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A Very Frozen Birthday Party

As mentioned, little T had a Frozen inspired party on the last Saturday of her birth month (August).  We invited a few of her friends to celebrate with her at the Play Barn farm, an indoor play-area with a ball pool, padded play area complete with tunnels and slides.  This lovely place – perfect for a small party for little ones is located at The Olde House in Chapel Amble, North Cornwall.  So if you’re from around here and looking for a place to hold a party for your little one without worrying about the unpredictable Cornish weather, this place is perfect for you and your child.

I had fun making the food labels like: Sven’s favourite treats (carrot sticks), when my brother saw the photos he said “You actually served carrot sticks at a children’s party?!”  Yep, I certainly did!  I’m going to be honest though, my husband and I are not health-conscious, the carrots were all just part of the whole Frozen-theme, though I actually really loved the fruit-kebab’s which I called “Olaf’s summer fruit kebab special”.  We also had “Elsa’s snow balls” and “Anna’s sandwiches (We finish ash others sandwiches…)

I also baked the birthday cake cake and just ordered the personalised Frorzen icing topper on Amazon. Little T absolutely loved it and so did her guests, especially the little girls.

It’s very difficult to take a decent photo of this little girl, as you can see, she like all the little ones, likes to make faces.

Little T enjoying her party with one of her little friends.

And the party ended with fun at the playground.

And this is the lovely caricature little T’s very talented Aunt made for her which I used as her Thank You card notes for little T’s guests.  If you like what you see and would like a caricature made of your child  (like little T as Elsa with her very own Snow-dinosaur), click here to get in touch.

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