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The Animals at Crealy Adventure Park

As mentioned on this post, we went to Cornwall’s Crealy Adventure park before the end of Easter break a week or so ago.  Aside from the rides, little T also enjoyed looking at the different animals at Crealy.  Her first stop was to see the reptiles:

I don’t like snakes.  They just make me shudder.  When one of the staff came out with this little yellow snake, a lot of the kids and adults eagerly came up and wanted to hold the it including my husband, T though was content to just look at it and touch it, and not hold it, wise girl of mine 😉  As for me, let’s just say thank goodness my camera has a very good lense 😉

This crocodile looked as if it was ready to pounce on something, but it just stayed in this position the whole time we were there.

And here’s little T and the crocodile eyeing each other up.

This lizard liked to strike a pose.

After the reptiles, T wanted to check out the animals in the barn.

Made me a bit sad actually.  I like seeing ponies and horses out in the open, not locked up in barns although I’m sure they are given daily exercises.  I don’t really like seeing animals in captivity actually, even the reptiles (although I don’t really mind seeing them in enclosed areas), would rather they were out in the wild and in their natural habitat far from meddling people, that’s were they belong, not anywhere near us especially the dangerous ones.

Apart from the animals photographed above, Crealy also has a petting corner, and some deer but T wasn’t interested in seeing them (she’s been before), then after seeing the animals, she went off to look for her friend F and they did all the rides again.

What about you?

Does it also bother you seeing animals in captivity?

Do share.

A Country Kids Post: An Afternoon Spent at Crealy Adventure Park

On the last week of little T’s Easter break, we met up with some friends over at Cornwall’s Crealy Adventure park near Wadebridge.  I think the last time we visited was about a year or so ago.

We arrived in the early afternoon since T’s dad had some work to finish before heading off to Crealy.

It doesn’t look really different from the last time we were there.  Same rides, same animals, since there were rain clouds hovering above, they actually put giant tents over the Pirate Ship where kids can play in the open.  It’s more or less like a giant sand-pit.  Luckily the day stayed dry.  They also seemed to have the same restaurants and snack shops you can buy the usual kind of food one gets at an adventure park.

T and her friend enjoyed some rides together.

She and her friend F enjoyed the tea-cup ride so much they actually went on it twice!  Just watching them made me even feel dizzy!

The giant slides were her favourite.  She and her friend with their respective dads did the slides again and again.  It was actually funny watching grown-men go down the giant slide and laughing loudly like little boys.  I guess they never really grow-up, don’t they? 😉

The last time we went to Crealy little T loved the water slide, thank goodness she didn’t seem to remember it, while it was a lovely dry day, it was not warm enough to do a water-slide especially since you really end up getting wet afterwards.  She was happy doing the dragon roller coaster instead.

T also had fun looking at the different animals, but I’ll save that for another post.  And before we knew it, it was time go home.  I was expecting some tears, but little T was happy to be led home, though I have a feeling it had something to do with a toy she had eyed at the gift-shop.  Luckily for her, she remembered to take her money from her piggy-bank with her.

What about you?

What’s your favourite adventure park?

Do share.

Little T the Thrill Seeker

I’m a big wuss.  I don’t like adventure parks and while there are a number of things I still seek in life, thrill and adrenaline rush isn’t on my list.  I’m not proud of this, but neither am I embarrassed about it.  I’ll happily watch and take photos of everyone having fun.  I’m glad though, that little T isn’t a wuss like me.

It was the birthday of little F’s dad (T’s best-friend), and he wanted to celebrate it at Crealy Adventure Park here in Cornwall, so off we went to enjoy the day with them.

As you can see from the photo above, the day didn’t start out well.  It was actually raining, but it stopped as we arrived at Crealy’s, though the rain clouds did hover above us all through out the day.

First stop was the enormous sand pit, complete with buckets, spades and a child-size tractor.

And that was only the beginning.  Next the little ones moved on to the mini-race-track.

We had a bit of  melt-down here when the ride was over.  She wanted to ride it again and again and again, not knowing that there were many other rides she still could have.  It took awhile to convince her that this wasn’t the last.

And here are the best-friends enjoying another ride on a tractor.  Aren’t they the cutest?  I love this photo.

This was little T’s first ever roller-coaster.  I was half-expecting her to be scared, but she actually giggled the whole time.  I could even hear her chortling away from where I stood.

Tea anyone?  I think she was actually bored with this ride.  Her expression read:  Is that it?

And here’s my little adventure-seeker.  You’d have to pay me millions to get on this one!  Yes, shame on me.

This she absolutely loved.  She and her dad went on it for more than a couple of times.  We actually had to convince her to try the next!

Which was another wet-ride, needless to say, she also loved this one.

To calm these little adrenaline junkies, we took them to the petting centre where they had some queit time just stroking the rabbits.

And then it was time to run around like loonies again.

This little one fears nothing!

They were like the energiser rabbits, going on and on and on and on.

I guess you could say their motto is:  Play till you drop.

And that’s what they did!

What about you?

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

If you live in Cornwall or visiting and looking for a place to take your little ones for some adventure, fun and play.  Take them to Crealy Park!  It’s a lovely place with lots of age-appropriate rides!  They also have a mini zoo and petting area and if it rains they have an indoor castle where the kids can play to their hearts content.

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