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Five Christmas Gift Ideas for the Book Worm

I once did a “Five Valentine’s Gift Suggestions for the Book Worm”, since it’s almost Christmas, and  I’m trying to get myself into a festive mood, I decided to pen another one for the gift-giving season.  Let’s see if this will get me into the Chrissmassy mood.

I’m starting my list with books.  After all, it is a list for the book lovers.  It’s no secret how much I love beautifully made books, especially once with lovely illustrations.  I’m slowly building up my Folio Books Collection, they are all a dream.

 Hansel and Gretel, by the Brothers Grim

If you follow me over at Instagram, you’d probably noticed I posted a photo of this book already.  Sadly, I don’t have it … yet.  It’s a bit pricey at £250 but if you’re a book collector, I think it is so much worth it.  It’s not advisable though to buy it for your child, or maybe for older kids who know how to take care of books.

A photo posted by Little Steps (@deanb_littlesteps) on

This beautifully illustrated book has 12 colourful plates reproduced from the copy of the first edition and text is printed on Caxton  wove paper.  I think it’s absolutely beautiful.  When I’m gone, I won’t be able to leave T a lot of money (unless I win the lottery), nor expensive jewellery (a few trinkets perhaps).  Rest assured though that she will have lovely books to hopefully, leave to her children too.

“I Am” Sylvia Plath Necklace

While I’m not a big fan of words in a necklace (Is there even a term for that?), I do love this Sylvia Plath one.  For those who love poetry, or if you like Plath like I do, you might want to have this on your list.  It’s a quotation from her first novel “I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart.  I am. I am. I am”.  It’s solid brass with 9 ct gold plating and can be extended if you prefer a longer necklace.  This book was like a bible to me when I was a teenager, her words will always be special.

I’ve had this on my list for the longest time and it’s always out of stock, luckily it seems to be on stock at the moment.

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Lampshade

I love anything book-inspired, though admittedly don’t really have much of it.  Would love to have this White Rabbit lampshade.  For the price of £115, I’m just glad they included the cushion cover!

I do have a white wicker chair already.  All I need is that lovely lamp and cushion.

Wool Blanket

And of course, imagine being curled up in that arm-chair with this lovely soft Kilnsey Wool British made blanket wrapped around your legs in a chilly winter evening, kids asleep upstairs, with the Alice in Wonderland lamp on, giving you just the right amount to read your book, at the same time casting a lovely ambience in the room.  Now that’s what I call bliss.

Go Away I’m Reading Mug

And lastly, what’s a gift idea list without including a mug, right?  Priced at £8.99 – this lovely bone china mug is perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, curled up in that white arm-chair (pictured above), legs wrapped in that wooly blanket, with your favourite book and the world outside, can disappear even for just a while.  And if anyone disturbs you, just point to your mug.  No need for words.

Remember, some times even book lovers like a variety of presents, not just books, but that won’t apply if you’re buying them Folio books. But then again, that’s just me.

Did you see anything you like from my list?

A Christmas Wish List Challenge

It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s snowing on my blog!  Yay!  So I made a Christmas header and changed the colour of my background adding it up to the Christmas “look” and “feel”.  If you’re not a Chrismassy type of person, I suggest you stay off my blog for this month, because I love Christmas and my posts and design might make you want to throw up 🙂

Anyway, a very lovely lady got in touch with me and asked if little T and I would be up for a Christmas Gift Competition that could win us every toy on our Christmas wish list.  Who would say no to that right, even though the husband and I have actually completed our Christmas shopping already, I still said yes!  If we win, that means more toys for little T!

So the challenge was to go to the Compare4kids which is a comparison website aimed at busy parents who have little time or the budget to do gift-shopping for their little ones.  It’s a very easy website to use.  Just click on the sex of your child, age, budget and the website will filter all the age appropriate toys and the budget for you.

For the challenge, our budget was £100.  Here’s little T choosing her toys (please pretend that you don’t see the mess on our bureau 🙂

She was pointing to this toy:

And then chose one that was even more expensive.  So I had to explain she needed to choose toys that would cost not more than the budget.  So here are her final choices:

A Fabric Doll’s Play House worth £64 and a Chad Valley Kids Pink Grand Piano for £29.99 which totals to £93.99!  Yay and some spare change for chocolates! 🙂

I actually tried to convince her to choose another toy and not the fabric doll’s house because she received a doll’s house last Christmas from her grandparents and a castle (thanks to my lovely sister) why would she want another one?  I guess you can never have enough doll’s houses when you’re little 🙂

Like I mentioned, it’s a very easy website to use.  Great for those who don’t have loads of time surfing the net, going from one toy website to another, at compare4kids, they’ve got a wide range of toys to choose from.  So save yourself the stress, the time and money and try out their website this Christmas!  That is, if you haven’t done your shopping yet 🙂

Now fingers crossed and toes too, hope we win the challenge!

Because we were too excited to wait …

My soon-to-be-three-year-old received something very special in the post yesterday.  I knew it was coming since my sister told me about it, but I wasn’t expecting it to come before her birthday.  But it did!  And I was as excited as my little girl.  I also knew that it was a jewellery box.  You see, my little one loves her accessories, although thankfully she only likes to play/wear them inside the house.  She didn’t have any box, all she had was a small basket which I bought in Bolgatanga in Ghana years ago to keep all her little trinkets in.

The original plan was to wait and bring all her presents with us when we drive up to Woburn Sands on Saturday where my in-laws live.  The birthday party with the family is scheduled on Sunday, her birthday is on Monday.  But last night, my husband and I were talking about it and I convinced him that T could at least open the present she got from her Aunt (my lovely younger sister) and then open the other presents later.  He agreed!

So this morning, there was one very excited little girl with her equally excited mother:

The little card read: Dear T, this is for your special treasures.  Happy Birthday to the most precious little girl in the whole wide world! Love Auntie M, Uncle M and your little cousin M.  (Yes, we call them the M&M&Ms).

The most precious little girl was the most excited and happiest little girl in the world!

The perfect jewellry box for the perfect little girl who loves her accessories.

Luckily, she has a lot of them!  A little friend of hers gave them to her on her 2nd birthday.

It’s beautiful Mommy!  

Yes indeed, sweetie.  Mommy is envious!

I wish I had one too.

Thank you Auntie M!  I love it and I love you!

Btw: Jewellery Box is from Mele & Co.