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A Red Tutu Kind of Day

We woke up to a gloomy depressing autumn morning.

Grey was the colour of the day, or so it seemed.

Good thing, little T is always full of good ideas.

I want to wear my red tutu mummy!

That’s a great idea T, I agreed with her.

When it is a dreary autumn grey day, wearing a read tutu is a must.

Little T and I can guarantee you that your gloomy day will dissipate.

Where to go when you’re wearing a tutu on a country road?

To the headland of course, but first you have to go through the church yard gates.

This will take you straight through the headland and of course, before we let the dog off the leash, we have to make sure that there aren’t any other furry creatures around.

The coast is clear… Doc is off!

Where is he T?

He’s off chasing imaginary rabbits mum!


This is the spot where you can stand and see little T’s school from afar.

And of course, a walk isn’t complete without a goofy photo from T.

And then its time to go home.

Do you like the colour red?

I do! Especially on a dreary-autumn day like this one.