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Five Living Room Ideas: Dream a little Dream with Me

I’ve mentioned in the past how I can spend many hours going through my stack of interior design books and magazines just dreaming about the perfect room.  Be it the dining room, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms or any part of the house.  I find it really therapeutic to look at lovely photos of beautiful rooms and finding inspiration in each and every one of them.  Yes, this is also on my list of small joys that make me really happy.

Come and indulge and dream a little dream with me:

I like white.  Yes, I know some of you may find this boring, too clinical and lacking of warmth.  But I love it. I like the clean and sleek look of everything white.  Of course the reality is, especially when you have a small child, a dog and a cat, chances are your white walls will be streaked with paint, crayon stains, play doh, paw prints, and even the remnants of your child’s dinner.  If you’re a parent of a small child, you’ll know what I mean.

But since we’re in the land of make believe, where parents with young kids and pets can actually have lovely white walls and furniture without the harsh reality of dirt and stains, let us indulge more in that fantasy.

I love the open-space of this living room with the white floors, white coffee table and white dining table and also the lovely black and white prints on the wall.

Before having little T, we actually bought a white fabric couch from Ikea but one that you could change the covers.  And we also bought a light brown slipcover to interchange with the white ones.   I like to use the white covers in the summer when it’s easy to wash and dry in the sun.  It isn’t actually that difficult to have white furniture/soft furnishings even if you have children and pets.  You just have to be prepared for stains and the reality of having to keep washing them.

I adore the way they used these inspiring typography frames as a feature wall.  I also liked the  dash of black and grey soft furnishings strewn here and there.

These book shelves are to die for. I’m in love with the way it frames the door and opens in to the dining room.  If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you will know that we have hundreds of books, but they are all packed now ready to be moved to the new house.

One of the reasons why I love white walls, floors and furniture is that you can go wild with colours on accessories, like a bright coloured couch, or pendant light.  You can splash colours all around you without worrying that your room will look too dark.  The white walls and floors will always make your room fresh and bright.

Or if white is just to blasé for your taste, perhaps adding a coloured featured wall like they did in the above photo will do for you.

If you prefer more colour, this soothing shades of pastel might also be your thing.  I love the light pink feature wall and baby blue wall and couch too.

What about you?  Which of these ideas appeal to you? Or do you prefer brightly coloured painted walls or patterned wallpaper?  Do share.

*In collaboration with Homify, however, all words and opinions are by yours truly.

Shelves! Glorious Bookshelves!

We don’t have much home decorations in our house.  No expensive vases or sculptures,  save for a few affordable knickknacks like an old wooden figure of a rice god I used to have in my old apartment when I was single, and also my small collection (if you can indeed call “three” a collection 😉 of fertility gods I brought back with me from Africa.  We also have a man and woman figurine a close friend gave us when we got married and about four pinecones I’ve collected over time, each pine-cone has a memory attached to it.  Apart from those mentioned what we have instead are books, shelves upon shelves of them – in the living room, landing upstairs, our bedroom, little T’s room and even our kitchen.  Thank goodness for Ikea shelves, they are fab!  But I’m sure most of you know that already.

Living room


We are seriously running out of shelves.  That’s one of the main reason why we want to sell our house and move into another one, with an extra room.  We need a study where we can just line the whole room with bookshelves and when we’ve filled it up, move to another bigger house.  Yeah right, in my dreams.

You can say that books is the glue that binds our marriage (among others of course).  We really are a boring couple.  When we applied for a small mortgage last year (just when we thought that we managed to sell our house and then the sale fell through, but that’s another story, one I won’t bore you with), the mortgage office asked us about our expenses, how much we spend on stuff like going out, we said we hardly even ate out.  When she asked us about what luxuries we indulged in. we were actually at a loss on what to say to her, but after doing some hair-scratching, we both answered, books!  Books are our only luxury.   She laughed and said that if only all of their customers were like us, you mean boring, I asked.

We’ve been known to spend more than £100 in Waterstones, though we of course, don’t often do that.  But you see, there’s three of us.  Books for my husband, myself and of course little T and when you hardly go out or eat out, you could say we deserve to treat ourselves right?  We are happy that way, it’s all part of celebrating small joys.

What about you?

Do you have any decorations at home?

What kind of stuff do you like to surround yourself with?