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Early Retirement

A few weeks ago, we received some not so good-news.  T’s gymnastics club was moving to a different place, much further away than where we live.  She’s been going to that gym since she was four-years-old (see photo above) and she loved every minute of it.  Sadly next week, will be her last day.

The past week or so, I’ve been asking around and doing online searches for other gymnastics clubs that’s within driving distance from where we live and the good news is, we’ve found a few which we plan to check out over the next few weeks.  But apparently, little T has been thinking on her own about it as a five-year-old would 😉

Last night, while chatting with her in the bath, we started talking about it.  She surprised me by announcing “I don’t want to go to gymnastics anymore mum”.  Puzzled, I asked why.  She replied …

I’m retired now.

I burst out laughing.  I asked her if she knew the meaning of the word “retired”, she shrugged her shoulders, so we talked about it more, you know in a serious tone sans the laughter and it turns out that she wants to try something different, and mentioned ballet.  You see, most of her female friends go to ballet.  She also wanted to go like her friends last year, but I we said it was too much then what with gym, swimming and cello lessons, so now she wants to try ballet.   We said it’s fine, but asked if it would be okay with her to check out the other gym clubs too, just to see what it’s like, especially when you know, she changes her mind and decides to come out from “retirement”.  After all, it has been known to happen 😉  Her grandpa did it more than twice.  He retired from teaching, then went on to work for a number of years as a Baptist Minister.  Then retired the second time around, but did supply teaching.  Then went back into preaching.  At 87, is semi-retired but still preaches every now and then.  Little T said she’ll think about it.

Kids say the darnest things, don’t they?

What’s the funniest thing your child has said lately?

Do share.