Norfolk-Mini Series: Norfolk Lavender

Where has the summer gone?  Already it feels like the beginning of autumn, temperature has definitely dropped, though I’m hoping it’s only temporary.  I’m thinking of the lovely days we spent in Norfolk, allow me to reminisce…

I always used to envy photos of lavender farms on Instagram.  We don’t have one nearby you see, so when we first thought of visiting Norfolk, the first thing I did was go online and see if I could find one near our base in Hunstanton.  Imagine my surprise and delight when there was actually one called just beside sunny Hunny.

We arrived in Norfolk Lavender around midday.  There were already lots of tourists and visitors milling around the rows of beautiful lavender taking photos of course and I don’t blame them.  They are beautiful and deserve a thousand photos …

Little T had fun walking through the rows upon rows of the beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Her dad taught her how to touch the flowers gently and to smell the fragrance they left in her little fingertips.

If I had a garden big enough, I’d plant rows and rows of lavender too.  They are my favourite!

The place though isn’t all about lavender.  They also have a garden where you can enjoy walking around and looking at different kinds of flowers as well.  They have lovely benches and manicured lawns perfect for a picnic, or a fun day out.

This lovely bloom, really caught my attention.  T said the colours were like a candy-cane and I so agree with her.  I forget though what it’s called.

This orange flower also stood out among all the greenery in the garden.

I have a close friend who knows a lot about flowers, especially wild ones. Every time she visits us, we go for long walks and she likes to point them out to me and ask “Do you remember what it’s called?”  I smile at her sheepishly and she laughs as if to say “Oh Dean, you never remember things!”  And she’s right, I never do!

I look at these photos now and I am filled with nostalgia and longing to go back!  It’s a lovely place really. They of course have a shop, a garden centre, a cafe and even a little play area for children (although you have to pay to get in), but the rest you can roam around freely.

If you’re in the area, do drop by.  You won’t regret it.  Click here to know the exact location.

Where to next?

Wait to find out 😉


  1. Beautiful photos. We visited a lavender farm this year too, the perfect opportunity for lots of gorgeous pics, and it smelled amazing too.

    • So true. Lavender farms are just beautiful aren’t they? I want one of my own :):):)

  2. Seen some stunning rows of lavender at National Trust properties these last few weeks. All postively vibrating with wildlife. Got a couple of metres in our garden but it never seems enough!

    • Thank you! It wasn’t as strong as I though it would be. But yes, lovely!

  3. Aww such beautiful photos – visiting pretty gardens in the summer is one of my favourite family days out 🙂

  4. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    I’ve always wanted to visit a beautiful lavender place like this, just for the chance to take some stunning photos, and my your photos are stunning, we just don’t have them here in Cornwall do we. I would worry about all the bees competing for space there, are there many? Looks like it made a lovely trip out and a very fragrant one I’m sure!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Thank you. Surprisingly there weren’t lots of bees around. Yes, I wish we had a lavender farm here in Cornwall 🙂

  5. This is such a lovely day out. I really wanted to take the boys to a lavender field this summer, but we didn’t get a chance. I’d love to explore Norfolk, so will have to look at visiting next summer.

  6. Wave to Mummy

    Wow what gorgeous pictures! We visited lavender fields the first time this year and loved it – will definitely go back! #countrykids

  7. Baby Isabella

    I bet the smell is amazing! We’ve missed the lavender locally this year but would love to visit next year! Great photos x popping over from #CountryKids x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Silent Sunday 20.08.17My Profile

    • Thank you. This was also our first time since we don’t have any lavender farms in Cornwall. x

  8. Michelle Murray

    Visiting a Lavender field was on my bucket list this year but I’m yet to visit. Looks beautiful.

    • Same here. Was really pleased that we got to visit since we don’t have one nearby 🙂

  9. We have a Lavender farm, not all the far from Hitchin, called Hitchin Lavender, just a few miles north of the main town, near a village called Ickleford.

    It is worth googling for the full location, if you are ever planning to pass through that area. From midsummer, there is also a field full of sunflowers. The site is a working farm and also contains a beautiful tea and souvenir shop, plus a children’s play area.

    • Hi Pam! Thanks. Hopefully I’ll remember that next time we’re up 🙂 Back in Cornwall now. It was lovely to see you. xxx

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