Do You Want to Watch the Snow Man?

I can’t believe Christmas is over!  Can you?  How was it?  I’m sure everyone has had a lovely Christmas, especially the children.

Anyway, as mentioned on the 23rd we caught a short-train ride to London to watch Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman.  For those who aren’t familiar with this lovely children’s story – it’s about a boy who builds a Snowman which magically comes into life.  They then embark on a lovely fun adventure which includes flying over hills and ocean, then the Snowman takes the little boy to meet his other Snowmen friends, have a party with Father Christmas before taking him back home.  In the morning, he wakes up and finds that the snow man has melted.

Here in the UK, they show the animated film when it’s nearing Christmas and usually repeat it either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day.  This year, we decided that Little T was old enough to be taken to the theatre.

And since we were spending Christmas with my in-laws who live just outside London, it was the perfect excuse to go to the capital.  We decided a matinée would be perfect.

To be honest, Little T wasn’t really that excited.  I guess in her young mind, she probably thought that we were just going to see The Snow Man on the big screen.  Since we arrived early, we decided to kill some time at the nearby Waterstones.  And their she saw “The Snow Man and the Snow Dog” (sequel to the Snowman story) soft-toy and book which she’s been wanting to have for the longest time, and to which we kept saying NO.  She already has the book you see, and we just thought that it was a waste of money to buy the book again just because it came with a toy.  Why couldn’t they just sell the soft-toy separately?  This time though, her grandfather gave her some pocket-money to spend and by this time, we’ve run out of excuses to say no.  So yes, she came away with a snow-dog too.

How can you say no to that face?  Actually we do, loads of times.  The trick is to say it without looking at her.  If you steal a glance, you will lose.  Little T can hypnotize you into saying “yes”, just don’t look and you’ll be fine.

Then it was time to go in.  There were of course, loads of children, even younger than little T.  It was actually like a children’s party in the theatre.

Like I mentioned earlier, little T was probably expecting to see the big screen come to life, she didn’t expect though to see characters “live”, her face lit up and broke into the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.  And the husband and I agreed that it was so worth braving the cold and Christmas crowd in the capital.  It was also at this point where we both decided to add this to our Christmas family tradition, go to the theatre and watch a show.

Before intermission broke out, the famous flying scene happened.  I swear all the children had their mouths open and everyone heard a collective gasp.  It was brilliant!

While eating her ice-cream, I asked little T “Do you think it was magic that made the Snowman and the little boy fly?”  In between scoops she said matter-of-factly “No mum.  They both had strings on their backs”  (She meant wires of course).  I replied, “It’s magic T!”.  She repeated firmly “No mum.  It was string“.  End of story.  Before I could convince her otherwise, it was time for the second half of the show.

We actually expected the second half to be shorter.  It wasn’t.  There were lovely dance scenes between the Snow men, the Ice-Queen and even Jack Frost had a guest appearance, even though they (Ice Queen and Jack Frost) were not in the original Raymond Birggs’ story – it was still lovely.  However, not-so for the little ones, it was just a wee-bit-too-long.  I think the show would’ve been better if it was just a bit shorter, otherwise, it was fantastic!  Great show, good cast, even loved the additional characters like the Snow Queen and of course, the effects was just fab.  And at the end of the show, snow actually fell all over the theatre, the kids loved it!

especially this kid.

Then out the theatre doors we went, into the maddening London Christmas crowd.

What about you?

Did you see any Christmas show over the holidays?


  1. What a fabulous new Christmas tradition! I love the film of The Snowman, especially the flying scene, it must be amazing to see it come to life, and well little T’s face says it all!

    • Thanks Carrie! The look on her face was certainly priceless! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

  2. domesstique

    Aaah how cute. Must be difficult to say no to her. (Lol) You certainly had a lovely Christmas. I also also started introducing some Christmas traditions with my little miss and one of it watching the Snowman film. She loves it. xx

    • Oh we do say NO a lot 😉 She loves the film too and used to watch it over and over again when she was younger 🙂 Not much this year though, I actually think she’s outgrowing it a bit. x

  3. Life in the Wylde West

    T is so completely adorable! I love her expressions so much. She is getting quite smart in her young age! I love that she got to get the little stuffed animal, I can tell she was quite happy about that! I have seen that book but had no idea they had a real actual play about it.

    • Oh it is big here, and yep. They’ve been running the show for some time now and always show the film on TV around Christmas time 🙂 Thanks Tracie. xx

  4. On Christmas Day, we went to Hooters (for the first time just to check it out thinking the kids are way older now to see what’s inside) for dinner, then we went to see UNBROKEN. Loved it and humbled by it! We were supposed to see INTO THE WOODS, but we missed the time we wanted. Next time. 🙂

    P.S. I was oddly disappointed with the”hooters” and the really tacky short, shorts of the Hooters servers. Lol

    • You’re funny! The short skits were the first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned Hooters. Would love to see Into the Woods too, I think T might be too young for it though 🙂

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I love that she had her own pocket money and could buy the book and dog herself – I bet she was tickled pink!! And you are so right about not looking at them when we say “no”, it’s the only way to survive!
    I’m glad you guys have had a good holiday season, we have been so busy that there wasn’t any real “me and T” time, so tomorrow we are going to the theater and watch The Hobbit and gorge on movie theater popcorn and pizza! 🙂

    • How nice you and Mr T are going to get your “together time” 🙂 Oh I’m envious! We never get to see movies like the Hobbit on big-screen. We only get to watch it on dvd. Oh well. Enjoy you guys 🙂

  6. hurrahforgin

    Ahhh she is so astute! They had strings on their backs ROFL.
    Glad you had a fun time though, we always go to the panto on Chrsitmas eve 🙂 xx
    Happy New Year lovely xxx

    • Panto is such fun! 🙂 And of course, have a lovely New Year too 🙂 As for the “strings”, I know… And I wanted to believe that it’s magic! 😉 Hahaha.

  7. Yvette @ BigTrouble

    Oh how gorgeous is your little girl! Glad you had such a magical day. We went to see it a few years ago (think we were the only ones there without kids!) But absolutely loved it – fab show 🙂

    • Oh now nice that you actually watched it without children! I didn’t notice any grown-ups without any kids with them… Then again, this was a matinee! Yes, it was certainly magical. I really enjoyed it too 🙂

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