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A Country Kid’s Post: A Morning in Dartmoor

Walking in Dartmoor

We like driving up to Dartmoor even if it’s a bit of a drive from where we live in Cornwall. On a whim, one late January on a weekend, we decided to drive to Dartmoor and was pleasantly surprised to find it covered in snow.  Little T and her friend had a lovely day building snow men and having snow fights.  It was just absolute bliss.

And I’m glad we were able to do that again over the summer break.  And just like before, we were in for another lovely surprise.

Dartmoor in all its glory, on a beautiful summer day.

Little T ready to go on a little hike.

From afar, I spied a little river running through the moor.

We came across this little stream and T decided to have a dip in the water and after more walking, we hopped in our car to drive some more.

And then we saw a cluster of medieval looking stones, but it wasn’t the stones that caught my eye.  Can you see?  The famous Dartmoor ponies!  The husband quickly parked the car and T and I went out to look at the ponies.

She wanted to come closer, but those two horses looked like they were having a tender moment, I told her we shouldn’t disturb them.  She said “Are they getting married mum?”  Kids, where do they get these ideas?

After watching them from afar, we went back to the car and moved along. I’m wondering, why are they called ponies when some of them are obviously fully grown?

“It’s time to go to search for that pub!”  The husband announced.  Friends of ours mentioned that there was a lovely one just in the moor and he was on a mission.  Did we find the pub, no. But we found another lovely one and had a good lunch.

Have you seen the Dartmoor ponies?

Do share.

The Animals at Crealy Adventure Park

As mentioned on this post, we went to Cornwall’s Crealy Adventure park before the end of Easter break a week or so ago.  Aside from the rides, little T also enjoyed looking at the different animals at Crealy.  Her first stop was to see the reptiles:

I don’t like snakes.  They just make me shudder.  When one of the staff came out with this little yellow snake, a lot of the kids and adults eagerly came up and wanted to hold the it including my husband, T though was content to just look at it and touch it, and not hold it, wise girl of mine 😉  As for me, let’s just say thank goodness my camera has a very good lense 😉

This crocodile looked as if it was ready to pounce on something, but it just stayed in this position the whole time we were there.

And here’s little T and the crocodile eyeing each other up.

This lizard liked to strike a pose.

After the reptiles, T wanted to check out the animals in the barn.

Made me a bit sad actually.  I like seeing ponies and horses out in the open, not locked up in barns although I’m sure they are given daily exercises.  I don’t really like seeing animals in captivity actually, even the reptiles (although I don’t really mind seeing them in enclosed areas), would rather they were out in the wild and in their natural habitat far from meddling people, that’s were they belong, not anywhere near us especially the dangerous ones.

Apart from the animals photographed above, Crealy also has a petting corner, and some deer but T wasn’t interested in seeing them (she’s been before), then after seeing the animals, she went off to look for her friend F and they did all the rides again.

What about you?

Does it also bother you seeing animals in captivity?

Do share.

H is for Horse and I is for Island

As I’ve mentioned in my other post, we are going on an exciting road-trip to France next week –  so I’ve decided to post my letter “H” and “I” in one go.  I don’t really want to miss out on any of the letters!

Anyway, I first noticed the horses grazing by the coast guard’s hut last winter.  And saw them again, early spring of this year.  That was when the above photo was taken.  We don’t really know who owns them, but they are obviously owned by one of the local farmers.  It makes me a bit nervous to see them graze so close to the edge, I’m worried that they might fall!


I is for Island

There’s this small island very near the headland in our little village by the ocean called Meachers Rock.  One can only go there by boat or kayak, I have no idea though whether one has ever climbed it.  I imagine you’ll have to be an expert rock-climber to get to the top where, probably only birds live.

The above photo was taken when the sun was shinning with lovely blue skies and here’s the same island in moodier weather:

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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