A very suitable incident at the National Portrait Gallery

It was a busy time at the National Portrait gallery in London, there were groups of primary students seated on the floor listening to a woman talk about some of the important portraits in the gallery. There were also a lot of tourists around and some maybe bystanders who just took a minutes respite from the misty gloomy weather outside.

In one of the rooms, stood a two-year old little girl in a blue dress, blue tights with little white polka dots and brown boots. She was standing in front of the huge portrait of King George II and had a serious expression on her face. It was quiet, save for footsteps heard in all the rooms and a few murmurs. And then a tiny sound disturbs the peace, obviously a sound of someone breaking wind – someone very small and this is followed by a little voice who says “pardon”.

If you were in the room, perhaps, you would’ve been taken aback with the sound and the sweet little voice. Perhaps, you’d look around and be surprised to see that it came from a two-year old little girl who is now looking really embarrassed and close to tears.

Yes, that little girl was Tamsin. My husband later told me later that what Tamsin actually did in front of King George II’s portrait was very suitable indeed. Apparently, he died in the toilet. One can only surmise of course as to what he was doing there. It’s good to know that my daughter hasn’t offended any King and that at least she remembered to say “pardon”.

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  1. What a polite young lady! I wonder what she was thinking when she was looking at king George VI. Lol

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