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The Dreaded World Book Day

I’ve been seeing blog-posts, tweets, IG photos, FB updates of parents who seem to have developed an aversion to World Book day all because the kids have to once again dress-up.  Last time, she went as Elsa during Comic Relief or Red Nosed Day (a   fundraising event for charity here in the UK).

As a first-time mother, I’m not there yet.  I can’t say I’m enjoying it, though it’s lovely to take photos of T all dressed-up.  But I can understand why some mother dread it, especially if they have more than one child to think about.

Imagine my fear when I first asked little T what she wanted to dress-up as on World Book day and she replied “I want to be Anna from Frozen!“.  My mind was racing, I was thinking flipping-ding-dong-bells!  How much will it cost to buy an Anna costume?  Could I buy it second-hand on eBay?  Could I make it?  I remembered someone made costumes for her daughter out of paper.  Could I do that too?  But I’m really crap at doing anything crafty.  That’s beyond my mummy-powers!  

Then I remembered her book “The Night Pirates”.  It’s one of my favourite books of hers.  A charming book about girl-pirates who ask a little boy if he would like to join them for an adventure of fun!  And then inspiration kicked in.

“You could be a girl-pirate!”  I announced this to my little girl, a little bit too eagerly I admit.

“Hmmm.  I’m not sure Mummy!”  The little git darling replied.

“Oh that will be fun!”  I repeated not waiting for her to reply.  I reminded her about her book and even got it to show her how fun it would be to dress-up as a girl-pirate.

“Girl pirates are cool!”  I announced, flipping the pages to show her hoping and praying to all the gods that she’d agree to dress-up as one.

It worked.  Phew.

Thank goodness for that.  Tomorrow, on World-Book-Day my darling girl will go as a rough, tough little girl pirate!  I think it suits her 🙂

Presenting little T’s costume:

Wait a minute, something important is missing from that photo …

Just to make sure we’ve got everything right, here’s a checklist:

I think we’ve got everything covered!  To think we didn’t have to spend a single dime for that outfit.  Her stripey-red top and black trousers are old clothes she’s had for ages. The rest, I have to thank a close friend and her husband who gave little T a “How to dress like a Pirate Kit” complete with bandana, compass and eye-patch, the last time they visited.  “A” if you’re reading this, thank you! 🙂  And the parrot is an old puppet given to T by her grandparents.

Bring it on, World Book Day!

If you are a parent, are you ready for World Book day tomorrow?

A Very Wet and Windy Week

It’s been all about rain this week, although as I type this, we are actually experiencing a lovely sunshiny day. At night, it’s all about the wind. You’d hear it howling like ghosts, or worse, poltergeist creating havoc outside your window. It is that loud, sometimes even frightening.

In the mornings, when I take Doc out for a walk, Peppa Pig and her friends would think of the headland as paradise since it has been awashed with muddy puddles all over, not to mention wet grass.  Perfect for squelching around in your wellies.  Doc loves it.  Then again, he loves the headland no matter what the season/weather/condition is.

That sums up our week pretty much.  Wet outside, warm inside our little cottage.  With my husband, busy marking essays, replying to emails/complains/demands from his students.  I sometimes hear him grumble, grumble from where he sits.  You will find me too, with my computer on my lap, sometimes on the couch, on our bed, with the duvet warming my legs, or in the kitchen sipping coffee with Doc under the table, warming my feet.  He makes an excellent foot-rest 😉

This week my ModPo course ends, and by Monday, there will be a last live farewell Webcast.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to doing it again next year.  The course has taught me a lot, opened my mind a lot, especially when it comes to Conceptual Poetry, which I still struggle with, but can now appreciate it more now.  Anyway, so the weather actually has been a nice backdrop to the course.  Therefore, my chosen word of the week is: RAIN!


In other news, last night was our first ever parent-teacher meeting at little T’s school.  We knew she was doing well, but was really pleased to actually hear it from her teacher.  For awhile, it even felt like she was talking about a different girl!  Sometimes T can still be shy around people, especially strangers.  When I mentioned this to Miss O (T’s teacher), she said, shy?  Not at all.  But then again, I guess it also goes to show how much comfortable she is with her teachers and classmates.  So that’s definitely another #loudnproud moment.


In the UK, the charity “Children in Need” with the help of the schools hold a yearly fundraising event and this year’s theme is “Super-heroes”.  Although it is optional, the children have a choice whether to go to school in a costume and of course, little T chose to go dressed as Elsa.  For those who think Elsa isn’t a super-hero, I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself, or else I’ll call you a rotten egg 😉  And let me remind you that Elsa has super-powers, she can freeze people, change summer into winter, make a cute snowman who loves cuddles, and she can make castles made out of ice for goodness sake!

So you better, shut-up or else my Little T will FREEZE YOU!

What was your week like?