T and the Gothic Cathedral of Salisbury

Here are some important facts one should know about Salisbury Cathedral:

1.  It is was once known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2.  This lovely cathedral is considered one of the best examples of early English architecture.

3.  Unlike other ancient cathedrals in the UK which were built over hundreds of years, Salisbury Cathedral’s main building on the other hand, was made only within 38 years (1220-1258).

4.  It has the tallest spire in England.

5.  Inside the cathedral you’ll find one of the world’s oldest working clock ( AD 1386)

6.  Lastly, the Cathedral of Salisbury has the best surviving of the four original copies of the Magna Carte.

Inside the magnificent Cathedral.

Old regiment flags on display inside the Cathedral.

In every old cathedral or church I visit, I always take time to look at the people buried on the church’s floor.  It doesn’t matter whether they are famous or not, like this grave of a doctor buried in 1696.

And of course this being a well-known cathedral, you’ll also find effigies of famous people like Lord John Cheney who was the brother of the Dean of Salisbury and was also the bodyguard and chief henchman of King Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VII.  He was knighted by all three.

Can you see the medieval vandals on the effigy?  I wonder though what they meant?  You can make out some letters but not really any words.

T trying to peer at the model of the Cathedral with other kids.  She was actually tip-toeing.  Poor kid.

I love the arches of this gothic cathedral.

T actually wanted to play on the grass, we had to explain that it was off limits to visitors.

Fine she says, planting her little bum on one of the nearby benches.

Salisbury Cathedral is definitely worth a visit.  When we were there, since it was a sunday, a mass was about to begin, but I was too hungry to wait and when I’m hungry, I get really grumpy.  So for everyone’s sake I thought it was best to leave and hunt down a place to eat.

This is the part two of A Visit to Salisbury post and even though technically, Salisbury is a city, it is also known as the city in the countryside,  hence the reason for linking this up with Coombe Mill’s Country kids.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


    • It is! And if architecture could be described as “handsome”, then Salisbury Cathedral is certainly that!

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    Looks like plenty to see and learn there. I love a day out where you learn a little about our history. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids

  2. You, me and the mindee's

    We went last june whilst in Wiltshire for the week. It was lovely and even the young kids liked it.
    Found you through #countrykids

  3. hayleyfromhomeh

    Such a beautiful building, you’ve captured some lovely photos of it!

    Over from Country Kids

    • Thank you! The photos are a bit gloomy though, not much light. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Life in the Wylde West

    what a great tour. So grand. I like that you feature little T so we can see just how big this beautiful place is. Very well done. What a great thing to do. I wonder…is this part of the historical membership things you invested in? What a great investment, or is this something free to be able to tour?

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I forgot to mention the important bit about Salisbury Cathedral – it’s free, but of course, it’s nice to donate something for the keep of the place. Most tourist spots here in the UK are expensive. To get into Westminster Cathedral in London, you have to pay about £17! None of the churches and cathedrals here in the UK (if I’m not mistaken) are not part of the English Heritage nor the National Trust, so yes, it can be expensive.

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