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The Killer in Our Midst is Back

I first wrote about the murderer a couple of years ago and now the killer is back.

A month or so ago, my husband found the first victim lying lifeless on the ground.  I was hoping it was just an isolated case, but then it happened, again and again and again.  In the morning, we would find all the victims lying dead in our garden.

The first was a mouse.  I wondered.  Could it have been a deaf mouse?  The killer has a bell around her neck to warn victims away.  Surely the mouse would’ve heard the tinkle of her bell as she approached?

Then the next victim was a poor mole.  I keep thinking of that lovely mole who adopted Thumbelina, I’m hoping he isn’t family.

Yes, Boots’ killer’s instincts have re-awakened.  She is the murderer.  Or maybe it never really left her, and she murdered her victims far from home and was just being lazy now and couldn’t be bothered to get rid of the body anymore.

I wonder, are all her victims deaf?  Or perhaps she is as stealthy as an experienced thief in the night?  I do wish though that she’d at least get rid of the bodies than leave them on the ground.  Thankfully little T has never seen them.

Poor innocent victims.  I shall light a candle for them and pray for their souls.