A Touch of Orange

As mentioned already, we went on holiday in Wales during the half-term break and stayed at Hay-on-Wye.  I love Wales, somehow it’s different from the landscape in England and reminds me a lot of Scotland.  On this particular short holiday, even though we knew the weather was going to be crap, we made it a point to at least visit the Brecon Beacons National Park which is known for its waterfalls, lovely forests and beautiful walks/hiking paths to name a few.  Of course though, with a little one, you can’t really do much walking, not to mention the bad weather.

When we arrived little T noticed the play-area right away and without any prodding headed there on her own.  I was struck with how lovely the carpet of orangey, golden autumn leaves looked on the ground.

 This play-area was actually for eight-year-olds and above, but she refused to go to the “little ones”.

And with the help of her dad, tried to do the climbing frames.

And she absolutely loved this!  Was a bit worried that she might let go, but she held on like a little monkey!  I love the look on her face 🙂

All that lovely orange was such a contrast against the grey-threatening clouds that hovered above us.  We were worried that the rain would come even before we could explore and at a least do the walk near the play-area.

After a bit of coaxing, we managed to pry off little T’s hands from the swing and did the shortest-trail, hoping that the rain wouldn’t come.

An archway made of trees.

Stopped by the bridge to play some pooh sticks, because that’s what kids do!

This area was just a small slice of what the Brecons has to offer, too bad we didn’t have the time, to explore more.

 By the time we left, the fog descended and you could hardly see the top of the beautiful mountains.

Would so love to visit again!

Have you explored the Brecon Beacons National Park?




Have a lovely weekend folks!


  1. naptimethoughts

    That’s beautiful. It’s what I imagine the Meadowlands would be like if they had kept it beautiful and not added Giants Stadium and highways to it. All through what was left over, there were those beautiful wooden walkways through, and although I believe they’re gone now as well (shopping center) they were beautiful in their time. As were my dogs that ran them. (Miss you Posie and Buddy.)

    • Oh it’s awful when that happens. I guess that’s why it’s so important to have protected areas, otherwise all will be lost!

  2. Coombe Mill

    I don’t think I have been since I was camping with my parents at about your daughter’s age! It does look like there is so much to offer and by the looks of it you managed a good poke around before the weather really set in. that play area looks great fun, far too good for over 8’s only! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    • Yes, little T loved the play-area. Good thing we managed to convince her to go for a walk! 🙂

  3. Loving your pictures! We went to Wales this summer and stayed within the national park as well. It’s beautiful! Despite the weather, you can always find beauty there, just as you’ve captured in your photos. I love the archway one especially:)

    • You’re right. Just like Scotland, even though the weather can be bad, it was still breathtakingly beautiful! 🙂

  4. thereadingresidence

    Beautiful photos, and yes, the oranges are gorgeous. My kids always have to go on equipment, and if it’s aimed at older kids, all the better for them to adventure! x

    • You’re right and even though it’s for older kids, it would never stop them from trying them out 😉 Thanks!

  5. mytravelmonkey

    Stunning. I love a an arch made with trees! Never been to Breacon but it looks like the part of the UK we’d love. We went to Wales a few years ago but spent it near the coast. I’ll add this to my ever expanding list! #countrykida

    • Oh you definitely should! Would love to come back – longer and preferably in the summer, so we could really enjoy all of those lovely nature walks 🙂

  6. i haven’t been to wales since i was a child. we were only talking about perhaps planning something in for the summer the other week, and now i think it’s less about the talking about it but booking it! love the orange x

    • Oh summer will be lovely! Yes, you definitely have to book early to get the good places and hopefully deals too! 🙂 x

  7. Adele @ Circus Queen

    Beautiful! I don’t know why we’ve not visited yet. It’s really not far away from Bristol. There are apparently some waterfalls Laurence has been wanting to take us to. Maybe we’ll make a wintry visit.

    • Oh you must! We have a close friend who lives in Bristol and every time we stay for a visit, we usually go into Wales for a little trip 🙂

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