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My Top Three Electric Range Cookers

To me, nothing spells country than having a range cooker in the kitchen.  In my ideal world, it would be an Aga like this one.

Image source

Yes, it can only happen in my dreams, since these cookers when bought brand new, probably cost about eight grand, maybe even more than that.  And I for one, can’t afford something as expensive as that, unless I win the lottery, but that would mean having to buy a ticket, which I never do.  Maybe, it’s about time I did?

When we move to our new house next week, we will be needing a new cooker.  There is a current freestanding one in the house, but it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in ages (or maybe it just needs a good clean?)  And since I have neither the money nor the space, (it’s a small galley kitchen), I’ve been looking up on affordable electric cookers online.  I don’t like gas, I’m too paranoid for that.

1. Stoves Mini-Electric Range.

2.  Rangemaster Classic Electric:Both one and two look a little bit like my dream range-cooker sans the hefty price tag that goes with buying an Aga.  Would’ve loved a double oven, both sadly both only have a separate grill and one oven.  But that’s fine by me.

3.  And lastly, the Belling Electric Range Cooker in Stainless Steel:

Image source for both 1, 2 , & 3 here.

But even this is too ambitious, not the price, but the size.  I doubt if this will fit, so I might have to settle with either 1 or two.

What would be your choice?  Are you familiar with any of the three?

Or can you suggest an affordable electric range cooker?

Do share.