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One Foggy Day

I came across the following photos, while browsing through my photographs for this week’s What’s The Story post.  In case, you’ve just stumbled upon this entry and wondering what it is, it’s one of my favourite weekly linkys which is all about the story behind your pictures.

These are old photos and was taken sometime in April 2008.  This was life before little T, which means the Mutt was still alive and I could take lovely long walks any time in the day, rain or shine… or in this case, fog.

It was indeed one foggy day, the kind of fog that is so thick you can’t really see what’s in front of you.  The kind you wouldn’t want to be caught in while driving.  The kind which scary B movies are made of … you get the picture.  We began our walk through the eerie gates of the ancient church of Forrabury (dates back to 1196) …

and walked among the graves in the cemetery …

… spooky isn’t it?

Like I said, the fog was so thick I couldn’t really see beyond my steps.  The Mutt was barking excitedly and that sort of calmed me, because I knew that if there was also anyone out there, they would know our presence and we wouldn’t bump into each other.  There was no one else out that day… just me and the Mutt.

We walked to the edge of the cliff, I could barely see the drop and when I did, of course, I had to take a photo.  My knees went jelly a bit, but it was still breathtaking and looked really sinister.

And on our way back, we saw this cat by the gate, she absolutely refused to budge, until we were so close I could feel the tension between her and the dog.  After a staring contest, we won and she gave in and allowed us through.

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Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead of them!