#PresentPatrol with ADT and Little T

*A sponsored post in collaboration with ADT

It’s five days before Christmas, can you believe that?  I bet most of you are ready.  Here in our little cottage in the country, we can say that we definitely are!  Our are decors up, Christmas crockery is out, our Christmas tree is up and most importantly presents are wrapped under our lovely Christmas tree.

But what if burglars crept into your home and stole all your Christmas presents?  Sounds like a bad tv movie?  It can happen you know.  Not to worry, lucky for T, ADT sent her a package filled with different kinds of cunning tricks to thwart the evil plans of any would-be-burglar.  It’s called project #PresentPatrol (Up-sound: Mission Impossible soundtrack).  Here’s what they sent:

1. A floor plan to plan the attack. 2. Four sets of “ideas” on how to out-smart those evil present-burglars! 3. A jar of marbles to do the “Mad Marble Medley”. 4. Water Balloon Drench Defence 5. The Ultimate Tickle Bomb 6. Spidey Intruder Sensors

The Master Plan

Step 1:  Use floor plan to plan the course of attack.  Little T drew our Christmas tree on the plan, “That’s where it will all happen, mum”, she said excitedly.

Step 2: Hide the Spidey Intruder sensors or just plain creepy spiders on the presents to scare the burglars away.  Hopefully, they are scared of spiders!  If not, the sensors will alert the police just in time to catch the culprits.

Step 3.  Use water-bombs to drench defence around the Christmas tree.

Step 4:  Use feather bombs or the “Ultimate Tickle Bomb”.  Hopefully it will either tickle them to death or make them sneeze so loud they’ll wake up Doc or little T’s grumpy dad – that’s enough to scare anyone away! 😉

I think we’ve managed to fully protect little T’s presents from those evil burglars!  How dare they even think of stealing little T’s presents.  Thanks to ADT, her presents are safe and ready to be opened on Christmas day.

Do watch our little video below.  T and I had so much fun doing it.

What about you?

If burglars were in the area, what would you do to protect your Christmas presents?  We invite you and your little ones to come up with your own fun and exciting plan to keep your presents safe.   Click  on this > ADT Floor Plan if you want to also use the floor plan.


  1. Mellissa Williams

    Insurance is so important. It’s also important to reassess your home insurance every year too, like after Christmas where you may have had expensive presents.

    • That is so true. Though we don’t really have expensive presents under the tree 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, imaging waking up to find all the presents stolen! How awful! I think good insurance is a great idea, but I love the idea of plan to protect the presents!

    • We do have content insurance. To be fair though, if someone does steal our Christmas presents, they’d be very disappointed! We don’t really have expensive gifts 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Voyles

    Very cute video! The creepy spiders are my favorite part of the plan! Might have to try this with my kids.

    • True about insurance. We have content insurance and to be honest, none of the presents under our tree are really expensive 🙂

  4. Debbie Nicholas

    Aww this looks amazing my kids are always creating booby traps and tricks around the house!!

  5. Zenbabytravel

    Hehe outsmarting burglars for Xmas presents – now that’s a fun game 🙂 Have a lovely safe December! X

  6. five little doves

    Ahh I love this, what a fab project and so much fun! I actually worry a lot about burglaries on christmas eve!

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