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I’m not a big fan of football.  Wait, let me edit that, I’m not actually a fan of any sport at all.  I only like watching sports when it’s a big event like the Olympics, other than that, I’d really rather read or even stare at a ceiling, though sometimes I do give in when the husband asks me to watch a game with him.

The thing about being married or dating an English man is that most likely they are into sports either, football, rugby or cricket.  If you’re unlucky like me, they’ll be into all the three games mentioned.  So when it’s the FA Cup/Word Cup, Six Nations, or the Ashes, you’ll find us having lots of TV dinners, and junk food becomes the main course in our house.  Oh and must not forget the beer!

The first football match I’ve ever seen was the finals of the African Cup of Nations in Ghana 2007.  I probably wrote about that in the past already, if not here, in my old blog.

It was everything a football game should be like, especially when you’re not exactly a fan – huge venue, enormous crowd, exciting, drama (when a police man fired a taser gun at a troublemaker) and at the end of the game, a fantastic display of fireworks!  Oh and not to forget the appearance of very important people like the president and other celebrities who most likely, won’t even be familiar to you.  Aren’t all football games like that?

Yes, I know, they’re not.  They should be!

The next football game I watched was in a small(ish) stadium in the freezing cold in Luton, England.  Yes, sadly my husband supports the lowest of the low (just kidding, maybe not the lowest, but somewhere there, you get the picture).  So nope, there was no enormous crowd, although to be fair the stadium was more than half-full.  There was no drama either, though perhaps, a poet might have found the the dark-gloomy clouds hovering above the stadium dramatic.  Yes, I know I’m pushing it.  And at the end of the game, there was no ostentatious display of fireworks at all.  I don’t even remember if Luton won that game (most probably not – hahaha).  In fact, if I remember it right, the mood after the game was a bit sombre as every one filed out of the stadium.  I could be wrong of course.  And lastly, no VIP or celebrity sighting at all.

What about you?  Are you a fan of any sport?

Does your husband/wife/partner support a team?

If you answer no, lucky you!

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  1. cupitonians

    OMG! I love sports but I can so relate to the being in a relationship with a crazy football loving PSYCHO (where’s the strikethrough option when you need one), I mean, Englishman. I agree with you. Every sport should start with a song and dance sequence and should end with celebrities and fireworks!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that every game should end with a song/dance/celebrities and the all-important-fireworks! Hahaha 🙂 That’s the way it should be.

  2. The Vanilla Housewife

    I wish I can say the same. I do not understand half the sports out there. Like when watching basketball (when forced) I just scream when my friends scream or if I see the ball in the hands of the team we are supposedly rooting for. My husband loves table tennis though and plays regularly. I clap and root for him even if I do not understand the technicalities, I just know he is not supposed to drop the ball. 😀

    • I’m the same! Though I’m better at watching football now. No matter how many times my husband tries to explain cricket to me, I totally zone out of it. Not interested. Hahahaha.

  3. thereadingresidence

    Oh, to end every game with fireworks! I’ve been to a few football matches that have that sombre walk back to the car, so know just what you mean! I’m not a big sports fan, though I don’t mind it, and know a bit about most sports as my dad always had it on when I was at home, and now my husband likes most sports, too. Particularly football and golf, and let me tell you, there is A LOT of golf on the TV! I find I know a fair bit about it now 😉 I tend to blog or read…!

    • Yes, that’s a good idea. With your laptop on the couch with you, husband watching TV and you blogging away, while the kids are happily playing on their own. Perfect scenario! 🙂

  4. krissottoh

    My husband loves Formula 1. So many of a weekend there’s been a constant screeching of racing cars all over the house.

    • I haven’t really sat down to watch Formula 1. I think I might actually find that exciting 🙂

  5. Charly Dove

    Gosh sport must be so disappointing after that display in Ghana, fireworks are a brilliant way to end anything! Sounds like it was awesome. I loved the London Olympics, we went too which was v exciting.

    Husband’s loves are rugby (which I love too but I’m normally watching Ben & Holly elsewhere), football (yawn unless a World Cup) and tennis (which I love and don’t get to watch enough as football takes priority!). Perhaps that’s why we blog LOL! Lovely post though, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

    • Oh I forgot to mention! We went to see the Olympics too. A football game (what else?) at the Old Trafford in Manchester and also went to the Olympic village in London to watch hockey! 🙂

  6. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Thankfully, not huge sports fans in this house, although hubby does like to watch the ‘big’ events so that he can join in the chat at work! He does love the Tour de France and quite enjoys watching the Olympics (as do I to be honest). He would watch the Rugby if they showed it here 🙂 #WhatstheStory

  7. Coombe Mill

    I love to play sport but find it really dull to watch. Thank fully Nick doesn’t watch sport either so I am that lucky one!

  8. hurrahforgin

    No and i don’t get why people get so upset about games other people are playing that has absolutely nothing to do with them?!
    The husband is an Arsenal fan and will actually nearly cry when they lose – DON’T GET IT!!

  9. naptimethoughts

    Hmmm… I don’t know what’s worse, American football or the rest of the worlds version, which for some reason, we call soccer (wtf?) I don’t like any of them, but I got lucky. The husband only watches football when his college plays, which is televised where we live…. Never. (And the crowd goes wild)

  10. wrymummy

    Love this – no fireworks at Luton, how very dare they? The more kids we have, the less football we watch…except now, the biggest boy is starting to show an interest in the beautiful game. Agh! x

    • Sports is good for the little ones. My 3-year-old daughter actually “plays” rugby and loves it! It’s just the watching it that really bores me, though I guess that will change once little T starts playing, hopefully not rugby though! 🙂

  11. The Coffee Table Years

    My husband is British. I am American. He is a sports fanatic. Will literally watch anything. Not long after we were married in 1998, he bet a significant amount of money ( we were broke) on a world cup match. Lost it too. Not a great start to married life.

    • Oh no! Thank goodness you guys are still married 🙂 You must be very forgiving or very much in love with him 😉

  12. Kim Carberry

    I’m not a fan of sports unless you count Wrestling….lol The American WWE one….It’s show on Sky Sports so must be a sport….More like a soap opera….hehehe Lucky for me my fella isn’t into Football or anything like that.

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