Chepstow Castle, Wales

Those who have been following my blog will know that we had an American friend visit us last month and because of this, we had the lovely opportunity to turn into tourists, as we showed him parts of England (especially in Cornwall where we live), and some places we’ve never been before as mentioned on a couple of posts (here and here).  Then we drove up to Bristol to stay with another good friend which gave us a chance to show him the city which is very dear to our little family.  And most importantly, meet up with more good friends, it was like a mini-reunion for all of us who have met, volunteered and lived together in Ghana many years ago.

Our Bristol friend then took us to the land of the red dragon – Wales.

This is Chepstow Castle.

A short(ish) drive from Bristol is Chepstow Castle, the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification in the UK.  It is perched up above the banks of the river Wye. The castle was made in 1067 under instructions from the Norman Lord William FitzOsbern, a year after William The Conqueror was crowned King of England.  FitzOsbern was later made Earl of Hereford, apparently his was one of the first peerage titles in English Aristocracy.

The castle was further expanded in 1189-1300.

FitzOsbern’s Great Tower seen above.

Inside the great tower.

Amazing medieval carvings can still be seen on the corner walls, which makes one think If only these carvings could talk, imagine what they would say?  The history it would tell, stories of ancient battles, Lords and Mistresses who have resided in this castle over the centuries …

 Part of the arch built to separate the first floor room in the great tower in the 13th century.  The intricate details are still very much visible as seen on the photo above.

Little T had great fun exploring the medieval castle with her own red dragon bought by our Bristol friend and her little Grommit hanging by her belt.

The breathtaking views of the Welsh countryside as seen through an ancient window.

A medieval door was currently being restored when we visited.

A definite must-visit when in Wales!

Click here for more of Chepstow’s history and directions on how to visit this lovely Norman castle.

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    • Yes and magical! It’s like stepping back into time and you could almost imagine what it was like back then …

  1. Angie (@cakesphotoslife)

    oh yes imagine if walls could talk, history may have a different meaning and better understanding of it then x

  2. Sam @happyhomebird

    I’d love to go here as I’m obsessed with castles at the moment. That is a gorgeous picture of the countryside through the window – reminds me of a fairytale with the ivy creeping around it.

  3. I noticed you changed the blog title- added “mother” at the beginning of it. 🙂

    • Oh you mean my URL? Yes, there’s just too many blogs/websites out there using the name Little Steps… Sadly, can’t claim it, hence, the additional word “mother”.

    • Hey Uncle Pops! Abney’s scarf is ticklish. He sleeps with me on my bed though… I also have a Teal now, bought it with my birthday money. Love, T.

  4. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    How stunning, what a beautiful Castle. It looks like you had a lovely sunny day for your visit – perfect for strolling around and stepping back in time. Thanks for linking up your fab photos and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. We have been loving all your posts about your recent explorations and have included a few in our Mid-Autumn Round Up 🙂

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