Norfolk Mini-Series: A Visit to Castle Rising

This is the 3rd post of our mini Norfolk series.  If you’ve missed the last two, please click here and here.  Thank you!

Right after we visited Norfolk lavender farm, we headed off to Castle Rising which wasn’t too far from the farm.  A bonus since we wanted to visit as much places as we can in a day.

Castle Rising is a medieval castle which was first built in 1138 by Norman lord William d’ Albini for his new wife, the widow of Henry I.  Later in the 14th century, it also became the home of Queen Isabella, another widow and who also supposedly murdered her husband King Edward II.  Ah these royals and their secrets and scandals.

I love old ruins, the older, the better.  I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that a building has been standing all these years.  I touch the walls and wonder what it was like in the medieval times.  What were their lives like?  What were their thoughts, dreams and fears?  Do you wonder the same too?

You approach the castle from the side and it is located on a hill.  I believe many years ago, this was probably the site of a medieval village surrounding the castle.  Like many, it is surrounded by a moat, but it’s currently a dry one.

And there it is, Castle Rising in all it’s glory and there’s  little T on the ground, contemplating how it was like centuries ago.

Can you imagine Queen Isabella entering the castle, dressed in her finest gowns and jewellery.  Upon entering that door, you step into a concrete stairs leading into the castle.

Can you see how much it has been restored?  All these years and these steps and walls are still standing.

This is the first room you step-into from the concrete stairs.  Of course, what is left are only walls and no more ceiling.

Apparently, when the ceiling collapsed (don’t know which century), they had to dig into the walls to create a hallway.  See how thick the walls are:

Little T had fun exploring every nook and cranny of this medieval castle.

Surprisingly the rooms on the top floor were more restored than the ones below.

Do you think Queen Isabella whispered to these walls and admitted her guilt?  I don’t think it’s ever been established whether she killed the king or not.  It’s one of those royal mysteries that’s never been solved.

And outside, T also had the chance to explore the site of a Norman chapel that actually even predates Castle Rising.

Too much exploring can tire out even an energetic little girl like T.

Do you enjoy exploring medieval castles too?


  1. Kate Sinclair

    Thank you for sharing, as I’m in a wheelchair I often don’t get to see inside these places so it’s lovely to see through your photos instead!!!
    Kate Sinclair recently posted…My emergency kit bag!!My Profile

  2. Fashion and Style Police

    I would love to explore a castle on the hill like this here. Sounds amazing.

    • Yes, that’s mind boggling isn’t it? Amazing that it’s stood the test of time 🙂

  3. Anne Russell

    I remember going to Castle Rising with my boys when they were young – we all loved it!! Last Friday I visited Old Wardour Castle in Wiltshire (1300s) and Sherborne Old Castle in Dorset (1100s) Yes – I did run my hands over the stones and imagined what it would be like to have lived at that time.

    • So sorry to have missed you Anne and John! Hopefully we’ll see you soon. We should try and visit Sherborne Old Castle next 🙂 xx

    • I think we might have also struggled if we weren’t members of the National Trust and English Heritage. Just makes trips so much easier with both the NT And EH 🙂

  4. We love exploring castles . My parents live in Norfolk , we might take a trip to this one when we are there next x

  5. Coombe Mill

    Castle Rising looks like such an exciting place to explore and T looks like she’s enthralled about the whole place. I bet wondering the halls knowing that nobility had wandered along was incredible, it’s always impressive when you know things like that isn’t it? I often find myself wondering if walls could talk what would these be saying in places such as this.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  6. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    That’s such an unusual castle isn’t it. I’m the same, love love love castles and the history that goes with them #CountryKids

    • It certainly is and was really impressed with how much they’ve manage to restore it 🙂

    • It’s just lovely to visit places like this castle especially with little ones 🙂

  7. Jo @ Mummy Needs Wine

    What a great place to visit. I love castles. They are so interesting #CountryKids

  8. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love exploring castles and learning more about the history behind them. Castle Rising looks like such an interesting place to explore and T looks like she had a wonderful time exploring it 🙂 #countrykids

  9. Stephanie

    Oh that looks a great place to explore, it’s so fun to find out the history of these places. My son loves finding out all the history too
    Stephanie recently posted…Me and Mine – AugustMy Profile

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