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A Killer in our Midst

I found the evidence in our garden one very cold winter day.  It was a scene straight out of a crime movie, blood, the victim’s body and feathers scattered everywhere.  I heard a screeching sound from the seagulls as I docked back in the house to escape the bloody aftermath.  I braced myself to face the murderer in our house.

 She was fast asleep on our couch.

Without a care in the world …

Meet Boots, my daughter’s cat, the killer.

Never mind if she’s just killed an innocent crow (even if I find crows a little bit creepy) and has probably left baby crows without a father or mother to feed them.  She kills those harmless birds all for the thrill of the hunt.  Sigh.  I’m not kidding.  Every time I go out in our garden, I dread to see what poor creature she has slain this time.

Oh dear, is Zac the bunny, the next victim?

Here she is pretending to read, when all she wants to do is get her little paws around the poor snowman.

I’m not a cat person, but for my daughter’s sake I tolerate the killer, or the killer tolerates me (whichever way you want to see it).  Admittedly she does have her good points.  She’s very patient with my daughter (although I’ve found some scratches on Tamsin’s arms now and again).  The thing is, as much as I would love to blame the ki… err… Boots, it really is Tamsin’s fault.  She likes to show her affection by strangling her and hounding her around the house, banging toys on her.

Boots is strangely like a dog.  When my daughter goes out with her Dad or goes to playgroup, Boots pines for her, if she could howl, I bet she would.  As soon as she realizes that Tamsin is out the door, she leaps on the windowsill and panics and meows to get out.  And she did manage to follow us once to playgroup.  We worry because it’s a bit of a long walk and she might get lost, or worse get hit by a car when she crosses the street.  Oh and did I mention that she’s probably the laziest cat in the world, when she’s not out killing birds, she’s fast asleep on our couch, only gets up to feed.

Yep, thats Boots, my daughter’s cat, the killer.

What about you, are you a cat person?