


  1. Corinne

    What a great pst, very thorough 🙂 my neighbor could definitely use this for her dog! Always scratching and licking themselves.

    • Thank you! You can try and recommend YuMEGA’s Itchy dog to them 🙂

  2. Amy / Chew Out Loud

    Awww. My last doggie used to totally do those things, having had allergies in her older years. She was the best pooch ever. Thanks for sharing your great tips.

  3. Michelle Leslie

    Awwww that Pupnic basket is too adorable. I would have loved to enter but I live all the way down here in South Africa. I’ll have to see if we can get some YuMEGA here for one of our fur babies who’s definitely an itchy dog 😉

    • Too bad. If only I could send the pupnic to you, I would! 🙂

  4. I actually have a work colleague who’s dog is very itchy, especially in spring. I will forward this article to her. I know he struggles a lot poor thing.

  5. That giveaway basket is so cute and the pictures of the dog, I love this post 🙂

  6. Gennifer Rose

    My dog is always suffering from allergies and skin rashes, poor girl. I need to give this a try!

  7. Rahul Khurana

    That basket looks like a gift hamper your pet dog. It loos like a nice product, i dont have a dog though.

    • It’s a lovely hamper indeed. Too bad you don’t have a dog 🙁

  8. Donna Hall

    My dog Dudley is one itchy nosy dog but loves to explore our local woods, where we would love to stay all day and picnic

  9. Felicity kelly

    My dog is So itchy! Just had a round of steroids, ear and eye drops. His skin has that red flaky crust on! Would love to help him as it looks awful! His ears are really bad too, being a spaniel they don’t get much air!

    • Why not give YuMEGA a try? It might just work for your dog 🙂 And if you live in the UK, join the contest and if you win, you’ll get it for free 🙂

  10. This will be a good product for folks with Dogs. I know someone who can make use of it.

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