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S is for Streets

Little T on her dad’s shoulders, walking the streets of Paris.

Paris has many famous landmarks and tourist spots, but what also struck me were the many interesting streets, especially the side streets, far from the maddening tourist crowds.

I loved the shadows formed on this lovely building in Trocadero street near the Eiffel tower.  We stopped and had coffee in a lovely cafe in the area there.

And little T had to have some ice-cream of course, after all, it was a very warm day in Paris.  As you can see, the serving surprised and delighted the little one:

After the treat, we headed off again, trying to stay away from the chaotic crowds.

Every where you looked just seemed so poetic.  Reminds me a bit of that Ginsberg poem “Supermarket in California”, only this is Paris in the daylight, but you could easily spot a Whitman or a Lorca pondering the side-streets or furisously scribbling on their tattered notebooks in small Parisian cafes, which are everywhere.

I also loved stopping and looking into open windows.  If you squint you can actually see the very high ceilings in that apartment in the photo above.

Parisians probably muttering to themselves “Darn tourists

This small, cobbled side-street was pleasantly quiet, considering it was not very far from the Notre Dame where all the tourists flocked.

Don’t be fooled by this seemingly empty(ish) main street.  I think it looked empty because of the  traffic.  The madness happened right after I clicked and then streets were engulfed in feet, cars and buses.

It feels almost more than just a couple of months since our trip to France.  Just last night, little T said to me, “Let’s go back to France mummy!”  I suggested somewhere we’ve never visited before.  She replied, “But France is my favourite place!”  I asked her – what will we do in France?  Half expecting her to say, go to Disneyland.  Instead she said, “I’m going to play in the sand.  Do my exercises with Auntie T, while you talk to Lola (lola means grandmother).  It’s no wonder that those are her happy memories of France, now all I have to do is convince her that we can also make those lovely memories elsewhere too.

S is for streets.

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What is your favourite holiday memory?

P is for Paris

The Eiffel tower, probably one of the most photographed structure in the world.

Our Paris adventure was a chaotic one.  If you’re thinking of visiting and value your sanity, especially when travelling with a little one, don’t visit during the peak season.  It’s just pure utter madness.

I remember talking to the teenage daughter of the lovely Irish woman we met at the camp, who also travelled with us on the same bus to Paris, she said, “I didn’t think Paris would be like that!  Somehow I imagined that it would be different”  I interrupted her and said “You mean like in the movies?”  She immediately agreed.  I said I think we’ve all seen too many romantic love stories set in Paris.  Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful city and certainly worth visiting … just not in the tourist season…  More on our Parisian adventure later.

P is for Paris.

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