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Nail Polish & the Little One

At age four, I already have arguments with my daughter about nail polish.  Four, yes, you read it right – four, not fourteen!  Goodness knows what kind of arguments I’ll be having with her at that age.  But I don’t want to think about it yet, lest it freaks me out and I know it will.  At the moment, it’s all about nail polish:

“You can’t wear nail polish to school!”

“But so and so does!”

“Just because so and so does, doesn’t mean you have to!”

I have that same argument with her every now and then.  It’s usually over the weekend, that’s the only time I allow her to use the nail polish her best friend F gave her last Christmas, but the deal is, she has to let me to take them off Sunday night.  I don’t like the idea of her wearing nail polish to school, it’s fine to have them at home, but not at school even though so far, I haven’t heard the school say anything about them.  I usually win the argument by saying “Do you see mummy wear  nail polish?”  She’ll shake her head and that usually ends it.

I never liked using nail polish, not even as a teenager.  I don’t have anything against them by the way.  In fact I do find them pretty to look at, but it’s just a personal choice.  I didn’t like the way it feels on my nails, to me it feels unnatural.  The rare times I wore them in the past, I wouldn’t be able to sleep unless I took them off.  I’d be consciously feeling my nails and be bothered about how they felt under my touch.

Just like make-up I guess.  I never learned how to use make-up.  I’d wear lipstick and always, always end up unconsciously licking my lips and before you know it, not a trace of lipstick will be left on me.

Going back to little T’s current fave: nail polish.  I know all the girls in her class use them and I know too, that it’s a bit like “dressing-up” for them.  I’m just not very comfortable about the idea of my little girl wearing them.  I don’t want her to get used to it.  Like it’s all part of getting dressed, clothes, shoes, socks oh wait, must ask mum to put nail polish on me.  Perhaps what I’m really worried about is that I don’t want little T to think that she needs nail polish to make her feel “prettier” or feel good about herself.  At age four (or any age for that matter), I don’t want her to feel as if she has to give in, just because other girls are doing it.

When she’s older, hopefully in her teens, preferably late teens (am I pushing it?) and would still like to use nail polish, I’d be fine with that.  But not at age four.

What do you think?

Must-Have Boots for Spring (A Pisamonas Review)

I’ve always liked Spanish brands like Mango and Zara and I’m sure I’ve mentioned here countless times of having purchased clothes for little T on Zara’s website.  So I was really pleased when Pisamonas, a Spanish brand got in touch with us for a collaboration with them.

While some may think that little T is a bit boyish (there’s nothing wrong with that, of course). She loves playing with Ninja Turtles and “roughing” it out with the boys, she is also a typical little girl who loves clothes, bags and shoes.  So when we were asked to take a look at their website to choose some shoes for her, you can imagine her excitement.

If it were up to me, I would have chosen one of their lovely ballet flats.  Sadly, they are not for T.  She’s more of a boots kind of girl, so it wasn’t a surprise when she actually chose these boots Safari Chukka boots in Navy blue with pink laces.  Apparently, this style is their “specialty” and is known locally as “Las Pisamonas”

We were really pleased when it was delivered to us.  It looked absolutely fabulous on her.  See for yourself.  I wouldn’t mind one actually and surprisingly some of their shoes for kids also come in adult sizes, so if you’re one of those who like to dress up their kids in matching outfits as their own, you might want to take a look at their stuff.

These lovely Chuckka boots even came with a deflated blue balloon inside the box, and admittedly she was really excited with that too and couldn’t wait for her dad to blow-it up for her.

Their shoes are obviously well made and are of high quality.  It’s also good to know that they are for a change, %100 made in Europe and not in China.  And customers will be delighted to know that they offer free shipping, free return and exchange (which is always good to know especially when ordering for little ones).

The exciting news is that they are offering a welcome voucher for offers over £40 and I have a feeling it will be easy to spend more than that on their website.

What I love about the shoes:

  • It’s a perfect pair for spring and summer.
  • Not chunky like most boots.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Very stylish and we love that the pink laces combination with Navy blue.
  • They are versatile and can be worn with boots, shorts, skirt and even dresses.


  • The navy blue looked more like black.  But then again, looking at the photos posted here, they do look navy blue.  Even if it were black though, it still doesn’t change our opinion on how much we like it, even my husband agrees.

What little T loves about the shoes:

  • I love the laces mum.  They’re pink!
  • It’s Monster High black mum.  No, T.  It’s navy blue.  No mum, it’s black.  Whatever.  At least, she’s happy with it.


  • Is there anything you dislike about your new shoes T?  She looks at me with that “What-on-earth-are- you-talking- about-woman look?”  So I rephrase – Is there anything you don’t like about your new shoes?  She stares blankly at me.  And then says “Can you paint my face like a bunny-rabbit again please mum?  I sigh and give in.  She has after all been a very good and patient little girl allowing her mother to take photos of her running around like a loony in the parking lot.

What about you?

Are you like little T, who loves shoes?

Disclaimer:  This is a collaboration with Pisamonas, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly and of course, Little T.

Little T’s Review of her new Clarks Trainers

We’ve been in the hunt for new trainers for little T, especially since she’s started her gymnastics class last year. Sadly, we haven’t had the time to shop for them, especially since we live in a little village by the sea.  Beautiful yes, but to get proper trainers for your little ones, you invariably have to drive at least about 30 minutes to get to the nearest shoe shop. While we do a lot of online shopping,  however, when it comes to shoes, it’s really best to get your child’s feet properly measured (instead of second-guessing like we normally do for other clothing).

Last week, little T and I chose some Clarks trainers online and ordered them to be delivered to the nearest store, which was in Bodmin, about a 45 minute drive from where we live.  The lovely woman whom I spoke to on the phone, advised us to order more than one pair and different sizes to make sure that we don’t end up leaving Clarks empty-handed. Within a few days, I received a text message and email from Clarks, informing me that our order has arrived, which was perfect timing because it was little T’s half-term break.

And so we arrived at the  shop with a happy little T, excited to get her feet all measured up.  We were really struck with how high-tech it was.  Last time we got her measured at their Exeter branch, they  used the old-fashioned slider-measuring gauge.  This time though, they had a tablet and even made little T click on her information like her age and sex before sliding the tablet in what looked like a weighing scale, as seen below.

We were all impressed with their new gadget and, of course, the friendly and professional customer service at the Clarks shop, Bodmin Branch.

Then they took out the shoes we ordered, but sadly the ones little T selected online (black with a flash of pink) didn’t come in her size.  They were too big for her!  I’m glad we managed to order another back-up pair, with a different colour – pink.

She didn’t seem to mind at all that these were pink – and I mean very, very pink – not black. Will she always be this easy to please?  I’m afraid not, but she was absolutely loving her new screaming pink trainers as if they were her first choice!

At first, I wasn’t really impressed with her them, or perhaps I was just too distracted with how pink they looked and the fact that it actually lights-up once she stomped her little feet.  But upon closer inspection, they looked like really proper trainers, or as the Cornish would say “It’s a proper job!”

Of course, this isn’t little T’s first Clark shoes.  We’ve bought her winter boots, wellies and other kinds of shoes with Clarks before, not to mention my own pairs of shoes from the same brand 😉

And here’s little T wearing her new trainers to her gymnastics class.

I have no idea why she’s standing like that, and please pretend you can’t see the yogurt stain on her leotard, which she had before this photo was taken.

The verdict:  I love my new trainers mummy!  I never want to take them off ever again!  Can I wear them to school please?

She actually wanted to sleep with them.  We managed to convince her to leave them on the floor.  And as I’m typing this, she is actually wearing them at home.  After all, who says trainers have to be boring?  They can be pink, flashy and sparkly especially when you’re a four-year-old like little T, don’t you agree?  So if you’re looking for trainers for your kids, you now know where to get them!  After all, they are a traditional British shoe shop, you can never go wrong with that right?

Do you have a favourite brand of trainers for little ones?  Do share.

Disclaimer:  This is a collaboration with Clarks, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly.

Little T's Christmas Wish List

Little T’s interests and favourites changes all the time, from her favourite books to current favourite film to watch.  At the moment, she’s obsessed with Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  She watches the (2009 Robert Zemeckis film) dvd every time she comes home from school and asks her Dad to read the book every single night before she sleeps.

For those who’ve been regular friends of Little Steps, will know that little T is a typical girl who loves pink (but also loves the colour blue), and loves everything Frozen and likes playing with her Barbie toys.  However, unlike other girls, she’s always been into what others would label as “toys for boys”.  When she was younger, she loved playing with cars and had her own train-set too.  At play-school, you would seldom find her playing dress-up with the other girls.  Instead, she’d be outside playing “rough” with the boys.

And currently, her absolute favourite is Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.  She loves watching these teenage turtles on her tablet, so it didn’t come as a surprise to us when she included them on her wish list and scrapped the Frozen castle on her list.

As you can see, we’ve managed to find the Live Woody and Michaelangelo.  For whatever reason, they don’t seem to have a live Donatello 🙁  If anyone knows where we can source this, do drop me a note or comment.  We also added some toys that weren’t on her list, because well, it’s Christmas and the look on her face as she comes down on Christmas morning and seeing the pile of presents just for her is priceless.

For my little girl, there is not such thing as toys for boys or toys for girls only.   Well, there shouldn’t be anyway, right?  I’m proud of my little T 🙂

What’s on your little one’s Christmas Wish List?

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

Frozen Mad

Little T first saw the Disney movie Frozen when it was shown in theatres last December.  She wasn’t too mad about it, I think she was too young for it then.  But not anymore – ever since we’ve purchased the said movie, she’s been absolutely nuts about it.

Given the chance, she’d probably watch it more than once a day.  But once is enough, for her sake and our sanity’s sake.  The thing about little T, as you can see from the photos, she doesn’t just watch the movie, she actually likes to re-enact the whole movie –  hence the scarf, turned into a cape.

The above photo shows her doing the scene where Anna (whom she insists is actually called Onna, because according to her, that’s the way they pronounce the name in the movie), saves her sister Elsa from being killed by the wicked Hans.  Anna raises her arm to protect Elsa from the sword, so does my little T.

And as Arundel is thawed from the eternal winter, as celebration, Queen Elsa “freezes” the palace grounds to make it into a gigantic ice-rink so the people could have an instant skating party.  She does this by stomping her foot and raising her arms, as you can see, Little T does it well too 😉  And of course, like any other Frozen aficionado, she likes to sing the theme song by shouting it loud “Let it go, let it go!”

We ordered the soundtrack online yesterday – God help us!  I know, what were we thinking?  Clearly not!  We thought it would be nice for her to listen to it on our trip when we go on our holiday this July.

Does your little one like Frozen too?  Do they also re-enact the scenes?

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Have a lovely week folks!

E is for Evening

One of the many reasons why I love summer is because when the weather is good, there’s still enough light and it’s warm enough for the children to have a little play-outside.  As seen above, with T having an early evening run-around with one of her little friends.

Can you spot her?

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Have a lovely Wednesday folks!

This Little Girl likes to Shop

My three-year-old loves shopping, she’s actually really thirteen, not three.

She likes shoes, bags, dresses, tops, coats, the list goes on and on and on.

She’s actually a bit of tomboy too and prefers to hang out with the boys at play school and instead of playing dress-up with the girls, she’ll be outside on her pink bike, or playing “baddies” with the boys.

Like any ordinary little girl though, she loves Disney’s Frozen and likes to pretend that she is Elsa, though her dad thinks she’s more like feisty Anna than the Ice Queen sister.

And here she is pretending to be a Disney princess, because… well that’s what little girls do right?

Yes, this girl indeed, loves to shop.

Lucky for her, her dad is happy to oblige.

And here she is, sporting her new light-weight summer coat.

After all, a little girl can never have enough coats right? 😉

What about you?  Does your little one love to shop too?

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Hope you guys have a lovely week ahead of you! 🙂

Sunday is Chore Day

… specifically “change the sheets day”, and on this day, you will also hear a lot of “Get off the bed T”.

“Look at me mummy!”  Little T squeal as she jumps on the bed.

“Get off the bed T”  I say.

Weeee!”  She replies.

“Get off the bed T”  I say again.

“I can jump so high mummy!”

“Get off the bed T”  I say again, and again.

“I fell on my bum”  She says laughing hysterically.

“Get off the bed T”  I say again, and again, and again.

“No”  She says holding on to the headboard.

“Get of the $%&[email protected] bed!”

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Incidentally, today is also Mother’s Day elsewhere in the world, so Happy Mother’s Day (as well as to women who have also been like mothers) to all the other mothers who are celebrating it today.

Little T and her Pink Scooter

Little T is your typical little girl who loves everything pink.  She loves pink so much, she’s even made this ever-so-stressful-house-hunt even more taxing by declaring that she wants to live in a pink-house.     It may not come as a surprise to you that she can easily twirl her daddy in her pretty little fingers, so his reply to this rather unreasonable request was “Sure sweetie, we can paint the house pink if you want“.  If a look could kill, he’d be dead by now.

Goodness knows she has too much pink stuff already like her pink doll’s house, pink castle, pink jewellery box and there’s  her pink scooter, with the pink/white basket and a very noisy pink tooter.  I love pink! She says, that’s why I love strawberries!  Pink is the best!

Last week when the weather was good, we took the very pink scooter out for a scoot around our neighbourhood.

And of course, any walk we do always ends up  in the playground, where she happily scooted around the round-a-bout.

Do you have a little girl?  Does she also like pink?

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Have a lovely weekend!

All About A Boy

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that T has a best-friend named F.  I’ve mentioned him countless times here.  He is an important little person in my daughter’s life, in our life, especially since we have now become good friends too with his family.  I’ve never shown his face before out of respect for S and C (his parents).   But this time, I’ve asked permission from them to post the following photos just to show you how adorable this little V.I.P in my daughter’s life is.  He is the cutest little boy in the world.  Yes, I’m biased.  But hey, this is my blog!

They first met at play-group (children under 2) and bonded over trains and cars.  T and F loves trains and cars.  I don’t really remember when exactly she declared that he was her best-friend, what I know is she started saying this after her second birthday.

The first photo was taken  on T’s second birthday.  F is just about a month older than T.  This was after her party.

And this was taken on T’s third birthday.  See how much they’ve grown?  We took them out to celebrate on an impromptu birthday picnic and steam-train-ride.  I wrote about that on this post.

Waiting for the steam-train to take us back to Launceston.  Aren’t’ they loveliest little BFFs?

They are so good together.  Don’t get me wrong, like all best-friends they also have their moments.  You would hear T suddenly burst into tears and hear a little protest from F, sometimes it escalates but most times, you’ll hear them laughing.  And F takes care of T, like really looks after her.  One time, I wasn’t with them.  They were out with F’s parents at the Farm shop.  T and F were playing outside and there was one bigger and older boy who didn’t want T to play in the toy tractor.  T burst into tears and when F saw this, he came bounding up, my husband was too far so he didn’t hear what F said to the big boy.  But the bully backed down and and let T in.  They also like to play “saving-each-other”.  T plays a very good damsel-in-distress, when she needs “saving” F would come up to her with his “strong-big-hands” and save her.  And she’d do the same for him, though admittedly, he does most of the “saving”.

I’m wondering though how long it will last.  When do boys start ‘hating’ girls and vice-versa?  Who knows?  They might  just skip that stage and just be friends… always.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

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And The Oliver’s Madhouse

What about you?  Do you remember your first best-friend?