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The Road Home

The following photos were taken on the first day of September. It was a beautiful lovely warm sunshiny day.  Warm days like this is but a memory now that autumn has settled in around us.  This was the day we took our American friend up to the see what they say is the best view of our little village.

Isn’t it lovely?  I agree, this is the best view of Boscastle.  And you can find it within the grounds of the Wellington Hotel, just look for the Artist’s Chair.

I absolutely have no idea what she’s looking at.

After a few drinks at the Wellington, it was time to go.   We chose the most scenic and less arduous walk back home – the coastal path.

T actually walked on her own all the way back.  She’s getting really very good at hiking.  My husband says she’s got really strong and muscular legs.  And all the while here I was dreaming that my little T will have long and slim legs unlike my very short and uhm, let’s just say not-very-slim-legs.  Oh well.  One can always dream.

This post is linked-up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids.  I was hoping to take T up the headland for an autumn walk, but she’s been really poorly lately.  She has a bad cough and cold AGAIN.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Something exciting is happening tomorrow!

You’ll find out soon.

Summer is here …. I think.

I’ve actually felt some warmth the past few days, especially while sitting under the sun.  Yes, the sun.  You read it right.  The sun does come out once in a while here in England and when it does – the landscape becomes alive and even more beautiful.  This actually makes me really think summer may indeed have come.  Let me list down the following:

Evidence number 1:  Temperature in Double Digits

For the last few days, the temperature has risen and is in fact, in the double figures.  Not exactly the kind of double figures a person from a tropical country is used to, but it has risen indeed to the highest…. (drum roll please) – tadadadantadan! = 11, 12, 13, 14 and even 15 degrees Celsius!  A few days ago, or perhaps a week ago, it was even reported that it actually went as high as 20 degrees in London!  Imagine that, 20 degrees!  Woah.

Evidence number 2: Open Windows and Doors

We can actually leave our kitchen door and windows open without having to worry about wearing layers of clothing.  And yes, it’s even warm enough to just wear a t-shirt on (maybe with a light cardigan) and have some fun in the garden.

Evidence number 3: Summer Toys

Items we only use during the summer have now been taken out of the shed:

  • Bouncy thingie (whatever-it’s called).
  • Bubble machine
  • Pop-out-tent

Evidence number 4:  A Tea-party in the garden.

It doesn’t take much to make a little girl happy.  Just blow-up her bouncy-thing, put some bubble mixture in her bubble machine and have a tea-party with her toys.  Boots, the cat at one time, even joined in little T’s tea-party.  She also enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of plastic chocolate cake.  When she was done, she stretched out and enjoyed the sun.  She looked so content and happy and I didn’t have the heart to remind her that it’s rude to stretch out like that in a tea-party.  So I let her be.

I love days like these: sun-shiny days, which make you feel as if nothing in the world can get you down … except of course the rain, mist and fog.  But then again, it wouldn’t be England without the rain, mist and fog –  so I like that too.

Window shopping from afar

Back when I was working and single, whenever I was down or feeling burned out from work, my number one stress-reliever would go to the mall and do recreational window-shopping. The danger there of course is that I would sometimes come home with purchases I absolutely regretted.

Now that I live in a little village by the ocean, window-shopping in malls is just not possible, unless I choose to travel for at least an hour to get to the nearest shopping center. Oh don’t get me wrong, we do have shops down in our little village. However, they are mostly gift shops that cater to tourists. You know those little shops that sell decorative beach huts, wooden seagulls and postcards, yes, you get the picture.

I would love to say that’s the view from my window, it isn’t.  However, it is just a few minutes walk from our little house.  And this photo was NOT taken today.  Obviously not.  It was taken about a couple of years ago, around May time if I’m not mistaken.  

Anyway, so when the need arises, I result to the next-best-thing, window-shopping online.  Since I’m feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps lately, as soon as T fell asleep, I went online.  Two hours later, I’m still browsing.

Allow me to share my indulgence with you, although if you are a male reader, you might just have to pass this one over, unless of course, looking at pretty summer tops to buy for your little girl also makes you happy.  Then I’ll be happy to take you shopping with me too as long as you don’t complain about how long it takes me to decide on whether I like the top or not.  Deal?

Anyway, here are a few lovely tops from Zara I absolutely love:

Now if only the freakin temperature would climb up more than just a notch and for the sun to stay in the sky where it freakin belongs instead of hiding behind the clouds, or behind a blanket of mist and fog like a freakin wimp.  There’s no point in dressing up your little girl in cute outfits if they’ll just be covered in cardigans and a coat!  Honestly, the calendar in my kitchen even says the British Summer time officially began last month! It is after all almost the end of blimming April and there isn’t any sign of it ever-coming!

Now excuse me while I allow myself to be even more miserable.

If you’re lucky to live in a place where it’s okay for your daughter to wear these lovely summer outfits without hiding them under a cardigan or a coat and want to make a purchase.

The Tourist Season (among others)

The tourist season is here once again in our little corner of the world.  If you stand by the hill over-looking our little village, you’ll see them dotted all over…

It’s a bit magical really – suddenly our little village is teeming with life and if the weather is warm enough, you could sit outside, have a cup of tea/coffee or even a pint and people watch.  Only the ones who live here don’t do that – unless they have friends or family visiting and you are showing them around.  When this is all over, our village becomes like a ghost town once again… quiet.  It is actually also nice … comforting even.

They – the tourists, have been lucky.  Even though it is still cold, the days have been bright and sunny.  However, if the BBC five-day weather forecast is correct, those lovely days will be over next week.  We will have rain once again.  The good news is, it will be warmer.  It just goes to show that one can’t really have everything.  Why not?  Why can’t we have everything?

I’ve been carrying a heavy heart the past few weeks or so, or ever since I heard the news about a close relative who is fighting the biggest battle in her life, that dreaded C word.  From afar, I pester my cousins for updates, anything.  I’m like a starved person who would eat anything flung her way.  I keep vigil and when I don’t hear anything from my poor family, I go to my cousins twitter accounts to see if there’s anything posted there that would give me some news or even just clues.

Being away from family is difficult especially at a time like this.  For people who are not in their home-countries, that other dreaded word is – homesickness.  To me it sometimes feels like an illness.   A disease you ignore in the hope that it would go away, or for some miracle, totally disappear.  But at the back of your head, you know it is there and ready to take its grasp on your neck and when it takes hold of you, you cannot breathe and actually feel a physical pain in your heart.  Like any disease, it can and will eat you away.

Like a mantra, I whisper, home is where my husband and daughter is it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as the three of us are together.  But the thing is, it does matter to me, it does matter A LOT.  I miss my family and my beautiful country, the chaos, the heat, everything that makes it mine.

And since hearing about my aunt, I keep thinking oh no, not again.  While being away from family, I have already lost an uncle.  Though death isn’t always easy to accept especially if you are close to that person, it was sort of easy to let him go, because this uncle was always gone.  He had adventures far and wide and I can say to myself that he is just off to one of his adventures.  But this one is different, while she isn’t really a blood relative, she is the wife of another close uncle of mine.  And growing up I have countless memories of her there,   as I type this I can hear her voice in my head teasing me, talking to me, in one of our numerous Christmas festivities/summer vacations/family reunions etc.  Two nights ago, I tried imagining what it would be like without her.  I couldn’t.  I just could not picture in my head how things would be, family gatherings without her.  It just didn’t seem normal or natural.

And I worry about my cousins, though they are both adults now.  I worry about how they’d take it and most of all I worry about my uncle – my mother’s youngest brother.  He is more like an older brother to me than an uncle.  Once I was cleaning my room and he came in without me knowing, I jumped and said “You frightened me!”  He answered, “Oh Inge, I would never do that!”

I’m holding things together with very loose threads.  I feel any moment it might all come undone and I will lose it and be on the first plane out of here never to come back.  If only it were that easy, I have family here too and I’m not even talking about my husband and daughter (whom I will take with me wherever I go), I speak about my in-laws, my lovely in-laws who also mean the world to me.

Again, I ask the question- Why can’t we have everything?