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A Birthday Girl, Bad Weather and Mary Poppins

Birthday Cake with Lit candles

I took a week off blogging because my little girl turned six last Friday.  I look at her now and wonder how did my baby suddenly turn into a “proper” little girl.  She suddenly looks, talks and acts a bit different now.  The “baby” is gone.  She’s lost her baby fat, can explain herself too darn-well, it’s amazing how much she’s grown.  I want to cry out “Oh do slow down a bit, I’m afraid mummy doesn’t really want you to grow-up too fast.  You may be ready, I’m not“.  Sob, sob.

I have a video of her barely two-years-old, she’s running towards me in the headland and stops and says “Mummy run!  Mummy run!”  She gets frustrated because I wouldn’t run and was too busy filming her.  If I could just freeze or go back to that day, that perfect summer day, when it was warm enough for her to wear a cute summer dress and hat and she was absolutely beautiful, my little baby.

Now at six, she suddenly looks all grown-up.  I keep asking myself, how did that happen?  I spent the week doing absolutely nothing and everything with her.  We had some close friends visit early in the week too and had a lovely time with them on the beach.

There were talks of a beach party for her and her friend (whose birthday was six days before hers) but the Cornish weather didn’t allow it and so we opted for a spontaneous “camping birthday” instead and only invited a few of her closest friends.

On the day itself though, even as my husband and I pitched our tents on our garden and in spite glaring and shaking our fists at the sky “declaring war” if it decided to pour, sods law, it did rain as her little guests started arriving.  What was supposed to be a barbecue ended up a “grilled-dinner” inside our home.  In spite the wet weather, and giggling girls (and one boy), we all managed to get some sleep in our tents.

After breakfast, the next day we sang little T “Happy Birthday” and had birthday.  The sun then decided to grace us, so I took the water-slide out and assembled it in our lawn and all the kids had fun sliding down before calling it a day.

Little T opened presents from family when her guests were gone and before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go and see Mary Poppins at Plymouth.

If you haven’t seen it and have little ones, go grab some tickets!  We were thoroughly entertained, the cast, the costumes, the choreography was just absolutely amazing.

My daughter is now six. I still can’t believe it.  She and I have this ritual after saying goodnight and exchanging “I love yous”, I say “On the day you were born, and T likes to end it with “It was the happiest day of your life”.  It’s certainly true.  And I want to say to her, everyday with her is a happy one.  And as author Suzanne Finnamore once said …

You are the closest I will ever come to magic.

Here’s a little video I decided to mark her “growing-up” years.

 Do you also feel that time is happening way too fast and you just want it to slow down?

Do share.


First she turned one.

Little one-year-old-T demolishing her birthday cake.

The she was two.

Little T in her authentic cowboy books from Texas, waiting for her guests to arrive.

Then she turned three.

Tomorrow, this little girl turns four.

Yes, as you can probably guess from her birthday banner, she’s going to have a Frozen-themed birthday party on Saturday, so help me God.

She’s growing up way too fast, isn’t she?

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Cancelled Plans, A Train Ride and A Birthday Picnic

As parents of a young child, we know that just because you plan ahead doesn’t mean that it will happen, like that time when we were all set to go to Manchester to watch a football Olympic game between Brazil and Belarus, I won’t bore you folks with the details but you can click on the link if you want to know the story.

Anyway, the day before we were all set to drive up to Woburn Sands where my lovely in-laws live for T’s birthday party, we decided to cancel and move it, just to make sure that T was a hundred percent feeling better.  Yes, my daughter was still a bit sick and we didn’t want things to get worse, so feeling really like “responsible” parents, we decided not to go.

And guess, what?  The next day our little one was definitely better.  But plans have been changed and it was too late to un-change them once again.  So we had to think of an impromptu birthday celebration for little T and what better way to celebrate it than with her best friend F?

F and T walking to the train station.

So last Monday, the 26th of August we celebrated Tamsin’s third birthday by going on a steam train ride at the Launceston Steam Railway.

The Victorian Steam Train – all aboard!

Shall we go and get tickets dear?  Oh yes, please!

You’ve over-packed again!

T and F all aboard Lillian the Steam Train (built in 1883).

We got off at the New Mills Farm park – the perfect picnic ground!

It was kiddie heaven!   The place had trampolines, little cars, swings, slides, animals, ball pits and other games as well.

T loved jumping with other kids.

Especially of course jumping with her best friend.

So many cars to choose from!

C’mon F let’s explore!

This is bliss!

This is where we are dear… I’m tired. Let’s go home.

The Launceston Railway also has a magnificent collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and other vintage finds.  Apart from the train ride, there’s also a cafe and a lovely gift shop.  So if you’re in the area and looking for something really fun to do this is indeed a must-visit.

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Snapshots: 1095 Days

The following are random photos of my daughter taken from when she was a few days old to the present.

Three years of happy days, tired days, difficult days, fun days, sick days, filled with laughter days, filled with tears/whinges days, filled with cuddles and kisses days … But most of all 1095 days filled with absolute and pure love days.

Happy Birthday Little One!

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