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The Hive: Heating Control On the Go

I’m going to set our heating to low before we leave” says my husband and before I could even complain about how cold our house was going to be, he assured me that it won’t be.  He was wrong!  Oh boy was he wrong!  I should’ve known never to listen to a Historian!

As mentioned in the previous post, we drove up to Woburn Sands in Bedfordshire to attend my in-law’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary.  Before we left, my husband kept our heating really low just to conserve energy.  I shouldn’t have believed him when he said that it wouldn’t be cold.  Our normally warm and cozy little house was so cold you’d think the polar vortex that created havoc in the States a few weeks ago, decided to settle inside our small cottage – it was that cold.

And I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could regulate our heating with a remote control you can actually take with you wherever you go?

Which means that the night before our drive back to Cornwall, I could in theory, adjust our heating from low to high just to make sure that our house is – as little T would say “nice and cosy” and doing this miles away from our house.  Sounds a bit like something that would happen in the future?

The good news is – it actually exists already!  British Gas, the leading and largest UK energy company has come up with a product that will enable you to regulate your heating from afar with their new product called The Hive.

How it Works

While it isn’t as I imagined it would be, you know, a remote control you can take with you when you leave home.  Just shows how out-dated I am!  “Remote control?” smirks the gadget freak that isn’t me “That is so eighties!”   The Hive is an app you could use on the go on your phone, tablet or laptop.  From wherever you are, you can switch it on or off, turn it low or high and not just your heating, you can regulate your hot water too.

What’s really good about this product is that you don’t even need to change your energy supplier if you’re not with British Gas.  In spite of this, they will send their own engineer to install the Hive Active heating kit.  Isn’t that great?

To know more about this innovative invention, watch the video below:

If you clicked on the video, it shows how perfect this app is for working and busy parents always on the go.  As for me, it would’ve been really handy if we had it when we went on that trip up to Beds.  Instead of putting our heating really low, we could’ve actually switched it off and turned it on again the night before returning back, just to make sure that our house was a lovely-warm-house to come home to, instead of an igloo.

Now all I need is an electronic robot (like Irona from the cartoon Richie Rich) which I can also regulate from afar, that would do all my house-hold chores for me so by the time we reach home all I need to do is rest my weary feet on the coffee table.

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Which “perfect” invention would you like to have, apart from an electronic tree that grows real money?

This is a sponsored post, however all words are by Yours Truly, photo (unless stated) and video were both taken from the Hive website.