Brighton – Here we come!

We’re going on a trip to visit a close friend. Woohoo! I’m really looking forward to driving off later as if it were a trip abroad. He lives near Brighton, where I’ve never been. Apparently, the place has been popular with tourists, especially Londoners ever since the railways opened there sometime in 1841. My friend tells me it’s very bohemian and arty.  I intend to be a full-pledged  tourist next week.  Yes, I’ll be that annoying woman who stops in every corner, bumping into people all because she wants to take a picture of something.

I want to see the West Pier that is the only pier in England which is Grad 1 listed (meaning, very old), before the rest of it crumbles to dust or is swallowed up by the sea, like what happened in 2002 (a section of the pier collapsed).  I know it’s still off-limits, but it would be nice to be able to take a picture of it.

Picture credit here.

I also want to go to the Brighton Marine Palace pier, I hear it has a fun fair, restaurants and those annoying loud arcade halls.  I’m sure T will also love it.

Picture credit here.

And since I want to do the tourist round, it won’t be complete without stopping by the Brighton Royal Pavilion, though admittedly, I’m not really sure that’s a good idea with a two-year-old in tow.  But you’ll never know…

Photo credit here.

And then maybe ending the day with a relaxing moment on the beach, preferably eating fish and chips or ice-cream.  T will of course will be covered in sand or will head straight for the water.

Picture credit here.

But of course, since this is England, everything depends on the weather.  I don’t like sight-seeing in the rain.  It’s not fun.  So let’s see how things go.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them too!  Now before we drive away, we’re off to attend a children’s party first.  Yes, T has a social life, which is nice, because her parents don’t have one.


  1. asanempoka

    Brighton rock candy? That’s about all I know.
    Send me some, please. 😛

    • Brighton rocky candy? I’m afraid I don’t know what that is. Will have to check that one out then =)

    • T is excited too. She said to Filip yesterday, “I’m going away to visit Uncle Timmy!”. Filip said, “Who is Uncle Timmy?”. T replied “He’s my Uncle Timmy. Sweet.

    • By the way, Brighton has been a tourist town since well before the 1840s. People started visiting in the 1790s!

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    • maesprose

      Whoops! I wasn’t paying attention to the date. I thought you went back again!

      • No worries, would love to go back for a visit. Maybe when vacation is over, I’m guessing the place must be packed right now.

    • Oh it was lovely! Though of course, since this is after all England, it did rain a lot =)

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