Looking for the perfect wooden Advent Calendar

(Warning:  This is a rant)

I’ve been on the look-out for an Advent calendar made of wood.  I wanted to get something that would last for a long-time, but when we saw a Snowman Advent Calendar online, we thought that’s it!  That one!  I actually wanted something more classic, one that we won’t tire of, but in the end, gave in to the Snowman one because I knew that my little girl would love it.

So, yes, we ordered it from an online shop called Studio.  When they didn’t accept payment right away, that should have warned me to cancel my order and all that hullabaloo about checking my credit history, all for £14?!  But I went with it, thinking that Tamsin would love it!

And she did.  Now if only the product wasn’t damaged good though.  It arrived with un-glued little drawers.  In fact it looked like it’s been haphazardly thrown in a box and delivered without any care.  Now I’m not the type of customer who complains a lot.  But this one was just too much and the thing is, we didn’t want to call in for a new one.  December is actually tomorrow and it’s an advent calendar for goodness sake!  We did get in touch with Studio and informed them about their faulty product.  In the end, my husband decided to save us all the trouble and just glue the pieces together himself.  It would’ve been a different story if December was ages away and we had time for a replacement product.

My problem with Studio didn’t even end there.  After speaking to their customer care representative, I told them that I wanted to pay for the product and didn’t in fact want to have any credit.  So they transferred me to another number with an automated voice giving me instructions to pay on the phone.  I thought that was the last time I’d be dealing with them after I punched it my card-details and all.  Guess what, nothing happened.  So I phone them again and after waiting in cue for over ten minutes, hang up and wrote them an email instead.  I told them I only needed two things from them, to pay for the product and close my account.  Have I heard from them?  Nope, nada, zilch, wala, as in wala.

I’m sorry to rant, but this is really making me cross.  All because of the Snowman … and the important thing is that my daughter loves it even if it’s not made well.  Stay away from online sites such as this one, they just don’t care.


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