A Country Mouse in London

The last time we were in London was two years ago, when we watched The Snowman in December.  We used to go regularly, especially before T started school, but now that she’s in school, it can get a bit tricky to find the time to visit the capital.  This year though, we made it a point to go, it’s been far too long.

The Historian keeping T preoccupied while waiting for our train to London from Exeter.

It’s a two-hour journey from Exeter to London and when travelling with a young child, all parents know that you should come prepared with snacks and other paraphernalia to keep the young ones occupied and hopefully a whinge-less journey.

When T got tired of watching the world go by, she occupied herself with her Doodle a day Chris Riddell book.  When that bored her, she turned to the iPad.  To be fair though, she’s used to travelling and knows how to entertain herself without any complains.

We arrived early and so had time to have a little rest at the AirBnb where we were staying (sorry no photos).  It was a small studio flat that had everything you needed for a few days stay.  There was nothing fantastic about the place apart from the very central location.  This was precisely the reason why we chose it.  While I knew that it was a stone’s throw away from the British Museum, I wasn’t expecting it to be also a short distance to the theatre.  Was pleasantly surprised when it took less than ten minutes to get there.

And since we were doing good-time, we managed to have a long leisurely dinner at Belgos, one of our favourite restaurants in London.  If only they had a branch nearer to us.

Little T waiting for us to get seated.

After our meal, we still had loads of time to mooch around the Seven Dials.

And here’s little T doing a Matilda pose.

Matilda was fabulous.  T really enjoyed it.  We were lucky to be able to get tickets since we booked it really late, although we didn’t really have the luxury to choose our seats.

Woke up leisurely the next day and took our time to walk to the British Museum where T wanted to see the Egyptian mummies and where we were also meeting some close family friends for a catch-up.

I don’t even remember the last time we visited.  All I know is that, there wasn’t any security measures at all.  Now you’ll have to queue to go to a tent where they separate people who have bags so they can check before going in.  To be fair though, it was a fast-moving line, thank goodness for that.

I don’t know exactly when T became interested in Egyptian mummies.  All I know is that at a very young age, she used to like looking at her dad’s old National Geographic issues especially the ones with Egyptian mummies.  We promised her that the next time we’re in London, we’d take her to see them.

The Historian and I, took turns on taking her around while the others had a chance to talk and catch-up.  She was one happy bunny.

After reluctantly saying goodbye to our friends, it was time to catch the train back to the sticks where we live. The country mice were home sweet home.  While I do miss city life, it’s nice to come back home to our quiet little bubble in small hill cottage.


    • Definitely! I dod miss it sometimes, especially since I’ve always been a city girl before moving to the sticks almost ten years ago 😉

  1. Jon Gutteridge

    Wow! Looks like you all had a fantastic day out! She’s a lucky gal to get to see her first London Show so young!

  2. Ana De- Jesus

    I really want to watch Matilda so glad that you enjoyed it! It must be strange entering the city after being in the countryside. It was weird for me at first!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why I Love BloggingMy Profile

    • Do watch it when you have the chance. It’s just wonderful! You are right, London is amazing!

    • You’re lucky you don’t live too far from London. I do miss city life, but where we live is perfect for little T 🙂

  3. five little doves

    Wow what a fab visit! We haven’t seen Matilda but I would LOVE to! We took lewis to London for his birthday this year and saw Charlie and the Chocolate factory, it was amazing!!
    five little doves recently posted…Arts and crafts with toucanBoxMy Profile

    • Would love to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too especially since someone mentioned that they’re on their last run 🙁

  4. RachelSwirl

    We loved visiting London earlier this year but I do like the country life far more.

  5. Fashion and Style Police

    Ha looks like your little one had a great time. I do miss the city life sometimes too.

    • Same here. We do try to go up to London as much as we can to watch shows, when it’s not possible, we just head off to the Theatre Royal in Plymouth 🙂

  6. Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes

    That looks like an amazing trip! I am a bit jealous but I am a bit unsure about London with a wheelchair. I have friends who have found it very difficult.
    Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes recently posted…Caring…My Profile

    • I can imagine that it might be difficult. If only the day will come when it won’t be a problem to go around in wheelchairs anymore. x

  7. I’ve only been to London once and it was to go shopping or anything. I don’t know what I’d do if I when for shopping or to look around it’s so big and don’t know if my eldest would cope as she suffers from anxiety when round lots of people
    Karen recently posted…Black Friday Etsy HaulMy Profile

    • Understandable. I’ve lived in cities all my life before moving to the sticks. I must say, not used to crowds anymore either 🙂

  8. Chloe Ciliberto

    What a fab trip to London. I even used to live there and I still haven’t been to see a play!!! I really want to. Matilda sounds fab. Wicked is the top of my list at the moment. x
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…3 YUMMY MUMMY BREAKFAST SMOOTHIESMy Profile

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