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Don’t Kill the Spiders …

says my daughter to me as I go around the house with the duster in my hand with silly Doc walking excitedly behind me.  For some reason the sight of the duster makes him happy as if I’m brandishing some doggie treats in front of him instead of a dirty duster.

T thinks I should leave the cobwebs alone.  She tells me to dust around them, that I shouldn’t kill spiders and mess with their homes.  I tell her I don’t kill spiders at all, but I do have to dust off their cobwebs away, otherwise our home will be filled with them.

She’s adamant that I leave the spiders and their cobwebs alone.

I give in when she’s around,

but when she’s at school, I dust away.

Actually, there’s a little side-story here.  Little T actually has a “pet” spider whom she named Bob (see photo above).

Bob is from our old house. One day, we noticed a big spider in the corner of our kitchen.  At that time, T hated spiders and used to squeal every time she would see one.  I would explain that there is no reason to fear them, I guess I just got tired of repeating myself and suggested that she named the spider, after all, one doesn’t fear a friend right?  She then named him Bob.

And as we packed our stuff to move to our current house, she used to worry about him “What about Bob?”  We assured her that Bob would find its way to one of the boxes and will also move house with us.

And we were right, T’s first sighting of him was in the up stairs bathroom.  He also likes to hang out by the windows, especially in the conservatory.

If you come and visit, please don’t judge me and think that I’m too lazy to dust around, bear in mind that I have a daughter who has a friend named Bob and this spider also happens to have a big family 😉

Are you afraid of spiders?

Do share. 

What Our Pets think of our New Home

Even our pets love their new home.  We may not have the coast at our doorstep, what we have instead are farm land around us, although to be fair, my husband pointed out the sea from our back door.  Yes, we have sea-views, though to be honest, they really look more like horizon views 😉

However, we do have a massive garden.  Well, I guess, depends on what “huge” is for you.  Let’s just say our garden is big enough for Doc to have a run-around and get enough exercise without having to walk him.

We have a front-garden where little T likes to pitch up her tents and DIY tepees, where they usually play.  There’s a tiny “meadow” which we plan to let the grass grow a bit to encourage more wild-flowers to grow.   And where Doc is usually found rooting around.

There’s also a tiny patch of land behind that small outdoor building (more like a shed really).  And a back-garden that isn’t big either.  The biggest part is on the side of the house…

It suddenly dawned on me, when searching for photos for this post, I don’t have much recent photos of Doc.

As for Boots, I’m happy to share that she’s back to being an outdoor cat.

She loves our new home.  She can come and go as she pleases.  We don’t have a cat-flap but we leave the boot room window open for her.

Spot the cat …

It’s funny.  She has all that ground and tress to explore, but most days you’ll find her inside the house You’ll either find her in the conservatory or in little T’s room.  She has claimed her bed as her own.

Boots has her own blanket on the foot of T’s bed.  As much as I’d love to share that Boots and Doc are now best-friends, sadly that isn’t the case.  Let’s just say she tolerates him more now.

And of course, one of the reasons why I love our house and its location is that there is no crazy-cat woman in the area 😉  Little Boots is safe.

Are your pets best-friends?

Do you have a cat?  Where does it sleep?

The Animals at Crealy Adventure Park

As mentioned on this post, we went to Cornwall’s Crealy Adventure park before the end of Easter break a week or so ago.  Aside from the rides, little T also enjoyed looking at the different animals at Crealy.  Her first stop was to see the reptiles:

I don’t like snakes.  They just make me shudder.  When one of the staff came out with this little yellow snake, a lot of the kids and adults eagerly came up and wanted to hold the it including my husband, T though was content to just look at it and touch it, and not hold it, wise girl of mine 😉  As for me, let’s just say thank goodness my camera has a very good lense 😉

This crocodile looked as if it was ready to pounce on something, but it just stayed in this position the whole time we were there.

And here’s little T and the crocodile eyeing each other up.

This lizard liked to strike a pose.

After the reptiles, T wanted to check out the animals in the barn.

Made me a bit sad actually.  I like seeing ponies and horses out in the open, not locked up in barns although I’m sure they are given daily exercises.  I don’t really like seeing animals in captivity actually, even the reptiles (although I don’t really mind seeing them in enclosed areas), would rather they were out in the wild and in their natural habitat far from meddling people, that’s were they belong, not anywhere near us especially the dangerous ones.

Apart from the animals photographed above, Crealy also has a petting corner, and some deer but T wasn’t interested in seeing them (she’s been before), then after seeing the animals, she went off to look for her friend F and they did all the rides again.

What about you?

Does it also bother you seeing animals in captivity?

Do share.

The Day the Husband Catnapped our Cat Back

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you may be familiar with Boots our cat who dumped us for an old woman who lives alone.  As I’ve said in the past, I don’t really blame her.  The woman’s house must have been a peaceful refuge compared to our chaotic home with loony Doc and an excitable little girl.

She used to visit us every now and then as if to check if we were all alive.  I’d see her from my window, I’d quickly go out the door and try to lure her back in.  She would always look at me as if to say “I have a different home now.  It’s nice and quiet where I live.  I’m just dropping in to say hi and bye“.  And then she’d be off, without a single backward glance at me.

She hasn’t done that in ages, months even.  My husband and I had plans to march up to the woman’s door and demand for our cat back before we move away.  But we haven’t had the chance to do that, been too busy packing.  We don’t even know where that woman lives.  But our neighbour does and I’ve been meaning to ask her.

Do you believe in fate? That everything happens for a reason and that when the right time comes, everything will just fall back into place like a jigsaw puzzle?

 Today, I think Boots has just taught me about that mysterious word “fate”.

Little T came home running excitedly yesterday, pounding on the door, “Mum, mum!  Daddy has Bootsy back!”

She came in happy and breathless, but no sign of her dad.  By the time she got her breath back, he came striding in, with no less than Boots-our disappearing cat in his arms a week before we move out and move in to our new home.

Is that fate or not?

Without us having to do anything at all.  No dramatic demands from us to the old woman, no tears, no exchange of words, nothing.

My husband said that he likes to walk and poke his head in the back alley near our house hoping to catch a glimpse of her.  But after months and months of not seeing even her shadow, yesterday afternoon, he saw her sunning herself out.  My husband and daughter called out to her and she came to them purring as if to say “Oh hello, former Humans”.  Much to her dismay though, my husband picked her up and marched back home with her.

He said if cats could talk, she’d be muttering “Oh bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger” all the way home.

That’s Booty’s “Bugger, bugger, bugger” look.

I don’t think she’s happy to be back though.  She’s wearing her disgruntled look again.

And this is her resigned look.

Yes, Boots is back and her timing is great (we’re keeping her in and not allowing her out again till we’re settled in our new home).  We move out on the 22nd, us three, with our smelly dog and our pissed off cat, our family is whole again.

I call it “fate”.

My husband calls it “cat”.

What do you think?

Three Birds

The photo above was taken on the 12th of January this year.  I posted it on my Instagram and wrote a caption:

Bird 1 to his friends: “I told you we should’ve turned right for Spain!”

About a week ago, just as I was making little T’s bed in her room, I glanced out the window and saw three birds again and thought of the photograph I took at the beginning of the year and thought “What are the chances that these are the same birds from that picture?”  Impossible of course.  But I couldn’t help but make a caption again.

Bird 1 to his friends: “I told you we should’ve flown the other way!  Now look, we’re back here again!  The sun never shines in England!  This is all your bloody fault!”

If you could make your own caption of the photo above, what would it be?

Oops, I did it again (A Love Story)

I knew something was up when they locked me in the kitchen.  I could hear laughter and excitement in the living room and waited patiently till I could come in and join them.

And when I was allowed in the room, I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in the whole of my doggy life.  I think this is what humans would call love at first sight…

 I tried to be cool, nonchalant even.  I didn’t want them to know how I felt.  But my heart was pounding so hard every time I passed it and breathed in its lovely pine-tree smell.  

So I wanted to do something special, or wear something “nice” that would impress that beautiful sight.  I remembered my little human kindly gave me one of her wooly hats that had a hole in it.  So I put it on, but I think I tugged on it too hard and my head went through it.  

“Oh no!”  I ruined it and struggled to get the blimming thing off my head till I heard my humans say – “Look, Doc has is wearing a winter scarf.  How lovely!”

And so I was pleased with myself and thought, this will have to do.  Surely, the lovely tree will be impressed. Now all I had to do was wait for that golden opportunity when I was alone with my beloved.

Then it happened, my human and her mum were having lunch in the kitchen.  I crept silently in the room and admired her from afar.  And when I gathered the courage to come up close to her to declare my undying love and devotion … I got distracted by the many different lovely looking things hanging all over the love of my life.  Her accessories were enchanting!

“Well hello, there”  I began … but got distracted again by the different colours and before I knew what I was doing, my mouth opened and I ate one.

It was crunchy.


Crunch, crunch, crunch.

And before I could stop myself, I grabbed another one from the tree.

It was crunchy.


crunch, crunch, crunch.

And before I could get another one in my mouth I heard a very loud and cross voice – Doc!!!  It was my human’s mum and before I could even apologise to my sweetheart, I was banished from the living room.

I’m heartbroken.

They won’t let me near my love anymore.

I don’t think I’m going to have a Merry Christmas after all.


Do you think my darling will forgive me for eating one of her accessories?

All About The Cows

Yep, the blimming cows!

During autumn and winter, the National Trust who happens to own the headland near where we live, has an agreement with farmers in our area that allows their cows to graze on their property, which is supposed to help the wild flowers grow in the spring time.  I’m not really sure it’s working though …

The problem with the blimming cows is that the enormous headland suddenly becomes small.  And all the dog-walkers of course have to put their dogs in leashes, and when it rains non-stop, the headland’s walk-path becomes really mucky, almost impassable.  If you’re lucky, your boots won’t get stuck in all mud.  The locals in our area are not pleased with the cows, I don’t blame them.

So the first thing we do, as soon as we get to the headland is to take note of where the cows are.  Then we choose which part of the headland to head for.  Sometimes though, you’ll find them littered all over the stitches – when that’s the case.  I usually take Doc to the other part of the headland, which is separated by thick hedges and bushes.  That way, the excitable Doc can still have a run around, without the fear of disturbing the blimming cows.

Dear cows,

Please can we share the headland?

You can all stay on one side

and I’ll stay on the other side.


I love the smell of your dung.



Cat like a Dog

Just like I mentioned on this post, Boots, our cat is like a dog.  When we go for walks, she likes to follow us and only disappears or more like runs for her life once we meet other “real” dogs also out for their walks with their humans.

And as mentioned already, when T is out with her Dad, Boots pines after her like a little love-sick-puppy.  But when T is home and is suddenly consumed with emotion and love for her cat which she likes to demonstrate by giving her cat a cuddle (to onlookers it would look like my daughter is strangling the poor cat), only then would poor Boots ran away from her, most times she likes staying in the same room with T.

What our poor cat doesn’t know is that her beloved human has actually asked for a dog as a birthday present.  Yes, a real dog!  Not a cat who thinks she’s a dog. But a real furry, barking dog.  And what she doesn’t also know is that we, her beloved human’s parents have finally decided that it is indeed time for our little family to have a dog once again.

I hope our cat who thinks she’s a dog, won’t see this as a betrayal.

Let’s see.

T enjoying a swing with the “big” kids.

“In my past life I was a dog”

says Boots, my daughter’s cat.  Well obviously she didn’t say that, but if she could communicate to her humans I’m certain she’d say those words.

You see, Boots likes to go for walks with us and like a dog, she actually follows us around.  At the playground last Monday, she ran around like a dog eager to play catch and when she got tired, just like a dog, plunked her little furry bum on the grass and lazily watched T play.  And when it was time to go home, she just followed us back.

Now we’re thinking, why bother to get a dog when we’ve got a cat who is so much like a dog?  Now if only she’d eagerly wag her tail and look up at us adoringly the way dogs do.  What we get instead are cold stares, purrs yes, and a lot of meowing that sometimes really sounds like whinges when she wants to be fed. I still prefer dogs though.

Boots with her little human.

“I’m done”

says my 2 year old daughter as she peered at the bears and then she announced that she wanted to see the owls again.

T loves her bear stories.  She loves Martin Waddel’s stories:  Can’t you sleep Little Bear, You and Me Little Bear, Let’s go home Little Bear and others.  So we were actually really surprised that she preferred to see the owls again.  Then we realised that she of course preferred the owls, because they were smaller and they sat still.

We were invited to go to Dartmoor Zoo last Saturday with friends whose son happens to be T’s best friend.  I was worried about the weather at first, but it turned out to be a really nice day –  still gloomy of course, but at least it was dry.

There were loads of animals, reindeers (who looked a bit thin and really sad looking actually), ostriches,  monkeys, tigers and all the usual animals.

Surprisingly, T wasn’t bothered about the tigers at all.

We didn’t see much of the other animals because the best-friends were happily playing hide-and-seek, running and chasing each other and jumping into muddy puddles.  They were more interested in playing than seeing the other animals and we were fine with that, as long as the children were happy.

After much convincing, we managed to bring the kids the zoo’s restaurant to have some lunch and to change nappies.  The service wasn’t so good though, it took ages for our friends’ food to arrive.  What we loved was the meerkats cage by the restaurant and they had three lovely babies.  They were so adorable and they followed their parents everywhere even though they were shivering from the cold.

Would we go back?  Yes, it would be nice to see the other animals we’ve missed like the infamous foxes.   Incidentally, the zoo became famous because of Matt Damon’s movie We Bought a Zoo which was filmed here and was also based on the owner’s story.

What was your weekend like?