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A Tale of Two Toys: A MEGABLEU Review

For most kids, October is all about the run up to Halloween. If your child is anything like mine, chances are they already know what to wear come All Hallows’ Eve. T certainly has her costume ready, although to be fair, she wasn’t always this sure.  We did go through a phase where she would change her mind every week about what kind of costume she wanted.  Thank goodness that is all over now.

Are you afraid of ghosts?  Would you like to go ghost-hunting?

Ghost Hunt Revolution

The Ghost Hunt Evolution is the perfect toy for Halloween. It has a skeleton named “Billy Bones” and the best bit is – you play with it in the dark.  How fun is that?  Spooktacular, little T thinks!

How does the game work?

  1. You wait till it’s really dark.
  2. Set it up in a room that is devoid of any light.
  3. Make sure that all your gear is ready: your gun is cocked and your multi-vision glasses are to hand to see more ghosts.
  4. Before you ask an adult to switch off the lights, make sure that “Billy Bones” is switched on (he happens to be a projector!)
  5. As soon as you see a ghost or a bat appear on the wall, aim and shoot!

When the game is over, the gun has a little screen, which will tell you how many ghosts you’ve managed to catch.

What does T think of the game?
• She loved it and enjoyed trying to catch as many ghosts and bats as she can.
• She thought the music and the fact that you play it in the dark really “scary” but fun.
• She loves Billy Bones. She loves all skeletons even when it isn’t Halloween.

What we (the parents) thought of the game?  (Yes, the Historian and I also had a go like you should 😉
• It was fun and yes, we enjoyed it too.
• Our only negative comment about the game was that it would be better if they provided two guns. Can you imagine what it would be life if you had more than one child? It would be more fun if the kids could play against each other, by firing at the ghosts at the same time.
• A second gun would make the price of £29.99 seem much better value.

This is the perfect game for a Halloween party or sleep-over, just don’t expect to be able to sleep early or worse, get any sleep at all!

EDIT:  The company has gotten in touch since hitting that publish button, the good news is, there is an extra gun available for purchase – so no more squabbling and whinging over one gun 🙂  

Click on the video below to see what T thinks about the game:

Name That!

Autumn and the long winter days are perfect for playing board-games or any other kind of games which involves sitting around the table, with a cosy fire on, or even on your bed, it doesn’t really matter where you do it as long as the whole family is together and comfortable.

Name That! is indeed perfect for those nights.

How do you play the game?

  1. Appoint a dealer who will read the category on the top card.  He or she will also reveal the letter on the next card.
  2. Whoever names a word first, beginning with the letter on the top card wins.
  3.  If you win, you get to keep the card.
  4. Once all the cards are finished, whoever has the most cards wins the game.

How did T find the game?

* She surprisingly really enjoyed playing it, once she stopped panicking, she was really able to think for herself without us having to prod her.

* While she loves playing it, there are some categories that she really struggles with.

What we (her parents) thought of the game:

Like T, we found it a fun game to play with.  Even though the game is categorised as a 6+, it really is actually a game for older kids.  This is also a perfect game to take with you when on a trip or holiday with your kids.

We only have one negative comment about Name That!  My husband found a typo in one of the categories:  Utensils was spelt as Ustensil, other than that, it’s the perfect hunker down game for long evenings.

Both games are from Megableu, a French toy retailer with a wide range of different games for all kids of various ages.  Do check out what they have in store for you.

Would you like to try any of the toys above?

*We were sent the toys for the purpose of this review.  All photos and opinions are by yours truly.

The Marrying Game

Little T and F have been playing the “marrying game” for some time now.  The other kids at play-school do it too.  At one time, F married two girls and T said, F didn’t marry her.

I’ve always wondered what it was, this marrying game.  I finally had the chance to observe what actually occurs in this marrying game when F (another F, not her best-friend though, but our neighbour’s son), came over yesterday to have a little play.  Let’s call this F, the other F, not to confuse him with F, little T’s best-friend.

Little T said, “Let’s get married other F”.

Other F says, Okay!  But he looked a bit confused, he obviously didn’t know what this game was all about.

Little T explained:  First we do the walk to the marrying place.  She demonstrated this by walking really slow.  When she stopped, she said: And then we dance!  She quickly took hold of the other F’s hand, and they giggled and danced around, more the “here-we-go-round-the-murlbery-bush” type of dance.

Here’s little T playing the marrying game with her best-friend F.

As they danced, I asked little T what happens next.  She replied, then we eat cake!  What happens after your eat cake, I asked again. Little T looked confused for a while, as if she herself didn’t know the answer.  Before I could say anything again, she quipped, “We go home!”  Ah, indeed.

Does your little one have any other weird/funny pretend games they like to play?

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Have a lovely week ahead folks!

Come and Dream a Little Dream with Me

We live in a small terraced cottage in a tiny village … oh wait, if you’ve read my “about me” section, you know the whole dialogue already =)  That being said, along with the small house, comes a little kitchen diner.  And one of my dreams is to extend it out into the little garden, even though I know that it will eat up a lot of our tiny out-door space.  But when you live in a country where the sun does not always shine, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take.  To do that, it will cost about twenty-thousand pounds (roughly around 31,014 USD).  Yes, it is that expensive and no, it won’t be a designer kitchen (after all they will certainly be more than 20k!).  I have very simple taste, so imagine my delight when Britmums tweeted an invitation to join #Spend20k challenge and I thought, why not?  Who knows, I might just win and get my dream kitchen out of the 20K right?

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What would you do if you win the #Spend20k lottery challenge?  Do tell.