Off to Bucks! Plus, a Christmas Greeting and song

We’re off to Buckinghamshire tomorrow to spend the holidays with my lovely in laws.  That’s about a five-six hour drive from where we live in North Cornwall, and this depends on the traffic and our stops – with a four-year-old, that will mean loads of them.  I’m sure most of you will know what it’s like.

1.  Clothes all packed.  Tick.  2.  Toys and books all ready to go.  Tick.  3.  Presents all packed and hopefully hidden away from prying little hands and eyes.  Tick.

I think we’ve got all things covered and here I am watching “The Holiday”. Yep, that romantic-comedy with Kate Winslet (I heart her) and Cameron Diaz.  I’ve seen it loads of times.  But I still like watching this crap once-in-awhile.  What can I say?  I’m girlie that way 😉  Why is Jude Law so blimming cute?  Oh well.

Anyway, we’re going up to London on the twenty-third to watch the show “The Snowman”, we’re all excited to see it, especially Little T.  Hopefully we’ll have time to drop by Somerset House to do some ice-skating – that will mean my daughter and husband, I can’t skate for the life of me, even if my very life depended on it.

Then it will be the twenty-fourth, then Christmas day!

Are you like my daughter, brimming with excitement too?

Just in case, I’m not able to greet you all lovely folks out there, I’m doing it now …

And here’s a little Christmas song from T.  Enjoy!

Are you all set for Christmas?

I bet you guys are too!


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Merry Christmas!! I hope Father Christmas brings you lots of goodies!
    Have safe travels and that song from little T was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!!

    • Same to you, Mr T and your whole family! 🙂 I’m glad you were able to access Tam’s song. I love it too! xx

  2. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a wonderful time with your in-laws and enjoy the show. Sounds like truly how Christmas is meant to be. I am slowly getting into Christmas again after the events of last week, the broken foot and the dreadful cough. My husband has taken today off work to look after us. Apparently, it’s just a virus but I’d really like to ring it’s neck right now. See, I am full of Christmas cheer. Think I need more chocolate. I must be having withdrawals xx Rowena

    • Same to you and your family too! I do hope you fully recover from that nasty virus. It’s the same here, we’ve had it too, friends and family… everyone. You definitely need more chocolate 😉

      • Thanks Dean. The antibiotics seem to be working and I was much better today…at last. Geoff has taken 4 days off as carer’s leave. I’ve kept him awake so much and the cough sounded so bad even though the doctor assured me that it wasn’t life threatening but it has been scaring the kids. Nasty. Thanks for caring. I’m now wishing people a peaceful and loving Christmas…a comment left on my blog which I thought covered this Christmas well.
        This is definitely chocolate season over here!
        xx Rowena

  3. Seems like you’ve done your homework, good girl! We all watch The Holiday for Jude Law, let’s admit it!

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