A Rainy Enjoyable First Day in Brighton

T enjoying the train ride to Brighton.  She loves riding trains!  (See the dreary weather outside the window?)

We took a train from Worthing where our friend lives.  It was about a thirty minute train ride into Brighton. As expected, we first saw and experienced Brighton under a persistent rain.  It wasn’t a downpour, more like a steady-heavy drizzle.  The plan was to explore the very colourful, interesting and bohemian streets of Brighton.

Just a few of the lovely street art found all over Brighton.  Take note of the two policemen kissing, a famous Banksy mural in Brighton.

As you  can see, I did manage to take a few photos.  However standing and walking in the rain with a two-year-old who has a bad cough and cold isn’t ideal at all.  So we decided to dive in a cafe and the grown-ups had a lovely cup of tea and coffee.  T had a delicious cake to go with her fruit juice.

No, she didn’t eat all that on her own.  We had to help her of course.

Since it seemed to us that the rain wasn’t really going to ease off, we decided to head for the Brighton Sea life Centre.  We figured that it would be the best place to hide from the rain and at least, T will be happy.  She was … for a few minutes that is.  We’d wander from one aquarium to another, within a minute or so, she would say “I’m done” and head off to another aquarium.  Before we reached the tunnel, she was already exhausted and a little bit whingy.

See the lovely ceiling on the first photo?  Apparently that is the original ceiling of the centre which was built in 1872.  If you peer closely in photo number 2, you’ll see the dates on the wall.

It was a bit manic inside the Sea Life Centre with lots of children and tourists.  The fish and other sea creatures were amazing though.  I enjoyed seeing the manta ray and the sharks.  It was a bit creepy standing under the tunnel with the sharks and manta ray swimming above you.  I kept imagining something happening, you know like in the movies, glass crashing, sharks eating the tourists.  Yes, the kind you see in B movies.  So we headed out after awhile and lo and behold, the sun was also out!

We were all tired and a bit hungry and decided to do one of the things on my list as mentioned here – eat fish and chips!  We didn’t do it on the beach though, instead we ate it on the pier. Feeling better, we went on to explore the rides.  I felt bad for T though because she wanted to try some of the rides, but she was too young for any of them!  She kept saying – But I’m a big girl now!

It was an exhausting first day, especially since I was silly not to wear sensible shoes.  I ended up having blisters on my feet and limping the whole day!  However, that didn’t stop me from having fun and enjoying my first day in Brighton.  I know now why it is a popular tourist destination.  If we lived nearby, we would keep coming back too!


  1. It looks like a nice place to visit and see. I can understand feeling with the aquarium ceiling with big fish swimming above. We have one such place in Houston called the Aquarium. It’s a nice place, too, and I like the seawater or freshwater creatures in it. Colorful!

    • Oh and I hope T feels better. Yes, she’s a big girl now. Tell her not to despair; I’m an older woman now and I still cannot ride some rides. Fortunately, I don’t like them. Lol

    • It is! I even enjoyed it more than our visits to London. Maybe because I get so stressed out every time we visit the capital. Hahaha.

    • Thanks! Yes, we all had fun. Though T was disappointed to know that she was too young for most of the rides.

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