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My Cello Baby

Little T started learning to play the cello this school year.  She loves doing it, though I have a feeling it also has something to do with Harper (one of her favourite characters from Cerrie Burnell’s Harper Book series).  The little girl likes to play all instruments, including the cello.  To be fair though, T already started her music lessons long before she discovered the Harper series.

Like any other child, we have to remind her to practice though.

She likes to use her dad as her music sheet holder (As you can see from the boxes, we are still surrounded by them and still hoping to move soon).

I love that she likes to shut her eyes while she plays her cello.  I’d be lying though if I say that my daughter’s playing is divine or that she’s some sort of musical prodigy like Mozart who was already playing the keyboard, violin and composing music at age 5, T’s age.  Let’s just say my daughter’s playing sounds like a typical five-year-old who is starting to learn how to play the cello.  If she was learning to play the violin, it would sound like a cat screeching, you get the picture 😉  Of course my husband and I are very proud of her.

In late June, my daughter’s school will hold a Duck Race and Talent show to help raise funds for their Primary school.  They do this yearly.  This is also sort of the highlight of the kids who takes music lessons, they get to play in front of the whole school, not to mention the whole village and play as one group.  They are known as the “Cello Babies”.  This year, it will be T’s first performance with the group.

I am so looking forward to watching her play in front of a crowd.

Does your little one play an instrument?

Do you play an instrument?

Do share.