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Meet Dobbin, the 120-year-old Rocking Horse

If you’ve been following my blog from the very beginning, you might have seen photos of old Dobbin like on this post here.

The story is, my husband’s grandfather bought Dobbin the rocking horse in 1929, when his dad was only about a few months old.  It was second-hand and needed a lot of repair, which his grandfather did, so we don’t really know whether it is Victorian or Edwardian, my husband thinks he is about 120 years old!

Little T’s dad has loads of memories riding him and stuffing his mouth with cake his Nana had baked for them.  She was a great cook, but not much of a baker, so her cakes were really (in my husband’s own words) “rock-hard-solid”.

And now it’s actually nice to know that he is very much loved by little T, who thankfully doesn’t stuff his mouth with cake I’ve made, or at least I haven’t caught her doing it yet!

As you can see, he is huge and heavy!  He must weigh a ton.  I often wonder about his first owners.  They must have been rich kids, because when rocking horses first came out, they were made specifically for people with money.  The ones who didn’t have much, I’m afraid wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

It must have been then given to someone, and that someone, passed it on to someone, before ending up in a second-hand shop which little T’s great-grandfather ended up buying Dobbin for his own son and now his great-grandaughter enjoys riding him and she does it really well!  My mother-in-law once said, that she’s never seen her other grandchildren ride Dobbin the way little T does.  She likes to pretend she’s off on an adventure, and when her other little friends come over, they ride him too.

And it’s not just them, when little T is away, her other toys like to ride him too and go off in their own adventures.

In spite his age, Dobbin, the 120 year old rocking horse, can still ride like the wind!

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