A Visit to Haywood Cider Farm

One of my favourite drinks I’ve learned to love ever since I’ve moved to England is cider, especially pear cider.  I’m not aware though of any pear cider farms here in Cornwall where we live, however, the South West is known as cider country, especially the Somerset area.

As I’ve mentioned on a previous post, we had a dear friend stay with us for a few days and the good thing about having visitors is that you have an excuse to do the touristy stuff you normally wouldn’t do like visit a cider farm.

And that’s what we did!  We took our friend to visit the Haywood Farm Cider in St. Mabyn.  Before visiting my husband phoned and spoke to the owner.  He said that the next cider tour was scheduled the next day, when he explained that our guest would be gone by then.  He very kindly invited us over for an impromptu tour around the farm.

The family of Haywood Farm has been farming the land since 1919.  They started out as a dairy farm, but is now an apple cider farm.  Aside from cider, they also sell their own honey.

After a brief demonstration on how the cider is made, the owner ever so kindly allowed us to wander around the apple orchard, which T absolutely loved.  She called it exploring.  Then we happily bought some cider and a jar of honey to take home with us.

If you happen to be visiting in North Cornwall and ran out of things to do which is unlikely, but just in case, do come and visit the Haywood Cider Farm.  They run orchard tours and a Cider Night where they have a hog roast or BBQ  and of course cider.  We are actually thinking of going back when another friend of ours visits.  Don’t you just love guests?  We do!


  1. Pecora Nera

    I miss cider, we may have wonderful wine her, but nothing beats a cold glass of cider on a sunny afternoon.

  2. hurrahforgin

    looks fantastic there! I would definitely be visiting for a tasting session if i lived nearer!

  3. We Iove ciders, too, especially for toasting in the New Year with the kids. 🙂

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