“I’m done”

says my 2 year old daughter as she peered at the bears and then she announced that she wanted to see the owls again.

T loves her bear stories.  She loves Martin Waddel’s stories:  Can’t you sleep Little Bear, You and Me Little Bear, Let’s go home Little Bear and others.  So we were actually really surprised that she preferred to see the owls again.  Then we realised that she of course preferred the owls, because they were smaller and they sat still.

We were invited to go to Dartmoor Zoo last Saturday with friends whose son happens to be T’s best friend.  I was worried about the weather at first, but it turned out to be a really nice day –  still gloomy of course, but at least it was dry.

There were loads of animals, reindeers (who looked a bit thin and really sad looking actually), ostriches,  monkeys, tigers and all the usual animals.

Surprisingly, T wasn’t bothered about the tigers at all.

We didn’t see much of the other animals because the best-friends were happily playing hide-and-seek, running and chasing each other and jumping into muddy puddles.  They were more interested in playing than seeing the other animals and we were fine with that, as long as the children were happy.

After much convincing, we managed to bring the kids the zoo’s restaurant to have some lunch and to change nappies.  The service wasn’t so good though, it took ages for our friends’ food to arrive.  What we loved was the meerkats cage by the restaurant and they had three lovely babies.  They were so adorable and they followed their parents everywhere even though they were shivering from the cold.

Would we go back?  Yes, it would be nice to see the other animals we’ve missed like the infamous foxes.   Incidentally, the zoo became famous because of Matt Damon’s movie We Bought a Zoo which was filmed here and was also based on the owner’s story.

What was your weekend like?

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