Must-Have Boots for Spring (A Pisamonas Review)

I’ve always liked Spanish brands like Mango and Zara and I’m sure I’ve mentioned here countless times of having purchased clothes for little T on Zara’s website.  So I was really pleased when Pisamonas, a Spanish brand got in touch with us for a collaboration with them.

While some may think that little T is a bit boyish (there’s nothing wrong with that, of course). She loves playing with Ninja Turtles and “roughing” it out with the boys, she is also a typical little girl who loves clothes, bags and shoes.  So when we were asked to take a look at their website to choose some shoes for her, you can imagine her excitement.

If it were up to me, I would have chosen one of their lovely ballet flats.  Sadly, they are not for T.  She’s more of a boots kind of girl, so it wasn’t a surprise when she actually chose these boots Safari Chukka boots in Navy blue with pink laces.  Apparently, this style is their “specialty” and is known locally as “Las Pisamonas”

We were really pleased when it was delivered to us.  It looked absolutely fabulous on her.  See for yourself.  I wouldn’t mind one actually and surprisingly some of their shoes for kids also come in adult sizes, so if you’re one of those who like to dress up their kids in matching outfits as their own, you might want to take a look at their stuff.

These lovely Chuckka boots even came with a deflated blue balloon inside the box, and admittedly she was really excited with that too and couldn’t wait for her dad to blow-it up for her.

Their shoes are obviously well made and are of high quality.  It’s also good to know that they are for a change, %100 made in Europe and not in China.  And customers will be delighted to know that they offer free shipping, free return and exchange (which is always good to know especially when ordering for little ones).

The exciting news is that they are offering a welcome voucher for offers over £40 and I have a feeling it will be easy to spend more than that on their website.

What I love about the shoes:

  • It’s a perfect pair for spring and summer.
  • Not chunky like most boots.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Very stylish and we love that the pink laces combination with Navy blue.
  • They are versatile and can be worn with boots, shorts, skirt and even dresses.


  • The navy blue looked more like black.  But then again, looking at the photos posted here, they do look navy blue.  Even if it were black though, it still doesn’t change our opinion on how much we like it, even my husband agrees.

What little T loves about the shoes:

  • I love the laces mum.  They’re pink!
  • It’s Monster High black mum.  No, T.  It’s navy blue.  No mum, it’s black.  Whatever.  At least, she’s happy with it.


  • Is there anything you dislike about your new shoes T?  She looks at me with that “What-on-earth-are- you-talking- about-woman look?”  So I rephrase – Is there anything you don’t like about your new shoes?  She stares blankly at me.  And then says “Can you paint my face like a bunny-rabbit again please mum?  I sigh and give in.  She has after all been a very good and patient little girl allowing her mother to take photos of her running around like a loony in the parking lot.

What about you?

Are you like little T, who loves shoes?

Disclaimer:  This is a collaboration with Pisamonas, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly and of course, Little T.


  1. Well, ya sold me on them! I really like the pair T picked out. I looked on the website and it looks like they don’t ship to Canada. 🙁

    • Oh no, what a shame! I’m sure they’ll expand soon 😉 Thanks for the follow btw, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now 🙂

  2. ortsofsorts

    Ooooh ~ I love the boots! I love the color (and can absolutely see why she calls them Monster High Black)! The style looks like something my girls would love, and I would, too! I’m guessing since the don’t ship to Canada they probably don’t ship to US, but I will check!

    • Oh dear, maybe I should get in touch with them and say they are missing costumers and ought to ship to the States, Canada and elsewhere!

  3. amytreasure0

    Absolutely gorgeous I love them! I immediately thought they were navy and would go with everything. She seriously rocks these boots! xx #TriedTested

    • It does look Navy blue on the photos, but actually looks more black … It isn’t an issue though, because we all love it! 🙂 x

  4. What gorgeous little boots! I’m sure my girls would love them too.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  5. Kim Carberry

    They look so cute…I do love the laces!
    Nice to hear your girl likes them x

  6. Emma T (@ETusty)

    I love these boots. I wouldn’t usually put N in boots (apart from wellies), but reckon something like this would be great, still giving some flexibility rather than being too stiff.

    • If you don’t like the stiffness of boots, this one might definitely do for your little one 🙂 x

  7. Those look fab. One thing on my to-do list is to teach the boys how to tie laces. Until then we’re sticking to velcro fastenings #TriedTested

    • That’s one of the reasons why we are pleased with these boots. We’re hoping that this will also help teach our daughter to tie her own shoelaces! Yes, I should have mentioned this on the post 😉 Thanks for the follow btw.

  8. Kate Fever (@FamilyFever)

    Oh I do love those boots, she chose well! My daughter would like them too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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