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Come Take A Walk in the Rain with me

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We’ve had awful wet weather last week.  It certainly felt like Winter has crept in bringing rains and cold days with it.  In days like these, going out and having fun in the rain doesn’t seem possible.  Why would you want to leave the cosiness of your house, especially if you have the fire going?  Not even our pets like to go out in bad weather.

We try to kick Doc out in the rain and he would always look at us as if we we’re out of our minds.  I don’t blame him really and so with a sigh, my husband would put his wellies on and rain coat and actually walk outside with him in the cold, wet dreary weather.

It can actually be a lovely experience walking in the rain, provided that you are dressed for it and perhaps, go to a special place where in spite the weather it would actually seem worth going.  That’s exactly what we did last Saturday.

After little T’s ballet, armed with new rain-coats from the lovely folks at Lighthouse we drove over to the beach at Rock here in Cornwall.  The weather was bad.  We sat in our cars watching the pouring rain, wondering if it would ever stop, and just when we almost called it a day.  It actually did.

I quickly grabbed my new Reva Waterproof Parka coat and T’s Ella Waterproof Rain Coat and with wellies on, marched off into the light drizzle.

I wanted to walk on the beach, but T wanted to play with her dolls on the sand.  After some coaxing though, she relented.

It was actually beautiful, in spite the greyness and wetness of the day.  It was lovely in a dramatic sense.  There were people out walking their dogs, fishing or just having a day out on the beach, blowing cobwebs I guess.

We only ended up walking towards the water, because T wanted her dolls to have a little dip in the freezing sea.  Poor dollies.

I’m glad that we wore our new Lighthouse rain coats out that day, because it definitely kept us warm and dry.

What we liked about T’s Ella Waterproof Rain Coat:

  • This was actually T’s own choice, I wanted the one with the cloud print in blue, but she chose the bird print.  Obviously liking the colour and design.  T gives the design and colour a  big thumbs up.
  • I like that it has a nice fleecy lining, some coats I noticed have thin linings of a different material, that’s a thumbs up from me.
  • I like that the coat pockets has buttons.  If your child is like mine who likes to take small toys when out and about and dropping them, the buttons are a good idea, another thumbs up from me on this one.
  • I like that the hood is garterized, which means it stays snug on her head when it’s on and most importantly, stays on her head even when she’s running around like loony.  I don’t have to worry about her hair getting wet in the rain, another thumbs-up from me on this one.
  • At £29.95 I thought it was just right for the price, especially if it meant my daughter was snug, warm and dry.

What we didn’t like about the coat:

  • I only have one gripe:  The sizing is too small.  I decided to order a bigger size for her (ages 7-8).  I was really nervous about this since my daughter is the smallest one in her class, but in spite this, decided to order a size bigger.  Imagine my surprise when the coats came and hers was just the right size!  I was hoping that it would be a little bit bigger so it would last her longer, but at least, it fits her well now.

What I liked about the Reva Waterproof Parka Coat:

  • I liked the colour and design of the coat.  Just because it’s a rain-coat doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.
  • I liked that it has drawstrings which you can pull just to give the coat a bit of shape (though I didn’t do this for the shoot).
  • I also liked the drawstrings for the hood, although I didn’t use it, I imagine it would really keep my hair dry, handy for longer walks in the rain.
  • I like that it has a lovely-cosy-fleecy lining in the hood and inside of the coat.
  • It kept me really dry.  At one point, it started really pouring again and the coat made me feel really warm, snug and dry.
  • I like the details, like the buttons in front, it just makes it look a bit different from other rain-coats.
  • I was hesitant to choose this coat at first because of the length (even though I really liked it when I first saw it online).  As you can see, I am obviously short.  I was worried it was going to make me look even smaller and bigger than I actually am.  But I actually found the length alright when I tried it on, especially if it will mean keeping my trousers dry, so all good there in that aspect.

What I didn’t like about the coat:

  • At £109 I found it a bit pricey.  That’s just me.  Then again, if a rain coat keeps you nice and warm, I guess it’s worth it in the end.

What about you?

What’s important to you when buying/choosing a raincoat?

Here’s what really happened that day, another shortie by Little Steps.  Do tell me what you think.

*We were sent the coats by Lighthouse for the purpose of this review, however all photos and views are by yours truly.

Which Hand Bag Are You? I’m a Rucksack!

If I were to check-out Next’s Which Hand Bag Are You?  I’m probably a cross between the Hobo and the Rucksack.  Was a bit disappointed though that they didn’t include a “Carry-it-All” bag which is probably a must-have for any mother’s wardrobe.  Even before I became a mother, I’ve always preferred a big bag to small ones.  I needed a big one to fit my notebooks, books, pens, and other stuff.  Now I need a huge one to carry extra change of clothing for T, wet wipes, emergency snacks, T’s drinks, camera, wallet, cellphone and notebook.  No, sadly, I don’t bother to take a book with me anymore.  When T was born, I still used to carry a book with me in my bag.  But stopped because I never opened it, unless we were travelling and on a long flight and she miraculously falls asleep.

In case you’re wondering which handbag are you, take a look at this:

So if I were to choose a bag it would be the following hands-free bags:

As mentioned, a rucksack to carry all my mommy stuff.

or an across the body bag, handy for those city-strolls and keeping your important-mommy-hands-free to hold your little ones hand and the other hand for emergencies like picking up whatever toy your child has left lying on the street.

My Moodboard

The perfect white shirt!  One can never have enough white shirts in your closet.  They will never go out of style, although I was never one to follow the latest fashion trends.  In fact, I have absolutely have no idea what the latest-trends are right now and don’t really care.  I go for comfort over fashion, always have been.  I doubt if that will ever change, especially since becoming a mother.  You won’t find the word “fashion” much in my vocabulary.  I don’t even wear make-up!  The truth is, I don’t even know how to put make up on.

And jeans of course, who doesn’t love them?  I’ve always worn them, even at work, among people who wore suits or slacks.  I wore jeans to work.  My female boss chided me once, Dean, do you always have to wear those shoes?  She meant boots of course.  She wanted me to wear girly shoe.   I was never really the girly type.  I’m a walking disaster in heels.  I do sometimes wish I could wear them.

Just like bags, one can never have too much boots!

And because it’s nearly Autumn, must have a scarf!

And a simple cardigan, because I love them.

Yes, I know.  It’s not the most exciting outfit.  But hey, I never claimed to be exciting!

NOTE:  All photos was taken from the Next Website.

I wrote this post for the #nextbagitup, hoping to grab one of the lovely-lovely Next bags.  My husband is exasperated with my bags How many bags does a woman have to have?!  Is a question he likes to ask me, I say “There’s always more room for another!”

Do you love bags too?

Source: blog.next.co.uk

My Top Five Must-Have-Summer Sandals

In spite of the ever-changing English weather, as of last week, summer seems to have arrived already and for us moms, this means getting rid of chunky boots and showing off our lovely little toes in pretty summer sandals.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been window-shopping online a lot, looking for the perfect summer sandals.

Here are my Top Five Finds:

1.  Ancient Greek Sandals:

No, it’s not just the style it’s also the name of the brand.  If I weren’t married and not a mom and just earning money for myself, these would be my ideal must-have summer sandals.

Aren’t they the prettiest?  They’re Ancient Greek Sandals and cost about £150+.  Click here if you want to see more of their collection. Not so affordable for a mommy like me, although of course I’m sure there are loads of mothers out there who can probably afford more than one pair.  I’m just not one of them and I’m fine with that.  Maybe, because I’ve always been sort of a cheap sake and also because there are lots of other shops/brands out there who sell really lovely sandals without having to break your budget for the month. Like the ones below:

2. Topshop:  HORSHAM Geeky Sandals £20

If you prefer your sandals to be more glittery, Topshop have other designs as well.  As for me, I like my sandals simple and nice.  Yes, I’m boring that way (actually, in many other ways as well).

It also comes in gold and white.  Click here if interested.

3.  Zara: Strappy Thong Sandals £22.99

Even back home, I’ve always loved the Spanish brand Zara.  I also shop here a lot for the little one.  They’ve got lovely dresses and cute t-shirts.  Also affordable and not pricey like the other brands.

It also comes in different colors.  Click here if interested.

4.  Next: Toe Thong Sandal £18

The high-street British brand Next is also very affordable and I love their next day delivery without having to pay premium delivery rates.  They also have a very good customer service, not to mention really cute children’s clothing.  So it’s not surprising to find really nice and stylish summer sandals – loads of them.  All you need to do is pick your style.

This lovely affordable sandals also comes in Tan, white and metallic colors.

Click here if you’re interested.

5. And lastly, for the cool moms who haven’t gotten over their punk-rock days yet, perhaps this River Island  White Skull Studded T Bar Sandals will do it for them.  Plus, it only costs £25.

Click here if you’re interested.

As for me, I think I’ll go for the Topshop Geeky Sandals.  As much as I would love to wear the thong sandals, sadly, my toes aren’t as cute as my daughter’s, so best not to show them off too much.  What are your favourites?

A Brighter Day in Brighton

The second day proved promising indeed.  The sun was up and shining and we were able to explore the many interesting shops in Brighton.  Went in a lot of toy shops because T wanted to look for a Wallace and Gromit toy (she absolutely loves them).  But sadly, we just couldn’t find any.  There were lots of interesting book shops both second hand and new ones, lots of thrift shops and lovely restaurants.  I certainly had my fill of shops that day!  Went back home still in love with Brighton.  Sorry didn’t take much photos, was too busy enjoying the place.

Don’t you just love the way…

kids operate on what they want regardless of how silly it may seem to us “grown-ups”.  Like wear your swimsuit at home – all day.  Why not?

I’m normally not fond of two-piece swim suits for children, especially young ones, however, during emergencies at the beach it’s so much easier to take off the bottom of a two piece.  Have you tried wrestling with your toddler – trying to get a wet-sandy one piece suit off as they wriggle and cry “It’s coming!  It’s coming!”?  Yes, it’s not nice.  So for now, a two-piece will just have to do.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to buying summer clothes for T even though summer has yet to come.  One can always dream…

Window shopping from afar

Back when I was working and single, whenever I was down or feeling burned out from work, my number one stress-reliever would go to the mall and do recreational window-shopping. The danger there of course is that I would sometimes come home with purchases I absolutely regretted.

Now that I live in a little village by the ocean, window-shopping in malls is just not possible, unless I choose to travel for at least an hour to get to the nearest shopping center. Oh don’t get me wrong, we do have shops down in our little village. However, they are mostly gift shops that cater to tourists. You know those little shops that sell decorative beach huts, wooden seagulls and postcards, yes, you get the picture.

I would love to say that’s the view from my window, it isn’t.  However, it is just a few minutes walk from our little house.  And this photo was NOT taken today.  Obviously not.  It was taken about a couple of years ago, around May time if I’m not mistaken.  

Anyway, so when the need arises, I result to the next-best-thing, window-shopping online.  Since I’m feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps lately, as soon as T fell asleep, I went online.  Two hours later, I’m still browsing.

Allow me to share my indulgence with you, although if you are a male reader, you might just have to pass this one over, unless of course, looking at pretty summer tops to buy for your little girl also makes you happy.  Then I’ll be happy to take you shopping with me too as long as you don’t complain about how long it takes me to decide on whether I like the top or not.  Deal?

Anyway, here are a few lovely tops from Zara I absolutely love:

Now if only the freakin temperature would climb up more than just a notch and for the sun to stay in the sky where it freakin belongs instead of hiding behind the clouds, or behind a blanket of mist and fog like a freakin wimp.  There’s no point in dressing up your little girl in cute outfits if they’ll just be covered in cardigans and a coat!  Honestly, the calendar in my kitchen even says the British Summer time officially began last month! It is after all almost the end of blimming April and there isn’t any sign of it ever-coming!

Now excuse me while I allow myself to be even more miserable.

If you’re lucky to live in a place where it’s okay for your daughter to wear these lovely summer outfits without hiding them under a cardigan or a coat and want to make a purchase.

Autumn and Winter Coats for Little Girls

Being from a tropical country, even though I’ve lived here for years now, I still find the changing of the seasons quiet a novelty and I love winter outfits!

However, if you knew me at all, you would know that I’m the least fashionable person in this planet.  I prefer comfort over fashion.  Anyway, this isn’t about me though; this is about my little star – The Tamsin.

Winter is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year to buy her new clothes – a new coat!  She’s outgrown her last one.  So I’ve been on the search for a new one:

 1. Zara Kids:

This lovely double-breasted three-quarter length coat comes in four colors: grey, black, navy and red.  If you want it, click here.  £39.99

2. Mamas and Papas:

This lovely winter coat sadly only comes in small sizes, the biggest is 18m-2years.  If your daughter is 2 and want something that will at least last more than a few months, the best size would be 2-3.  And at a price tag of £40.00, you’d want it to last.  Click here for more details.

3.  Next

This Next hooded coat is available with two colors, camel and pink and is very affordable at £25.  Click here for more details.

My favourite?  The last one!  I love the camel Next hooded coat =)  And no, I don’t only like it because of the price (although that helps of course) but I just think it will suit my daughter’s impish personality.  My next favourite is the Zara coat, although I don’t really think its wise to spend so much when shopping for a toddler since they outgrow their clothes so fast.

What’s your fave?